Thank You So Much!


alanavainmoon002So many people left kindhearted comments on the last post! Charley, Mr.Walker and I want to thank everybody so much for leaving such loving and kind and encouraging messages! It was heartwarming!!! Charley has healed quickly and without any trouble. The vet was just as happy as we are and declared Charley ready for any kind of action. All is calm, peaceful and tidy again at The Walker Home.

alana hosrse shipwreck2001

So back to work too. I finished the Moon and Sea drawing and these two drawings for the children’s book.

alana hosrse shipwreck2002Which of these two horse and boat scenes do you like best?

alana hosrse shipwrtake2002

I finished this ‘poster-like’ work. It is rather bigger than I normally choose. It doesn’t even fit on my scanner. It was more for practice but I am rather pleased with the result and wonder if it would look nice in the dining room, currently under renovation.


And I am leaving you with wishes for a lovely weekend, and with these rough sketches. Whilst outside it is rainy, hot and humid (bleuh), I thoroughly enjoy thinking about December and Holiday Season;0)



Zoveel lieve berichtjes zijn er achtergelaten op de vorige post, dat was hartverwarmend!  Charley is weer helemaal de oude en de dierenarts was net zo blij als wij en ze mag alles weer gewoon doen. De rust is weer gekeerd bij The Walkers! Dus maar weer es aan ‘t werk. Nu t weer zo vochtig en warm is (Blueh!) Dus wat winterse, kerstelijke ideeën, is wel erg prettig!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

68 thoughts on “Thank You So Much!

  1. Good morning, Johanna,
    I’m happy to hear that Charley has healed well and is doing fine again.
    I like the first boat scene better. Just because in the second one the boat seems to be sinking.
    Have a great [and not too humid] weekend,

  2. I like the second one better 😉 More action and a clearer view of what’s going on. So glad Charley has healed and is ready for action. What a dog buddy!

  3. So happy to see that your beautiful Charley is doing so well. Truly, these animals are gifts and brighten our lives. As for your drawing… Wonderful! Your holiday scenes brought me right to that ‘happy place’ !
    Hard decision on the boat scenes but I think I will choose the second .
    Have a great weekend, Johanna! I’m thinking these days are very sweet to you, knowing your dear Charley is well and by your side

  4. Great news about Charley! Thanks for sharing your illustration, beautifully done. I like the boat and water action.

  5. So sorry, I wasn’t really around last week and missed your post on Charley. Really glad to hear she’s doing so well. Oddly enough I met a dog with one eye last Thursday and she was as happy as anything, so I’m sure once Charley’s fully used to it, she’ll be fine. My poor boy has had many many operations and has a horrible ongoing allergic condition, so I sympathises how hard it is and impossible to carry on as normal when your best friend is unwell. Please give Charley hug from me.

    Back to the pictures. I prefer the second, both from the perspective and because it made me laugh.

    • Thanks Bekki! Also for the feedback, that makes good sense. The writer has a hard time choosing..

      Charley had horrible allergies and degistive problems at first too. I have had Celeiac dissease all my life but a few years ago the intolerance went higher up (it sometimes happens) and I got the advise to create a gluten free home. Since I was always handling her food, Charley had to go gluten free as well. Guess what: no more stomach problems, no more skin problems, a healthy shiny dog! Sometimes our naughty girl steals the lunches of her sitter…bad result within half an hour. Two of our friends switched to gluten free food for their dogs with troubles and same result. Maybe something for your boy to try out?

      • Hello! Interesting to hear about the gluten and thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately Mr Hicks is allergic to house dust and dust mites which are impossible to completely eradicate. I have got him on a gluten and milk free diet too. Fortunately cutting those and other things from his diet has stopped him having stomach problems. He’s been on immunotherapy for about 8 years and that stopped all the eye and ear problems and skin problems for a few years, but over the last 3 years the skin problems have erupted on and off, but nothing as bad as they were, xx

  6. Lovely that everything is more relaxed now …..hmmm…but can you relax when your dining room is being renovated? I like the first horse and boat scene; it has drama and action but it’s not quite as frightening as the second one. The weather vane rooster is so bright and cheery. It’s below freezing here tonight. Want to swap places?

    • Ah, yes I do not mind a little mess in only one part of the house. It is almost done.
      And thank you for the feedback, the writer has a hard time choosing.
      Oh, yesyes, too bad we can’t beam eachother up Star Trek style;0) Outside here, feels like stale, warm hot tub water ;0) wishing you lots of Sunshine, Johanna

  7. Omgosh Johanna, I can see by your opening here that I’ve missed something very important. I’m really sorry to hear about Charley’s vet visit but overjoyed that she’s come thru it A-ok. Poor girl. I’ll go back to get the detail. I’ve finally come to have a good long visit today and see what I’ve been missing. Look at all the art you’ve accomplished as of late, just dear. I especially like the reflection of the moon in the sea and the whimsical castle-like roof of the light house.
    The horses all tucked into the row bow look very scared. I hope it turns out for them ok. Did I ever tell you that I had to leave Jim alone in the cinema when we went to see ‘Life of Pi’ . I was sobbing so badly when the boat sank and the animals were calling out. Between that and shooting the tiger at the beginning, I was done for. A bit of a shame as people tell me it’s a good story. I just haven’t the ability to get thru any animal tragedy, even if it’s Hollywood made.
    Amazing to me that you can get creative with Christmas thoughts and art 😀 The idea of cooler weather is actually pretty appealing these days. We’re suffering through quite the heat wave. Happy Weekend to you all ! xo K

    • Not to worry Kelly, you are always welcome and we know how busy you are!! Charley is doing really well, our super trooper!
      Not to wrry about the horses, they will be perfectly OK. Children love a little scare. the writer has a hard time choosing;0)
      Have a lovely Sunday, from a very muggy Ohio, xo Johanna

      • I’m so relieved to know Charley has come thru with such stamina and will be A-OK. Sometimes it seems that all they need is love, and as long as they’re with family, they’re content. xo ❤

  8. Glad tidings about Charley. I’m a bit more fond of the second ‘horse/boat’ scene. Hope your ‘peace last and the renovation goes smoothly. Love the poster! Savouring the much cooler weather here this morning . ~Cheers

    • Thank you, dear Mona, also for the feedback. The writer has a hard time choosing;0) Renovation is all under control! I am envious of your cool weather, from hottub hot Ohio, have a lovely Sunday, Johanna

  9. Hi Johanna. I am so glad to hear that Charlie is successfully on the mend.
    Love your recent drawings! The rooster is stunning as are the other works. You asked about the, “horses in boat” drawings: though I like them both I think I like the first best (boy inside back of boat). Just my personal preference.
    On another level comparing the two, I find the second image more exciting and dynamic maybe even frightening (for a young reader). I don’t know the age of the children you are targeting but I hope that helps you to choose. Perhaps the Walker boys have an opinion.
    Happy weekend!

    • Thanks Leslie, for good wishes and feedback! It all makes good sense. The drawings are scary but the story is sweet and has a happy ending . The Walker Boys are with you on the second one;0) Lovely Sunday, Johanna

  10. Glad things are going well, and I always love looking at your drawings. Skills, lady, you have some serious skills. 🙂 Love the first one, love all the horses, love the rooster – have to pass on the winter scenes just because I’m never thinking about winter in July because then I’d have to think about snow and removing it. LOL 🙂

  11. Happy to hear that all is well for you and Charley and Mr. Walker! 😊 I like your second illustration best. It looks like an interesting children’s book! I like your rooster too! 😄

    • Thank you Jill, for feedback and lovely comments! Working on a children’s book is alot of fun but also one that takes patience;0) The writer has a hard time choosing;0) Have a lovely Sunday, Johanna

  12. I’m so happy to hear your dear girl Charley is doing so well and adapting. She’s a champ for sure. Your illos are darling. I prefer the first scene, as the second scares me a little but I have a very tender heart when it comes to animals. They all are wonderful drawing. The rooster will look wonderful in your dining room!

  13. My favourite is the second drawing – mainly because of the horses expressions (especially the one studying the wave so intently as if to say, “holy smoke, how did that get there?!”) So glad Charley is back to normal. Have a wonderful weekend X

  14. You’ve been so productive! Lots of new drawings and all of them full of such good detail. Regarding the horse drawings, I think I’d need to know the story they’re meant to illustrate before picking a favorite. If the story is meant to build suspense, the second drawing definitely does that and I hope it would be followed, later in the story, by a happy drawing of horses back on dry land. Give Charley a big sloppy kiss from me!

    • Chalrey send slots of love and hugs and wagging tail greetings to you. Your feedback makes good sense, the writer has a hard time choosing and this is very helpful! xo Johanna

  15. Yay, Charley! Such a brave girl! I like all of the pictures, but of the two boat scenes, I think the first one looks slightly less scary. Unless scary is what you’re looking for….

    • Thanks Genevieve…indeed this is the exciting ( a bit scary) part of the book! The writer has a hard choosing and putting it ‘out there’ is very helpful. xo Johanna

  16. We are happy to hear Charley is doing well. Of the boat scenes I love the first one and the reason is simple. I love the expressions on all five of the horses faces. The human face set me smiling as I can imagine how he felt being squashed in with such beautiful but powerful animals. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  17. I, too, like the second picture. There is a lot of movement with the waves, the hair in the wind, flag, etc., and I think that would enable children to get the bouncy, rolling, wind-whipping feeling of being in the ocean. Plus, the boat is tipping toward the front which it would, if four horses moved to the front. Exciting action!
    Yes, we all have fallen in love with Charley!

    • Wonderful feedback, very helpful. The writer has a hard time choosing, so we decided to put it ‘out there’ xo Johanna
      ps Charley loves the idea of everybody falling in love with her, she has a big heart;0)

  18. Oh no no! Don’t talk to me about Christmas!! We have only just got some warm weather at last and I want to keep summer for a bit longer!
    I am so pleased Charley is so much better. It must be the loving happy home she belongs to.
    I like the first picture best.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Much love, Clare ❤

  19. So happy Charley is all better and ready for anything! My favorite of the horse and boat scenes is the first one… I don’t know why, it just happens and I don’t question 🙂 I do think it is because they look safer in the first one and things aren’t looking good in the second one. They need to move to the aft end in the second picture! I don’t know if I am ready for Christmas yet, but I am so ready for Fall! Love your holiday sketches!

    • Wonderful feedback, very helpful. The writer has a hard time choosing, so we decided to put it ‘out there’ But do not worry, the horses will be safe and meet wonderful adventures xo Johanna

  20. So happy Charley is doing well. I like all of your sketches. I’m not sure what the story is about so I can’t decide which horse painting I like better. They are both good. (Sorry, I know that was of no help.)

  21. I’m so happy to hear that Charley is all healed up now. Your artwork is so unique. I love the moon reflection. As for the horses and not knowing the story to be portrayed, I think I like the first one with all crowded in the boat. I will say that I don’t think I know too many people who are pining away for the cold again! HA! Certainly I’m not one of them! LOL! Here’s to a wonderful week ahead! 😀 ❤

  22. So glad to hear Charley’s ready for action and doing much better. Your pictures are lovely. I like the whimsy, and my favorite is the moon one.

  23. I am so unbelievably behind on reading blog posts – I somehow missed all of your lovely drawings in this one! You must have so much fun exploring the writer’s work to do your illustrations – it would be a very exciting creative process, I think!

    • Don’t ever worry about it Sheryl, I know you are very busy! And I really love doing the children’s book. Thank you for your kind words, have a lovely weekend, Johanna

  24. Good news about Charley! Yay! the two drawings are interesting, they have different things to say I think. Both of them convey urgency and, danger? I think I like the first better but I’m not sure. Love all of them 🙂

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