About Knitting, Yoga and Give Aways


“Letting go is the lesson. Letting go is always the lesson. Have you ever noticed how much of our agony is all tied up with craving and loss?”
― Susan Gordon Lydon, The Knitting Sutra: Craft as a Spiritual Practice


I know, I talk a lot about knitting. But I love knitting, it is my yoga. I am a happy, down to earth person but not a calm and sedate one ;0) However, when I sit down and my hands make the gentle movements that connect all those loops into fabric, I am at peace with myself and the world. I feel connected with history, with folk tales, with the animals that give us the yarns. Years ago, I had a horrible job and I could handle the stress of it by simply knitting in my head the most complicated patterns and ‘let all pass me by’.

So you can understand, how happy I was knitting this wonderful pattern with this beautiful yarn. Katie Davies, the designer told us she is quite short. So, with me being very tall, I thought it was a good thing that with the yarn I had, I had to go a needle size up. My goodness, I needed the double mattress in the spare room to block it!!


Charley and I can snuggle up together in it. It is clear my Darling Girl appreciates the qualities of fine merino and silk.

I often give away what I knit but this shawl, I will keep;0)
However, I noticed I had few finished projects in my studio that have not found a home yet. Very unusual for me, I must say. I do not like clutter.


I really enjoy my blog and all the people that make an effort and come for visits and chitchats. So I have decided to give these three items away amongst you all and I hope that you will like what you see.


This blue shawl is a so called Sontag. I knitted it for a re-enactment from a Civil War scene. Sally, my lovely sixties dress doll, shows how you can wear it with modern clothing. It is knitted in lovely merino and will keep you warm on the coldest nights of winter.

This is a tea cozy, I knitted it a few years ago to enter in a competition. It is vintage pattern, the pleats are quite hard to knit but it makes an excellent cozy to keep pot and tea warm. It did not win a prize…my friend knitted a cozy that looked like carrousel with little horses and all.


And Charley, my perfect model, shows this ‘slouchy beanie’. ( an older photo indeed, she still has two eyes there) It was great knitting with perfect yarn (also soft merino) in front of the TV. I always have different projects on the go: Knitting for in the car (small) ,knitting for in front of the TV (easy) and a good challenging ‘do-not-talk-to-me-until-I-have-finsihed-my-row’ project.

So…just drop me line about what you would like, where ever you are in the world. If there are more than one that yearn for one of the items, I will do a raffle. You can enter until next week Thursday, the 23rd of July.  DSC_5413
Breien op zijn best: deze prachtige shawl! Ik was helemaal Zen gedurende t hele project. Ik geef vaak weg wat ik brei, maar deze blijft van mij ;0)
Wel verloot ik deze drie items..de blauwe omslagdoek, the theemuts en de echte muts.
Als jij graag een van deze items wil hebben dan laat maar gewoon een berichtje achter. Mochten er meer gegadigden zijn, dan verloot ik het. Mee doen kan tot donderdag, 23 juli.

Have a great weekend.

Love and Liefs, Johanna

80 thoughts on “About Knitting, Yoga and Give Aways

  1. Oh Johanna! These are beautiful. Tho’ I probably shouldn’t say, I would love one of the shawls for my new job – did I tell you? I got a full-time job, which is a big change for me, but it is going well! If no one else asks, I would love a shawl to keep me cozy at work — either one! But it’s ok by me if it goes to someone else. Hugs, Anne

    • Thank you Mona. Your sewing is lovely and I can see that it has the same effect on you…my goodness what would your world be without sewing??? Have a lovely weekend, xo Johanna

  2. Johanna, the photos of you, Charley and the shawl and the GARDEN…are just simply perfect! The drift of daisies in the background just are so harmonious in colour and if it was your husband who took the photos then he did an amazing job, showing you at your most lovely with your dear Charley. The shawl is a work of art.
    I wish, wish , wish that I could knit. I too have spent my whole life trying to let go, when the whole of me wants to hold on tight for dear life. I am a perfectionist who never can settle for just good enough. I am so grateful that my friends love me despite this!
    I adore the sontag and think it would be so cosy and warm and beautiful on top of a country check dress. What a clever design, wrapping around in such a stylish way. But I am terribly uncomfortable saying this and, like Anne, I will be very happy for whoever is the lucky winner.
    It is a lovely idea of yours and I am wondering if I could do something similar…..Karen x

    • Congrats my dear, the Sontag is yours. Email me your address and it will be there before the cold sweeps in again ;0) I can see you snuggled u in it and still do garden work with a pretty dress on. Hopefully it will contribute to you enjoying the good things in life and let go more and more of the bad. Perfection only leads to pain..
      Mr. Walker took the photos indeed…it is so hard to be on the other side of the camera;0) Have a lovely weekend, xo Johanna

  3. Johanna, have I told you how much I love your blog? Well, I do. it brings me a lot of joy! It’s always a dose of inspiration mixed with talent and beauty! Thank you for all of this loveliness!

  4. What a great picture of you and Charley! Put me down for either the hat or the cozy. I’m a little, ahem, stout for the shawl, lovely though it is. And, yes, blessings to those lucky enough to get these beautiful pieces. Finally, you’ve given me an idea for my own give-away, which I’ll be posting next week on my blog. Many, many thanks! I love how I am inspired by the blogs I read.

    • Congrats Laurie, the hat is yours. Send me your address and it will arrive on time to protect your ears from Blizzards to come!
      I like the word stout! In the Dutch language of old times it was used to indicate that a King or Warrior was a brave man! Have a lovely weekend, xo Johanna

      • Via email, I just sent you my snail-mail address. As for stout…yes, stout-hearted comes to mind 😉 So in English, too.

  5. Your knitting is really beautiful Johanna! And your shawl AMAZING! I enjoyed reading your post today and how knitting brings you peace and joy! I would enjoy having any of your knitted artwork because I see the love you put into creating it! However, I hope you give it to someone who needs it much more than me. xo

  6. Wonderful Johanna, your knitting artistry is outstanding. Thank you for sharing. Charley and the greenery outdoors are the perfect backdrop.

  7. Johanna you are a Jill of many trades! Those garments are stunning! And I couldn’t help but notice beautiful flowers in the background that matched your shawl perfectly. Wonderful!!
    Hi Charlie! 🙂

  8. I have only just started reading your blog having been intrigued by it’s name on another blog I read. Your knitting is exquisite and I’m in love with your dog but what I really like is your haircut. If I had straight hair I would cut it that short in an instant. It looks wonderful on you.

    • Thank you for your visit, Cynthia and your kind compliments!! Do you have a blog yourself Cynthia, your gravatar or name does not link. If you do, would you send me the link please? Have a lovely weekend, xo Johanna

      • No blog but I’m so glad I stumbled upon yours. You made a comment in one of the book blogs we both read. Weaver and knitter here but no way as accomplished as you. And an African Grey instead of a dog. Enjoy your weekend, Johanna.

  9. My goodness – how generous and what gorgeous work Johanna! I love your new shawl it is the perfect size for you – and Charlie! The tea-cosy is so cute – but I do not own a working teapot. The wrap is so unusual in it’s styling, though the colours are my favourites – I think I like best the slouchy hat that Charlie wears so becomingly. 🙂 I would love to go into the draw for that

  10. Mom would LOVE the hat! She swears she will wear it herself, but like Charley, I have a feeling I will wear it briefly for a picture or two….

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake, thank you so much for your kind words!! I am sorry mom did not win but there will be a next time, I promise!
      And I would love to knit a little coat for you. Ask mom to measure you from neck to tailbase and the circumferences of your chest and tummy. I will pick out a soft yarn in your fave color…what is your fave color!! let me know?
      Have a lovely weekend, xo Johanna

  11. Oh my gosh, you have tremendous artistic skills AND you knit these gorgeous items. I’m way past impressed now. 🙂 I would be privileged to be entered into a drawing for any of these items because all three are beautiful. Now if we only lived closer so you could hold classes and I could attend.

    • Dear Judy, thank you so much for your kind words!! I am sorry you did not win but there will be a next time, I promise! Have a lovely weekend, xo Johanna

      ps I always love to teach knitting, I wish indeed we were closer!

  12. That is sooo generous of you to offer to gift these beautiful pieces!!! That blue Sontag is amazing, and I can’t resist asking to be added to the draw for it!! 😀 You are such a talented woman. Take care! (Ps I love the picture of you in the purple shawl, snuggling up to Charley, and the matching flowers in the background)

  13. Your shawl is beautiful. I hope you have many days this winter to snuggle up in it with Charley. Having just made a pot of tea this morning and wrapped a towel around it, I can say that I not only could use the tea cosy, but absolutely think it’s marvelous. So I’ll put in for that. I promise not to be bitter if I lose the raffle to someone who drinks tea more regularly 😉 !

      • Awwww. I’m okay with not getting your fabulous tea cosy! Still, I look forward to other opportunities! and more fabulous posts from Mrs. Walker!

  14. Hi Johanna, what a wonderful talent…. “to knit a complex pattern in your head and let it all pass you by” I adore that!
    Beautiful shawl and I do not blame you at all for keeping it – I definitely would too!
    Your work is divine and whomever is fortunate to have a piece is a lucky fella.
    Any of your “clutter” is really an absolute treasure and I would be delighted with any of the items should they require re-homing. 🙂

  15. Hi johanna,
    Wonderfull things you make with you hands Johanna. As we in The netherlands say: “you are born with two right hands” So many skills you have!

  16. “I feel connected with history, with folk tales, with the animals that give us the yarns”–this is such a perfect way of describing how I feel, too! It’s nice to see so many of your pieces in one post–I can get a clearer sense of your aesthetic you do beautiful things with yarn! Since I am a previous winner of one of your generous giveaways (the multi-functional egg warmers!), I won’t jump into this one but you’ll be making some folks very happy!

  17. Loved your work Johanna , the shawls look absolutely fabulous (blue is my favorite color 😀 ) and so does the cuddly teapot warmer and Smarty Charlie in his beanie:D

      • Hi 😀 Sorry for so late response, no worries, I never thought I was taken as an entry 😀 I simply loved the shawl style 😀 Spread or pin it 😉 I am planning to suggest my mom this one for herself (I could do it for her if only I knew knitting ) Many thanks for the idea 😀

  18. Your knitting is inspiring. I, too, am a knitter. Used to be decent, now I’m down to much simpler things. Love the pictures of you, Charley (he is a very handsome hat model) and your garden.

    If you are having a raffle, I’d like to be put in the raffle pot for the hat. 🙂

  19. Well, I’m not a knitter. I did however knit a teddy bear in grade 7 for my knitting badge in Brownies. You are a great knitter, the shawl is gorgeous, the tea cozy so cute. I loved the pattern in the tea cozy, and I loved Charley’s Beanie. If I were to choose I would hope to win the Beanie. Hopefully, it would look as good on me as it does on Charley. 😊

  20. Such beautiful items, Johanna. I do love your shawls. You know, you are motivating me to go dig out my needles and yarn. I’ve not done enough to become proficient but I’ve had fun on a few items (knit & crochet). Funny, like you, I’ve given everything away I’ve made except for a blanket I made a couple of years ago! I had forgotten how much fun it is. Okay, I think I’ll go check out some easy patterns! Hope you’ve been having a beautiful weekend! 😀

  21. That shawl is gorgeous! I have a pattern I have been meaning to make for many years now…you have inspired me! It’s time to dust it off and get out the needles.
    The echoes in our lives are very freaky at times; over the weekend I had a definite attack of the “biting off more than I could chew” meltdowns during which I voiced the exact words you used: calm and sedate (I also threw in serene) and how I am so definitely NOT these things. I will now view my knitting as therapy thanks to you…and a very nice therapy too.
    I love the tea cosy…I see others covet it but wonder if you still have a copy of the pattern 😉
    Love to you from blustery New Brighton x

  22. Lovely! You are a tall drink of water, as they say. I biggie-fied your first photo to get a good look-see at your beautiful shawl and the all that stunning (and co-ordinating) coneflower in yonder garden. WOW! Then I biggie-fied the next photo to get a better look-see at beautiful Charley. I love that photo Johanna. Did you sweet hubby work the camera? He’s really good. So now I’m full up, both of love and inspiration. I wish I could linger if not for my eyelids feeling the weight of the day. It’s really amazing what you manage with a mere two metal sticks (sticks sounds friendlier than needles to me) and some pretty wool. Do you ever miss a stitch, drop a loop, forget where you are in a pattern or tangle up all the wool into a great knot? Your projects are truly sublime convections, so I know the answer must be, “never”. You’re really kind to offer up your treasures but I couldn’t feel right about putting my name in as you’ve gifted me before. Good luck to all your friends here. I browsed thru some other messages and knodded along the way. It’s unanomous, we adore our visits, your spirit, peaking at your talents and of course Charley. Sweet dreams my dears, nighty night. xo K

    PS, Loved the brass button on the Blue Wrap. Is it vintage? It looks very special. I love your attention to these details. xox

    • Your comments are always such a treat!! Mr. Walker indeed made the photos ( so hard to be on the other side of the camera!) When it comes to knitting, I do drop stitches, tangle yarn and make other mistakes but that is all to be solved again. I always know where I am in the pattern ;0) The button is indeed from a vintage garment that was beyond repair.

      Thank you for all your kind words again and I wish you a wonderful weekend, xo Johanna and Charley!!

  23. It’s July 26th … so off I go to the next post to see who won!
    But first, your words made me think of my grandmother (and really, my mother as well) who always had a project going, and was always content when knitting

  24. Yet another sublime talent, Johanna. You truly are a wondrous girl.
    Love the knitting, and if I could, I’d give your gorgeous hound a warm squish of affection.
    Congrats on finishing a stunning project!

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