Three Quotes: Everything’s Been Done Before…But Not By Me!

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

So the wonderful Alys said: ” Tag you’re it! You can do the three days quote challenge!” And because she promised I could do it any way I wanted to do it, I agreed. And I have been enjoying the three days quote challenge on many of my other favored blogs…so here goes!

As most of you know, I do not blog every day, so I decided to put three quotes in one post.

1: ” Everything’s been done before..but not by me!” -Octavie

This is a quote from the talented Dutch illustrator Octavie ( and loosely translated by me) When I read this, I immediately adopted it as my motivating motto. It helps me overcome my shyness about my own work, of trying out new things, to not be taken aback when people ‘snort’ at what I am doing. It was really quite a big thing for me, to start this blog and show my work…however it has brought me nothing but joy and encouragement! Kindred spirits from all over the world!

2:“Letting go is the lesson. Letting go is always the lesson. Have you ever noticed how much of our agony is all tied up with craving and loss?”
― Susan Gordon Lydon, The Knitting Sutra: Craft as a Spiritual Practice

Letting go is a theme in my life, wether it is the bitter sweet letting go of children growing up, or the more definite process of leaving house, job, friends and family behind to go to yet another country or the very simple rule ” when something comes into the house, something has to leave’ for me as a vintage collector to keep control over my treasure hunting. I found that if I do indeed ‘let go’ of the past, of ‘stuff’ and embrace the space that letting go creates…that I learn so much, that holding on to relations despite the distance is possible, and new lovely people arrive in our lives, and beautiful things find new better homes and make the beautiful things in my home even more beautiful. ( you can interpret that in every sense of the word;0))  

3: “It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Yeah, yeah…call it superficial but I needed something down to earth as my third quote and too many of my predecessors already quoted the great master Dr. Seuss so I consulted the other wise philosopher:Winnie the Pooh. I hope, I do not disappoint you..but it is me all over ;0)

Just Like Pauline, I am going to break the rule and not tagging other people. However, I would really love to see more bloggers taking on the three days quote challenge.
I will leave you with a delightful little movie brought to my attention by Mary Lou from Sticks-a-GoGo. Get your tissues ready…I was fluttering my handkerchief most pleasantly.

Have a great weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

82 thoughts on “Three Quotes: Everything’s Been Done Before…But Not By Me!

  1. Hi Johanna – Fun post today. Love the quotes and your accompanying pictures. I especially like the knitted rabbit. The video about the knitting friends was just charming. I’m mainly a crocheter but I love knitting too. I’m still always amazed what can be made with a couple of knitting needles or a crochet hook and yarn. I’ve been designing crochet patterns for Coats and Clark yarn for close to 10 years. Have a wonderful day. Sharon

    • Is there no end to all your talents??? Crocheting and even designing the patterns: that is marvelous. A good pattern without any mistakes is hard to make but a joy to knit or crochet from! The rabbit is my own design, at one point I had 8 needles in use at the same time. But I did not bother to write the pattern down ;0) xo Johanna

  2. Hi Johanna
    I just love your uplifting posts! Thank you for setting a lovely start to my day and weekend.
    I love your drawing, your quote choices and the lovely heartwarming video!
    Happy days to you and yours!

  3. Good morning Johanna,
    Great pictures and wonderful quotes. I especially love the first one. Might be a really good idea to make it my personal motto. 🙂
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Thank you so much for this. I may well take up your 3-quote challenge but it may be a few days. Definitely I’ll re-read both the quotes you’ve shared, as well as your thoughts on them.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  5. A lovely collection of quotes Johanna – and of course every collection must have a Seuss or a Milne in there too! I have so enjoyed seeing the spread of this challenge through the blogs I follow and reading the words that mean a lot to my blogging friends. And I loved reading what the quotes mean to you also. The little movie is a wonder! Whenever I see things like that I want to start a knitting or crochet group and have tea and scones and weekly meetings and make something spectacular and then let it go! Wouldn’t that be fun!

    • Thank you Pauline, that is so wonderfully said!
      And being a member of a knitting circle and often inviting friends over for knitting, tea ( and goodies), I can tell you that it is indeed worth while. Some how, sitting together, sharing projects, helping each other and talking about anything that is at hand..makes a very inviting and calming atmosphere. xo Johanna

  6. Oh Johanna! I’ve passed through smiles, nods of understanding and tears, all in the reading of your post. I’m so glad you started a blog, and gathered all these lovely souls around you. It takes real courage to start blogging, to put yourself out there and to share your authentic self. When we do, amazing things happen.

    Like Pauline, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the shared quotes among the community. Thank you for taking part in your own wonderful way. xox Alys

  7. Good morning and what a beautiful way to start my day! Love your three quotes (one or more may make an appearance on our Sage Words one day), And the end clip…oh joyous hanky fluttering…thanks so much for sharing. Even The Bean Counter enjoyed it 🙂 x

    • I am over the moon to have pleased the Bean Counter!! I am looking forward to see the my favorite quotes spreading all over the world! Fluttering Hankies Forever, xo Johanna

  8. Who would dare snort at your work?! I think that quote is wonderful–and, as you say, such a good reassurance to any of us who feel a little nervous about our work, whether it’s drawing or writing or whatever. You’ve really established your own voice in your blog, just as you’ve found a distinctive style in your art!

    • Well, illustrative art is still a bit sniffed at by a few ‘real’ artist in the art academy but I feel very grown up when I say that I am really over that…about time, right? ;00 But your comment is lovely and means a lot to me xo Johanna

    • My thoughts exactly, Kerry. Who would dare snort? Johanna, may I have your permission to snort at any snorters. Actually my lovely Jack is a good snorter. I will set him to work and maybe your lovely Charley will join in.

  9. I loved this blog and seeing your knitting projects. My personal favorite of the 3 quotes was the Winnie the Pooh quote. 😊

    • I really love that video: heart warming, whimsical and it has that pleasant English country feel to it. I love picnics indeed and would dive in there right away, knitting and all;0) xo Johanna

  10. How just like you Johanna. I go away for a couple of weeks and come back and look what I find. You, using other great philosophers words to inspire me. Just kidding. But I absolutely take to heart your point of view on each quote. In the case of the first quote by Octavie, I saw in your words the idea, that just because its all been done before doesn’t mean that we can’t bring our own imagination and creativity to anything we might try to do. Take writing for instance; everyone of us who is here, writes! And although we may occasionally write about the same things, our point of view and what we say about any particular topic can offer a completely different slant on that subject. In regards to quote number two by Susan Gordon Lydon, I feel your words allow me the freedom to let go. Now, I think it might be okay to let go of an object I’ve held onto for years, simply because I treasured it at one time, but have not bothered to look at in recent years. As for your words on Mr. Saunders, short and simple suggest a lot less complicated, and demands even less of our grey matter, and I think that makes it easier. And I’m all for easier. Really enjoyed your drawing and photos, and the video is to be cherished. How can this post not result in making it a better week for everybody? Only by not reading it, or taking it to heart. Thanks Johanna, after being away for a couple of weeks, this should help me ease back into a daily routine with a more positive attitude. :o)

  11. Love your take on this 3 quote challenge, Johanna.
    Your drawings evoke such warmth and I always know that I’m going to smile when I look at them. I’m so glad you started your blog and share your gift with all of us.

  12. Oh,Johanna Dear,I have so much missed your wonderful and always captivating posts!
    Sage and uplifting the 3 quotes and delightful your drawing “Waiting for Spring”.I watched the video too and I find it splendid!What a nice title!You Knitted some Happiness for me … and I have to thank you!Hope you and yours are keeping well ~ Hugs of friendship to you and a big hug to Charley from me ~ Enjoy a briliant Sunday 🙂 xxx

      • All is well with me,thank you!We had to re-schedule our summer holidays as the banks closed before the referendum,the situation was and still is very iffy … still capital controls and National Elections again in 2015 … We don’t really know what’s going to happen … Happy Friday,dearest Johanna 🙂 xxx

  13. Love all the quotes, especially the first one because what you said is very true, it does help to hear that when you’re attempting to create and not feel so intimidated. I also love the video. What a great idea to create and meet.

  14. I really enjoyed this inspiring post! The quotes were wonderful. I especially love the second one, about letting go. Profoundly true. I had to smile about the third quote, because I currently live in Winnipeg, the place that “Winnie” is named after. Even though I am not a knitter, I loved the video. Thanks for sharing, and take care!

  15. “Get together, drink some coffee and watch the sheep go by”, fantastic right? They sure do live somewhere’s beautiful ! What a good idea they’ve had and executed with gusto. It’s interesting (to me) how so many worked on the project with bits of this and that and it all looks totally cohesive and beautiful. I tried to pause the film at that little figurine in the window but it’s not in-scene long enough to get a good peek.

    I enjoyed all your quotes J and haven’t heard or read them before. Bravo for the introduction. Your first quote feels like a good personal mantra, I’m going to remember it and have written it in my ‘Book of Awesome’ (a gift from Alys actually). I’m afraid I’m generally rubbish about ‘letting go’ but did get a good kick at the can when we last moved. I can rarely part with anything so I’m picky about what I bring to the nest. I’m tickled that you’ve included Dr Seuss. His words, while simple always ring true. Have you spotted his book, ‘What Pet Should I Get?’ I saw it at a book store yesterday. Adorable illustrations and rhymes and it’s very aqualicious. Thanks a bunch for the visit this morning xo B

  16. Ha, never a good a time for decluttering as a move…and I have moved quite a fews times;0) And of course, it is a personal thing, if you are happy with all your beautiful treasures Kelly, than that is just wonderful!
    And I am honored you have put my chosen quote in your book of awesome!!! xo Johanna

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