Last Week…A Pain In The Neck And Artists In The House


I have not finished any drawing because of a neck injury, which drives me nuts is a little annoying.
But thank goodness, enough distractions. The Oldest Young Mr. Walker was here for a visit and he too brought a friend.

Both of them are very hard working young people and I loved giving them a well deserved mollycoddling. They were happy with just catching up with sleep, reading, walking and finally do some drawing. It was so peaceful in the house!

DSC_8051This is a project the Oldest Walker Boy is working on, every time he comes here. I love it, seeing it grow slowly and discovering new things in it. Very detailed.

And this is the second art work, his friend made. Isn’t this the best portrait of Charley??? Looking at her Catlike creature too…her work has the flavor of Dr. Seuss, right? And than the lovely young lady said: ” Would you like to have these drawings?”
I was speechless with joy…

And more presents: these two LOVELY Heager vases from the fifties I got from the Oldest Walker Boy as a “Thank You”…he knows his mom very well. They look splendid on the fifties side board in the dining room. This room is still a bit bare since it is newly renovated. Mr. Walker said, they might grow on him…

Talking about artists again: Mr. Walker is doing witchcraft on the computer with our photos and he came up with this!!! Would that not be perfect in the dining room as well??I love it!


Well I may not be able to draw but I still can knit…Charley and I keep Mr. Walker company in the home office.

unnamed (2)-002

DSC_8047And finished a shawl, knitted from merino and yak. I love blocking, the smell of wet wool (almost as good as wet dog;0)) and than gently laying out the garment, carefully stretching it, weaving in the blocking wires and pinning it down. Now it has to dry…I always keep it safe and let it dry for two days. A good use of the spare bedroom now the ‘kids’ have left again (sigh…)


And the Oldest Young Mr. Walker requested stylish fingerless gloves…all ready on it! (After those vases…)

DSC_8052-001I will leave you with this photo: I met these lovely people in the park and they did not mind having their photo taken. The little brown dog was just adopted three days before and he kept giving his mom kisses, as if he still could not believe his luck. The world can be a good place…


Een gezellige week, ondanks een pijnlijke nek! De oudste Jonge Meneer Walker was hier voor een week met een gezellige vriendin. Ze waren allebei erg artistiek bezig terwijl ze bijkwamen van hard werken in hun banen. De prachtige tekeningen heb ik cadeau gekregen van de vriendin! En de vazen van de Jonge Meneer Walker, die heel goed weet wat zijn moeder mooi vind…Meneer Walker zei, dat hij ze ‘best leuk’ vond;0)  
Meneer Walker is ook artistiek bezig, op de computer met onze foto’s. Ik vind t heel erg mooi worden!! En gelukkig kan ik nog wel breien met die zere nek…
De aardige mensen met lieve hondjes, kwam ik tegen in t park. De hondjes komen uit een asiel en zijn wel heel gelukkig terecht gekomen. Ook een cadeautje…om zulke fijne mensen tegen te komen!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

78 thoughts on “Last Week…A Pain In The Neck And Artists In The House

    • Thanks George! Hope you have found what mollycoddling means;0) Language is a pleasant issue here: we are Dutch, taught in British English, lived in Canada for 8 eight years and now three years already in Cincinnati…we speak a sloppy mix called Dunglish;0)

  1. Your picture of the vases came right after you said you were speechless with joy and I thought they were symbolizing it–the little leaping creatures. It sounds as though–bad neck aside–you are having a lovely few weeks of nice visits and all sorts of artistic endeavors in your household. I hope your neck is better soon. It is so nice to see the way Charlie always gets right into a chair with you! Take care, Johanna!

  2. Art and originality are just EVERYWHERE around you. I love the color of the shawl and the way Charley looks like she’s winking in the picture. Such a beautiful girl!

  3. What an interesting, newsy post, Johanna. Glad you had your son and his friend home. Great portrait of Charley!

    I wonder if you miss the Netherlands. I have been there several times for work and I sometimes yearn to visit after all this time. I love Utrecht in particular and today a show came on the TV that I sat and watched only because it took place in Utrecht.

    • Thank you Cynthia! I remember you told me you loved visiting the Netherlands so much. Utrecht is indeed a lovely and exciting city too. My favorite part of The Netherlands are the isles and the sea side. I do miss my friends there and family of course, but I am never homesick. We were happy in The Netherlands, happy in Canada and keep visiting these countries every year but we are also very happy here in Cincinnati and with the lovely people we have met here. xo Johanna

  4. Lovely post as always, Johanna! Sorry to hear you are having neck pain. Moist heat helps me such as rice bag heated in the microwave – hope you get feeling back to your old self soon! 😊
    Looks like you have been busy though! Your shawl is so beautiful! Wow! 💖💖💖

  5. Talent, talent and more talent all wrapped up in a lovely warm dose of love! What a lovely family and environment! I’m sure your neck will be right as rain soon Johanna and you will be returned to your art. xo

  6. HUGE sympathy for the neck injury. They can be really miserable and far more debilitating than people think. Go gentle on it until it’s better – which will hopefully be soon. Love the shawl 🙂 x

  7. I love how you have adapted Johanna, instead of drawing you are knitting. I’m very sorry to hear about your neck but happy that you can move your creativity to another activity. Your house is lovely, clearly full of love. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Cathe, I feel much better, especially since I can wrap that finished shawl around it ;0) But the good company and my sweet Charley were very helpful too And lovely comments like yours! xo Johanna

  8. So sorry to hear about the neck, Johanna, but at least you’re still able to do something creative – and your knitting looks lovely, so impressive! And the little dog is so cute – I’m glad it’s found a happy home! Have a lovely week!

  9. Yes, a very talented household. The creative life is the best kind of life. Love all the artwork featured. Be well! Hope your neck feels better soon!

  10. I hope you are feeling better real soon Johanna. It looks as though Charlie is nursing you back to health. Thanks for your interesting post about your family.

    • Thank you so much! I feel much better, especially since I can wrap that finished shawl around it ;0) I passed the compliments on, and they were received with joy! xo Johanna

  11. Hooray for knitting; no pain in the neck can stop that! Hooray also for visitors to pamper. I love Mr Walker’s “they may grow on me” comment so similar to The Bean Counter who often adds as a whispered aside, “like fungus”. 🙂 Here’s where I confess to barely ever blocking…you make it look both easy and necessary…I must investigate further. Love and get well soon xxx

    • Thank you so much! I feel much better, especially since I can wrap that finished shawl around it ;0) There many more knitters that never block, hasty knitters I call them ;0) But if you knit lace or garments it is indeed so much better to do so, your knitting will come ‘in bloom’ when doing so! But indeed it all depends on yarn and patterns. I will be happy to answer any questions you have!!! Teaching the gentle art of knitting is a joy. xo Johanna

  12. Leave it to you, Johanna, to write such a happy, upbeat post even when you aren’t feeling well! I’m sure it was a huge help to have the pleasure of your son and his friend visiting–and fabulous gifts always make a person feel better! Lots of creativity in the air at your house!

    • Thank you so much! I feel much better, especially since I can wrap that finished shawl around it ;0) And the care of indeed lovely company and nurse charley was wonderful! xo Johanna

  13. I’m sorry to read that you’ve been in pain. I’ve had chronic neck pain with flareups over the years, so I completely empathize. I see from the comments that you are starting to feel better.

    It’s nice to read of your visit with your son and to see his art work taking form. Delightful! I smile whenever I see Charlie. She’s the sweetest dog and a great artist’s model too. She looks happy snuggled next to you like that.

    I smiled at the glass of water on your table, as at first the reflected red yarn made it look like an exotic red beverage. I love the simple elegance of your dining room. It’s so you.

  14. First off – hope you feel better very soon.
    A household of talented artists, how nice! And such a lovely and thoughtful gift from the youngest Mr.!!
    Thanks for sharing your week. I always love these updates.

  15. I enjoyed the whole post, but I really enjoyed your take on the small doggie and its disbelief and delight at being loved and cared for. Very sweet. Thanks for that.

    Wonderful to spend time with the son, yes? Precious time.

  16. Such a beautiful post!… Wonderful photographs… Not to mention the drawings!. The first one is definitely my favorite!… Thanks and best wishes to you. Aquileana 😀

  17. Sorry to hear about your neck problem,dear Johanna 😦 – Bet you’re better by now,especially after having lovely “Walker” company again!(Don’t overpamper them though lol … ).
    Let me paraphrase the proverb : Like mother like son … Remarkable your son’s drawings and his friend’s Charley portrait!But most beautiful of all your portrait with your lovable princess and your creuset knitting!Love & Blessings to you and your family ~ Hope you have a splendid weekend 🙂 xxx

  18. Hope your injury heals quickly. I love the painting of Charley and also love his high white paw/leg reminds me of the horrible white socks we used to wear to school many years ago.

    • well that is indeed a blast of past, those white socks. I had to learn to knit them myself on steel needles with cheap white cotton, ugh! But my neck is indeed better, thank you, xo Johanna

  19. Hi Johanna. I am glad to hear that your neck is feeling better, and I hope for you have a full and speedy recovery. What an artistic household! It sounds a bit like the fun I would have with my brothers growing up. We would often sit around a table, drawing and sharing. I love the style in your dining room, by the way! The chairs are so nice. I used to have similar chairs for years, original pieces in teak. Unfortunately, some of them got too old and unstable, and not even my handy husband could fix them all, so I had to give them up. Now, the few surviving chairs grace different parts of our house, and we had to get a different dining set. Heart-warming story about the adopted dog. Have a good week. 🙂

  20. Hello, hello dear friends. Sorry to hear of your neck woes Johanna. You’ve got the right Rx, crafting and cuddles. That’s such a cute pic ! I think someones trying to distract you maybe?

    Seems you’re living a Renaissance life there at the Walker home. Artistic flare is everywhere. Elder Young Mr Walker has an interesting sketch in the works. Looks like the past and the future melding together into a steampunk fantasy. I noticed the bi-plane and zeppelin, flying around with spacecraft while a lady shades herself under her parasol waiting for the steam train. You’re right J, very detailed and creative. It’s like something out of Star Wars.

    You’re home is super duper tidy. I do my best but magazines, books, cat hair and shoes worn thru out the weekend are just a few things I tidied up this morning. I might be wrong, but do you press your bedding? I only ask because it looks perfect. My sister-in-law’s girlfriend called over once and said she was ‘pressing the sheets’. Silly me said, “oh how nice, I do too because it looks so much nicer”. Well they roared because apparently, ‘pressing the sheets’ means you’re still in bed. LOL! They still give me the gears and think I’m too much of a keener to press my sheets. Well now, your shawl looks perfect J. What a pretty pattern.

    I’m really happy that cutie pie found a forever home. Looks perfectly content and I must say, adorable. I was at Pet-smart today getting cat food and a young girl ahead at the checkout had her little Chihuahua in her arms. Just a tiny squirt. His name was Bacon, ha! I guess she’s not a vegetarian. A co-worker at my old job had a small terrier like this, his name was Niles 😀 He seemed like a Niles too. I love thinking about what I’d name my next dog. It’s a heartbeat closer to a dream.

    Hey!! We’ve decide to cruise in Holland this spring. Nothing booked yet but we wish to cruise for 7 days or so, then travel by train back to Paris for another 7 days or so. Very exciting! Please let me know if you have any recommendations. xoxo K Hugs all around

    • Neck seems to be in better shape again, dear Kelly.
      I always love how your pour over the images and take in the details! That is indeed a Steam Punk image and I love it. It is huge actually and when the young man leaves in it carefully wrapped and shoved under a bed for safe keeping and the next session.
      Well, Kelly my home is not super tidy,I am slightly OCD but I do have books and knitting everywhere. And no..I do not press my bedding, lol!!! I simply take the laundry right out of the dryer, straight to the bed…it looks pressed.
      The little dog is was wonderful and oh Kelly, how I wish a dog for you. No dog would find a better home!!!!
      My tip for you, do a canal tour in Amsterdam during the day and one in Paris during the night: both a must in my opinion;0) I hear good things about those cruises. My favorite part of The Netherlands are the isles. But there are never included in the cruises…Keep me posted!
      Always a joy to have a visit from you, love and peace from Charley too.

  21. I do like your painting of the cat (the top pic) and how your creativity also shows in the elegant dining room. My (late) mother would like your taste, similar to hers, simple, not overdone, but with great taste and an eye for good design.
    I’m sure your neck is better by now… 😉

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