This week…All Important Nothings!


How much fun that give away was! Although I was a bit sad for the ‘non-winners’, I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the winners and the nice emails that followed. For the non-winners: Laurie has a fun give-away on her blog!


The weather is hot, …even the eggs are sweating ;0) That is all I will whine say about it.


It just means indoor fun with new knitting projects. I am still knitting away left over yarn. This Fair Isle project is perfect for that.

I bought new yarn too. This glorious yarn is a mix of merino and yak. I had never seen that before. A little research learned me that Yaks provide excellent wool suitable for all kind of fabrics, used already for thousands of years by the people in the Himalayas. Louis Vuitton discovered the fine quality of it a couple of years ago and made it popular.
This name is so suitable, Tenzing Norgay was Sir Hillary’s sherpa and friend and they were the first to reach the top of the Everest. The yarn is delightful, soft and smooth and incredibly strong. And while I am knitting I think of Yaks,( and I love cattle of any kind) and mountain climbers..bliss indeed.

I read these two delightful books about the fabulous illustrators Dr. Seuss ( one of the wisest men ever) and Virginia Lee Burton.


Than on a summer midday this little fellow walked in our garden. It is a box turtle not often seen during the day and their numbers are sadly declining fast. I had never seen one before. I quickly took a photo because he was walking really fast. I think he was disturbed by landscapers next door and he was heading for the next garden. Not a good idea with dogs every were. I quickly grabbed the snow shovel and gently scoped him on it ( I respect the jaws of any turtle!) and brought him to the fenced of ‘wilderness’ in the back of our garden where he quickly dug him self safely away in the compost heap. I hope, he found a good new home there! That compost heap is their for the animals so he will be safe..I love that idea!


I also love oatmeal and to my delight I see oatmeal recipes popping up left, right and centre.
This bread is fun to bake and delicious! With this hot weather I am good with a salad, some cheese and cold cuts and this bread. I did use sweet potato instead of pumpkin since the pumpkin has not really started yet (snif)


And a few of my friends came over for a knitting circle and I baked a salmon quiche for lunch to share with them. This is my own recipe where I mix a small tin of salmon with three eggs, 1/4 cup of sour cream and 1/4 cup of shredded cheese, Β add mustard, garlic,chives, thyme and oregano, pepper and salt. Use any kind of non-sweet pie crust you like and bake in the oven at 400F for 30 minutes and than 15 minutes more covered loosely with foil. This quiche is best served cold. My friends loved it.


And I will leave you all again with a funny story. I was at supermarket and the store-manager said:”Boo” in a funny way to try to startle one of the employees. That girl was cool as a cucumber but I, who was deep in thought and studying a label, almost jumped through the roof. That alarmed the store manager again and we ended up laughing our heads of and hugging each other and many customers laughed with us. To quote my dear friend Jane Austen: “…able to make a spectacle of herself where ever she goes.” Anyhue, when I left the store, she gave me this bunch of flowers as a ‘Thank You’..well no need for that but I loved the flowers nevertheless and it resulted in other hug.


Ondanks de wamte (de eieren zweten zelfs) toch een leuke week met nieuwe breiwerkjes, fraaie boeken, lekker bakken en delen met vrienden die gezellig langs komen, een schildpad die de tuin in kwam wandelen en een bos bloemen die ik kreeg van de manager van de supermarkt omdat ze me per ongeluk aan t schrikken maakte. Ach, dat hoefde natuurlijk helemaal niet want ik vond t wel grappig maar de bloemen zijn wel erg mooi.

Have a great weekend,

Love and Liefs Johanna.

83 thoughts on “This week…All Important Nothings!

  1. Thanks, Johanna, for saving that turtle. πŸ™‚ That oatmeal bread of yours looks delicious. Maybe I need to try and bake that here, too.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. The bread looks lovely Johanna – off to check it out! And the flowers are lovely too – what a nice gesture! Have a lovely weekend! x

  3. Such wonderful pictures! The quiche looks delicious—oh, how I love quiche. Thanks for sharing the info about what you are reading. “Mike Mulligan” was a favorite at our house when the girls were young. And, of course, Dr. Seuss.

  4. Enjoyed your post today! You have a lovely way of writing that makes me feel like I just stopped by your house for a cup of tea and a friendly visit. 😊 I will have to look for that book on Dr. Seuss! And I loved seeing the turtle – it would be fun to paint! Enjoy your day, Johanna! xo

  5. You’ve been quite the busy bee! Great pictures to go with your lovely update. Especially liked your grocery store story because I can totally see myself in similar embarrassingly sweet situations. Have a great weekend Johnna.

  6. So much to enjoy in this post Johanna! I have been eyeing up some Yak yarn of late – but must desist until I have used up all the rest of my stashed buys. The day will come though πŸ™‚ Did you know Ed Hilary spent the remainder of his life visiting Nepal and starting schools, hospitals, libraries and other amenities for the Sherpas families and villages? He and Tenzing had a very close relationship as a result of their shared adventure.

    Love the story that ends with the pretty bunch of flowers – how funny and how sweet! The quiche looks delectable and I am tempted to try making something similar. Also the oatmeal bread. I shall click on the link and stash that recipe away too! Thank you xoxo

  7. Ha! I love the sweaty eggs. So funny. Your knitting is gorgeous, as always. The color of the yak wool looks like some sherbet I ate once. And that bread! Well, I’ve never met a bread I didn’t like, but that one looks exceptional!

  8. Chuck full of beauty and creativity and wonder. Sweating eggs, wow. Hot hot hot. Stay cool and enjoy all the wonderful things and beings and happenings around you, Johanna. xo

  9. Johanna,
    Today’s post is delightful, like a visit with an interesting friend. I ogled the pretty photographs and wished I knit so I could have a yak scarf. I thought of what a lovely person you must be to help out friend turtle. If only the whole world was like that. I copied both recipes as they are things I would choose myself . (I can’t turn the oven on right now or I’ll melt away.) All in all, I have to say that I think you are the kind of woman I would like to be friends with. Well, I guess we are!

  10. Johanna, it was a lot of fun to follow along with you on your adventures and your day. Definitely a cute story in the supermarket, and I never knew about the different wool. I love the fact that you helped the turtle. You ROCK. The turtle has such neat colours on it’s shell. Thank you.

  11. A boerenbont card as well – I can hardly wait!! I am still smiling at your supermarket adventure; I too have the ability to create a scene where I am πŸ™‚ The quiche looks wonderful as does the fairisle hat as as for having a turtle in your compost?! How awesome! πŸ™‚

  12. Never heard of Yak wool either. The knitting looks lovely as, of course, does your picture of Charlie πŸ™‚

  13. A chance meeting in a grocery store and soon everyone is hugging–that sounds just like I would expect you to be, from our interactions! Your post is full of fun and lovely photos-what a good knitter you are. And lovely Charley . . .

  14. It looks like you are keeping busy, the bread looks delicious, love the box turtle, and our chickens aren’t even laying eggs because of the heat. But, I’m going to enjoy every day of this month regardless of the heat and humidity. You’ll find me sweating away outside. πŸ™‚ I sure wish I could knit. πŸ™‚

  15. Reading this post was such a lovely way of sharing your week! I loved the Fair Isle pattern. You must have a mind which can really cope with complex patterns and very nimble fingers! The Tortoise in the compost heap must surely make a story to be illustrated by yours truly!
    The supermarket story was just one of those wonderful things which happen now and again. I love spontaneous acts of kindness ( especially when I have been scared to death).
    Did I see a little drawing on a blonde lady with glasses? Now who could that be????? Karen x

    • It is indeed funny that box turtle…is in fact a tortoise! He has a bit of a snappy expression, would it be of his misnomer??? I just got your email and I am happy you have received your parcel safely!! xo Johanna

  16. Johanna, what a warm and engaging post, with your sweet Charley looking relaxed at the end. Your photos and story telling are a joy. I’ve missed having the time required to visit all my favorite bloggers. I’m so glad I could stop by today.

    Your knitting and accompanying cards made my heart sing. I’ve missed a giveaway, but will read in reverse to I don’t miss a thing.

    Thank you for rescuing the turtle, poor little fella. I’m pleased to read about a compost pile providing shelter for small creatures.

    It’s too hot here as well, though we lack the humidity so I really shouldn’t complain. Others have it far worse. I’m never at my best when it’s hot.

    Happy knitting!

    • I often think of you in the heat and no rain. I would have a hard time coping with that!! Thanks for stopping by, you are always welcome my dear Alys and I know you are busy!
      May cooler times by near for the both of us! xo Johanna

      • Thank you, Johanna. Believe it or not we had the rarest of rare thunderstorms last night and just a touch of rain to go with them. The air smells clean and sweet this morning, a welcome relief. I just hope the lightening strikes did not ignite any more fires.

  17. Lots of fun and beautiful things! I love turtles; actually, I love nature period. I love your photos, and you have a lovely blog. πŸ™‚

  18. Oh, you’re lucky to be able to still eat oats! I love them, but they produce the same results for me as wheat, rye and barley! In Australia they recommend that celiacs don’t eat them because of the similarity of the avenin protein to gluten… It does look yummy

    • Oats themselves should not be the problem for us celiac people. The problem is contamination. Oats are often grown next to the wheat fields and processed in the same facilities. Same goes for quinoa that is often dried under a layer of wheat, preventing them to blow away. I do not know about Australia, but America is heaven for me because the label rules are very strict! ( in contrast to The Netherlands and Canada, where I also lived) The oats and quinoa I use are grown and processed with no wheat in sight. And that is simply delightful indeed, I could never eat it before.
      But as you well know: when in doubt, do not eat!
      And true enough, when you have severe celiac disease, you get often intolerant towards other substances as well. I have to stay away from MSG, Stevia and related sweeteners, milk fat and have to be careful with lactose. Still I consider myself lucky. I can control this, enjoy food and feel happy. And with all the products available nowadays, I can convert most recipes quite easily.

      • I do have to stay away from oats, and here they recommend all severe celiacs do because of the similarity, not because of contamination. And yes, I’m lactose intolerant too, but luckily I can tolerate fructose or I would find life hardly worth living!

  19. Such a creative and busy not to mention diverse week. Glad to see your sense of humour took over after getting a nasty surprising shock. Now I am off to see if I can back an oatmeal bread loaf as we are tending towards less wheat (influenced by no. 1 son’s paleo lifestyle).

  20. Hello you two lovelies! Always such a colourful visit here, it’s awesome. “ooooh, there she is !” That’s what I thought out loud when Charley pops up at the end of your post, and I smiled. Is her eye fully healed now? I was thinking how fun it’d be to lay out on the lawn for that photo. I don’t lay around on the grass much these days and really should do it soon. I love the smell of lawn. We have such a tiny little spot in the yard and only a push mower (like the old days), but it feels good on my toes when I’m sprucing up the plants, so I baby it.
    As always, the photographs of your projects are brilliant. It’s like looking through a fab home magezine. I biggified the egg photo, just wonderful J.
    What are the coloured rings for on your Yak project? Is it a fashion statement or are they a knitting tool? I’ve never seen that before.
    I’m really glad you and that little turtle crossed paths. A case of being at the right place at the right time for him. Now he’s in a lovely warm home with no dogs to find him (sorry Charley)! Happy endings are best I think.
    If you’re ever in Edmonton, I’d love to take you to Delta Art. A fantastic place with every kind of pen, ink, paint, brush, canvas, paper known to mankind I’m sure. I’ve just been for a load of Faber Castell pens. Brilliant colours! I like that I can buy the colours I want there rather than a pre-made set. I also bought some wonderful inks and nibs. I’ve puttered but need lot’s more time to practice with it all. My first day off in forever today and I’m going to drive to Red Deer. I met a friend there last week and we did Ceramics. I made a big Mushroom for the garden πŸ˜€ Kind of excited to see it glazed, so off I go. OMGosh, I’m wordie here but I’m so happy to be by xo K

    • Heho dear Kelly, always a feast when you come for a visit!!! Charley lets you know she is doing really well. She is her happy self again and seems more relaxed. I think that eye was indeed starting to bother her.
      I can see you enjoying a good nap and snooze on the lawn!! I do hope you show your garden mushroom when finished! Sounds like your creative juices are flowing! And indeed, if I ever come to Edmonton I would look you up for sure!
      Thank you for the big compliments on my photos!! The little rings you see in my knitting are stitch markers. An easy way to see where I am in the pattern without having to count etc.
      Well, my dear friend, I better scurry along. My youngest and a friend just left after a glorious visit…but it looks like a tornado went trough the house. My oldest is coming by the end of the week…also with a friend. excitement all around! xo Johanna

  21. Reblogged this on knitting with heart and commented:
    The popular tv show SEINFELD was a show about “nothing”… and I believe we’ve watched every single episode! Now today, I read this lovingly crafted post about life’s “all-important nothings” that fill and fulfill our lives… from fibre, food and flowers to friends and fun! Add to that, a quote from Jane Austen: β€œβ€¦able to make a spectacle of herself where ever she goes.” and you’ve got yourself a reblog via Mrs. Walker’s Art and Illustrations πŸ˜‰ β™₯ Jackie

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