Taking Care of Charley


We had quite a scare here. A few weeks ago, Rickey discovered a black spot in Charley’s right eye that worried him. The vet confirmed is was indeed a tumor but thank goodness a benign one. She predicted, the tumor would grow slowly and in about a year, the eye would have to be removed to prevent acute and very painful complications.


However, we noticed the tumor was growing quite fast. Charley’s eye started bulging a little and she slept restless. We decided not to wait any longer and have the sugery done immediately.

Removing an eye is complicated surgery and we are so fortunate to have a vet nearby who is specialized in eye care with small pets. She did a wonderful job!!!
But especially for the first few days, Charley needed a lot of care and attention. She needed lots of medication, we had to make sure she ate properly (thanks goodness our darling girl loves cooked chicken more than anything else in the world!)


She was out of balance when walking and clearly quite anxious and not understanding what had happened to her. But as always our Brave Darling Girl trusted us completely and we could pamper, and encourage and protect her as she needed. She is healing remarkably fast. I was so grateful to be home with her. (Whilst Charley sits in one of her favorite spots, Mr. Walker reads the news to her.)


You can see why I was not able to work on anything. After the weekend, I expect things to go back to ‘normal’. But for now I am happy to look after my dear friend, who when I am sick, will lay all day on my bed with her paw on my hand and does more for me than any pills will ever do!


Charley is geopereerd! Ze had een goedaardige tumor in haar oog en t oog moest verwijderd worden om nare complicaties te voorkomen. Geen kleinigheid maar de dierenarts heeft t bijzonder goed gedaan en Charley vertrouwde ons volkomen en laat zich goed verzorgen. T herstel gaat dan ook verrassend voorspoedig! Ik slaak een zucht van verlichting en was blij haar te kunnen verzorgen want mijn lieve vriendin zorgt ook altijd goed voor mij wanneer ik ziek ben…

Love and Liefs, Johanna

89 thoughts on “Taking Care of Charley

  1. I am so sorry to hear of Charley’s misfortune – that’s hard for all of you to cope with. Hope it continues to go well and that Charley regains a sense of balance in more ways than one very quickly. How lucky she is to have you! And you to have her, by the sound of it!

    • Thank you Eleanor, we are just relieved that all will be well in the end. And this won’t affect her life span or cause any trouble/discomfort. She is walking quite good all ready by now, only when I walk on her blind side, she gets confused. But she is smart cookie, she will figure it out.

    • Thank you so much and Charley does not mind the “Cone of Shame”, she even drinks out of the toilet bowl with it…when she gets the chance. (ehw) The Vet calls it “the Elizabethan Collar” I think to prevent Charley from getting her feeling hurt…

      • An Elizabethan Collar sounds very grand – it’s no wonder she doesn’t mind! The only time Sam had one, she worked out how to remove it… I guess that’s the problem with having a terrier-collie cross – too much brain power!

    • A mix of terrier and collie? That sounds like the best of two worlds ;0) I used to have Jack Russell terriers and I loved their feisty but loyal character. Charley ended on our doorstep by accident and ‘most of her’ is hound. She was so easy to train and she is so focused on our well being. And her being so laid back, that was really different. A jack Russell in the cone shame??? Never! I always ended up with a little dog in a tight baby onesie;0)

  2. Oh my gosh. I’m reading your blog on my way to work (I take the bus) and I’m trying to swallow the lump in my throat. I LOVE dogs. Charlie, I am so glad she’s doing better and came through her surgery like a Super trooper. I’m also very happy that she has you and your husband as family. The photos are heartwarming Johanna. I would like to share this story on my FB page if that’s OK?

  3. Oh, Johanna.
    I can understand the anxiety and Charlie’s too, since you can’t explain what’s happening. Glad she is on the mend, and your hearts can settle down too.

  4. Good morning, Johanna,
    I’m sorry to hear about Charley’s tumor, but I’m happy that all seems to have gone well with removing it, even if she lost one eye. I can very well imagine how you felt about her. It’s so good to know that she’ll get all the love and care she needs just now. I keep my fingers crossed that she’ll heal fast and that all will go well with her.
    Have a great day, and give some very warm hugs and nice pats to Charley,

    • Thank you Pit! And I am happy to say that Charley heals remarkbly fast without any complications. Everything is almost back to normal! Hav a great Sunday, Johanna

    • Thanks Anne, I was indeed worried she might get painful complications. I am happy to have prevented that and Charley heals remarkbly fast! Have a lovely Sunday, Johanna

    • Thnak you dear Pix! Well I was sorry too, but mainly reliefed we have prevented painfull complications. Charley is doing very, very well! Have a lovely Sunday, Johanna

  5. Oh, Johanna, I have tears in my eyes reading about your precious Charley. Thank goodness she has her family to surround her with love and care. She’s such a little trooper and I’m sure will recover quickly. Sending thoughts and prayers, love and hugs! πŸ™‚ ❀

  6. Dear, dear Charley. Your dog is so special and that dear friend has more expression and empathy in her face and ESPECIALLY when viewed from the back of her head ( it is something about the way she tilts slightly) than a lot of people I know. I so understand the comfort she brings you. These special animals just have to be there to make us feel better.
    There is no denying that she has to cope with a big adjustment, but animals can do extraordinary things. And she is loved. Please send her a big hug from me. I am just one of her many, many fans.
    A tough time for you and your family. Thinking of you….Karen x

      • I am so pleased to hear that Johanna. It is amazing what can be achieved with good medical care and lots of love. My friend took on a beautiful boy cat called Charlie. His previous owner suffered from a mental illness and kept throwing Charlie down the stairs. Eventually, he lost a leg because of the injuries. He was rescued and operated on and re-homed with my friend. He runs, jumps and catches rabbits just like any other cat now ( although my friend does wish that he would not harm the bunnies). x

      • Oh dear, I always choke up with stories like that. How wonderful your friend takes such good care and give this cat such a happy life! Animals are so good in adapting! My little terrier Brit was 18 when she passed away. In her last year, she was deaf and blind but still a happy girl. In the morning she would literally sniff me out and happily scurry a long with me all day, standing at my feet all the time. I never tripped more times over a dog than that year ;0)

  7. Poor Charley! Fortunately, animals don’t brood on themselves the way humans do, and they don’t obsess about their looks either. I’m sure it won’t be long that Charley is back to doing all the things she loves. So glad she is getting loving care from you and your family, And, yes, there were tears in my eyes when I read your post.

  8. Awww poor poppet! I’m sure she’ll adjust with all the love and care she’s getting from you all, Johanna. And the main thing is that she’s still with you. x

  9. Poor thing, I hope she is getting used to just one eye. I can relate as my border collie had her left eye out just last week due to a cataract, then infection. She is healing extremely quickly and Im sure the same with your Charley – I think dogs adjust very well and us humans get so tearful and worried when something happens to our trusty friends! πŸ™‚

    • I am glad to hear your collie is healing fast, that infection must have been painful. Charley is doing very well and indeed it is remarkable how dogs adjust. One of my terriers was 18 years old when she passed away,. In her last year she was deaf and blind but still happy and healthy. She would literally sniff me out, scurry along with me all day;0) Have a lovely Sunday, Johanna

  10. What a beautiful dog and sweet friend! Glad to hear that Charley is on the mend! Love the photo of Charley in the chair. Our pets are so precious! ❀️

  11. Oh, beloved Charley! Are you winking at us now? Because you know a secret about inner beauty and a brave heart? You and your mom both know that secret. Johanna, this made me cry! I’m sure it was harder on you than Charley. I’m just glad she’s going to be fine and that means you will be, too!

  12. I think Kerry said beautifully what I wanted to say. It must be such a relief to know you can pamper her and soon she will be almost as good as new. Sending fast healing thoughts and wishes for a speedy return to life with a happy Charlie xoxo

  13. Oh dear! I’m so thankful you didn’t wait. Poor dear Charley. Hugs to one of my favorite blogspher pups and mom! Good to know the dear girl is healing!

  14. Charley is beautiful…. I hope she heals quickly and I am sure she ‘ll make it through despite it all. Long Life to her… All my best wishes. Aquileana πŸ˜€

  15. Dear Johanna – what sad condition for Charley, but you and your family and the vet saved him. Charley looks very strong and I have a feeling his one eye will serve him well. Thanks for letting us know about Charley so we can send many well wishes your way.

  16. Oh, poor Charley! I’m so glad you caught this soon and then monitored. It’s good you can nurse her so well and read her the news (which I’m sure she has opinions about). On the cone of shame, it’s interesting she didn’t mind it–I remember thinking at the first picture that she looked quite herself with her ears all pricked, not like a dog wearing the awful collar. Of course it was from the back, but she did look as though it was all fine. So all your nursing must have helped tremendously (and her temperament, too, which seems infinitely sweet). Sending good thoughts to you and her!

    • Your thoughts and wishes do wonders, Charley is doing remarkably well!! Indeed, our laid back girl did not mind the cone at all, maybe becuase our vet calls it an Elixbethan collar and Charley felt regal in it ;0) xo and have a lovely Sunday! Johanna

  17. Oh, Charley! What a brave girl you have been. And your parents have been very brave, too! Thank goodness that naughty tumor is gone. And may I say – your other eye looks TWICE as gorgeous, now! Mom and I will say prayers of gratitude that you came through fine, prayers that your family and doctor know what’s best for your recovery, and we’ll send happy, healing thoughts your way.

    Love and licks,

    • Your thoughts, prayers and wishes do wonders, Charley is doing remarkably well!! xo and have a lovely Sunday! Johanna

      ps Charley found it very comforting to know, the other eye looks twice as nice! xo

  18. Dear, dear Charley-Little Dogs Laughed (Jack Henry, Hubble and Anna) sends you lots of pets and hugs-we are thinking of you all and are hoping for a continued speedy recovery-you are all so lucky to have each other and hopefully Johanna you are getting some rest too!

  19. I’m so glad Charley has such good parents. Many people would never have noticed and I bet she had a pretty bad headache with her eye beginning to bulge. Thank goodness it is over and though we all wish it would never have occurred, your girl will still have a long and beautiful loving life.

    • In the end we were so reliefed that this operation solves all and her lifespan will not be affected by it. She is doing remarkably well so all is well in the Walker residence again. Thank you, Ginene, xo Johanna

  20. Oh bless Charley . What a worry . Glad she is recovering so well πŸ™‚
    Lovely photos Johanna .

  21. Poor Charley and poor you! I am so pleased all is ending well and I hope she continues to get better. When I was a girl at home with my parents one of our cats had to have an eye removed after a dog attacked her. She recovered quite quickly and was even more loving afterwards. One of our dogs also had to have a leg amputated after a car accident. She was very well afterwards too. You must be feeling so tired with all the worry. Take care! Much love Clare ❀

    • Charley is doing very well and indeed it is remarkable how dogs/pets adjust. One of my terriers was 18 years old when she passed away,. In her last year she was deaf and blind but still happy and healthy. She would literally sniff me out, scurry along with me all day;0) Have a lovely Sunday, Johanna

  22. Poor, sweet Charley. So happy you and Rickey were able to get the tumor taken care of right away and now he can enjoy life again soon. Please give him a belly rub and a cookie for me. And hugs to you and Rickey for being such good doggie parents.

  23. I’m so glad that the tumor was benign, but that doesn’t lesson the impact of lost of sight.
    What a wonderful family you all are! Charley is well cared for and you all are blessed in return.
    That photo of Charley sitting on Mr. Walker’s lap is wonderful.
    And the first one of Charley is so poignant.

  24. oh dear, now the tears are flowing. Charley girl xo ❀ She's a trooper to have so much trauma and still be cuddling for the news and being a good girl for meal time. I can't imagine your worry for her Johanna. Thanks be it to her good vet care and your constant love and attention. Sigh, I'm afraid I feel terrible to have not offered a note sooner. Be well sweet girl, hugs to all.

  25. I too am behind on my reading and am just now seeing this post. I’m sorry for all you and Charley have been through. What a trauma. It’s painful to see her scar and no what she’s been through, but I know from having a cat who also lost an eye to an accident, that she will be right as rain again and once healed will manage fine without the eye. I’m so glad you noticed something wrong when you did and that they got to it in time.

    Loving arms around you, Joanna and to all who love your sweet Charley.

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