A Hike at Wayne National Forest


Mr. Walker and I went for a hike at the beautiful Wayne National  Forest. That is a huge park at the foot of the Appalachians. The drive was already lovely. And we selected the Wildcat Hollow Trail. Not a very long trail( about a 2 hours walk) since it was Charley’s first big hike after her surgery. She did excellent of course.


It was beautiful…I have never seen such tall trees, looking up made me almost dizzy.


This sweet little river we crossed several times and it proved our new hiking boots are really waterproof.


By the end our tummies were rumbling and close by was this gorgeous dam and lake: what a perfect scenery for a picnic!


Here I am trying to pull a Sunday face for a decent snapshot for the family album, whilst Charley has here eye on the chicken salad..clever girl!


Hope you all had a great weekend!
Love and Liefs, Johanna

65 thoughts on “A Hike at Wayne National Forest

  1. So much fun! That looks like a super fun hike. Well done, Charley! You’ve got your priorities straight. Scenery and atmosphere are fine and dandy, but when there’s chicken salad, all bets are off!

    Love and licks,

    • Thank you, Pauline, our super trooper Princess is doing very well. The Vet stated, for a big part because she in excellent shape. She can tell by the healing processes if a dog walks much ..or not.We walk every day, rain or shine at least an hour. It keeps me, who dislikes sports of any kind, fit too ;0) xo Johanna

    • Charley was born on a Mennonite farm and had people food the first few weeks of her life. Spoiled forever and she can jump so high too, that makes her a ‘sneaky thief’ when it comes to dinner served and ‘stuff on the kitchen counter’. We are trained by now but at the boarding place, she still manages to steal lunches. But I must admit, she managed to wriggle a piece of chicken from us this time…bad parents! xo Johanna

    • Alas..she indeed wriggle a piece of chicken from us, bad parents. To our defense: with all the post surgery medication she needed to eat well. Cooked chicken, she will eat in her sleep. So a few chickens were sacrificed for healing process…and to celebrate she is doing so well, she got another piece ;0)

  2. I love all the green, it must haven breathtaking to take in all of the nature. You and Charley look fabulous!

    • I know you live in the desert, and I cannot imagine what that is in real life. I grew up in the ‘North’ and always had green and trees around me. But here, as far South I have ever been, the green grows in three big layers during the summer. I have never seen trees so high. It is beautiful indeed.

  3. It did my heart good to see you out and about and Charley doing so well! What a fabulous hike you must have had. And I must ask…that tablecloth for your picnic with the sweet embroidered houses and animals- did you make it? It is LOVELY! x

    • We were very happy. Charley and I walk every day for at least an hour and hiking is a big part of our lives. She was happily wagging her tail all the way and slept like a log in the car on the way home;0)
      That table cloth is I made indeed myself. It is a Christmas one I made in Canada years ago for a smaller table. We picnic a lot and I like to do it in style ;0) But thank you for the lovely compliment. I hope, you are feeling better? xo Johanna

      • I love it that you take your own cloth- you are so very thoughtful and caring in the things you do. Charley is so special and so part of the family ,I am so happy to hear that she is doing well.
        I am still missing my Otto cat and the loss has been hard to get over. But I have had an open day in my garden and so many people loved it that it has really helped. I will take photos of the garden soon but it has been raining for two days 😦 x x

  4. A healing hike for Charley! So nice to see both of you enjoying nature in such a beautiful spot. Johanna, you and I are from the same tribe, the long limbed people!

    • Yup…a generous 6 feet high and that makes me the shortest of the Walker clan…the boys call me shorty ;0) Charley and I are indeed back on track although Charley claims she still needs that chicken as medicine ;0) Healing Hikes, I like that! xo Johanna

  5. Beautiful pictures! So glad Charley felt well enough to go on a hike. And covet chicken salad 😉

  6. What a lovely hike. And your picnic looked luscious, too! I’m sure you, Charley and Mr. Walker all enjoyed the food. I have read the book with your Mrs. Walker in it and liked it very much, btw. A nice reading tip. Keep having such good weekends!

    • I am happy you liked Miss Buncle’s Book! It might not be Literature but to me it is such a sweet cozy novel with witty humor too. My favorite book for those days of a cold, and dreary outside, and a blanket, fire and couch and hot tea…
      Indeed, Mr. walker and I love picnics with baskets overflowing with goodies. Charley is always disappointed in the amount of chicken. But since our girl is still on the mend, she got her fair share ;0) xo Johanna

      • D. E Stevenson wrote many books indeed. I find them pleasant but they seem less witty that my favored Miss Buncle. I read, she had lost one of her children shortly after writing this book. So sad!
        Did you know know she was a cousin of R L Stevenson and the Stevensons are the most famous builders of Lighthouses too, Scotland has their finest examples. Now to make a circle complete: I love Miss Buncle, I love Scotland and Lighthouses too and I love dioramas of all kinds…have a look at this ;0) http://dalyght.ca/DEStevenson/desminis.html

        I will look into books from Angela Thirkell now. xo from your rambling friend;0)

  7. Oh, I love seeing a good, clear photo of your pretty face! This looks like a wonderful day, with a lot to be thankful for. A happy, healthy, hungry dog, a pretty handmade (!) tablecloth, your honey along for the walk–perfect!

    • You made a good summary of the perfect day! That table cloth is indeed handmade. It was the first project after we moved to Canada. So a bit special to me;0) And thank you too for your kind compliment on my looks…my ears are now glowing and flapping at the same time! xo Johanna

      • My late mother was Dutch. We never spoke it at home because my English father was never able to learn it, but I couldn’t help picking quite a lot up on frequent visits to my relatives over there. I’m told my accent is unusual, because not many English people speak Dutch so it’s not often heard. I’m by no means fluent – I understand more than I speak – and it’s just ‘children’s Dutch’!

      • Well, I do not need to explain to you what a difficult language Dutch is and ‘just picking it up’ is remarkable. Do you have contact with Dutch family members? You and I probably have the same accent when speaking Dutch;0) Lovely to meet you, Kate!

  8. A beautiful hike and location. You look very nice in your photo and yes, that’s what my dog would do, eye the food.

  9. Johanna, that leaf image is wonderful!!!
    And the account of your hike was great, too. So glad you had such a lovely day

  10. Wonderful photos. It is great thing that people love outdoors life. We love hiking, mainly day hiking. Your beautiful photos were very enjoyable to admire. Thank You presenting them.

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