RV Trip: Part One


Thank goodness, it was not all paperwork and chores in the last few weeks. Mr. Walker and I went traveling!

DSC_8366In Denver, Colorado we met up with Fabulous Friends from The Netherlands and together we rented an RV and we made a gorgeous road trip. We came home with thousands of photos and in the next coming posts I will share quite a few with you.

DSC_8229We drove through Colorado,







And now, I will try and read up with friends in the Blogosphere….

Love and Liefs, Johanna

66 thoughts on “RV Trip: Part One

  1. There is no need to ask you if you had a great time,your magnificent photos say it all!
    Nice to see you back,dear Johanna!Can’t wait to see more.Love to you & a very special hug to Lady Charley 🙂 xxx

  2. Fabulous, Johanna!! I’ve never been farther west than Pennsylvania so this is a huge treat to me. What a gorgeous animal that is. At first glance , I thought it was a moose, lol

  3. Oh, so you thought you could just skip out on a vacation and slip away without telling your friends on the Blogosphere where you were going, huh? Well… I have new for you Ms. Johanna, we had spies watching your every move. They even took photographic proof of a vacation you and your husband took on the sly. And they’re some pretty good looking photos too. Here we have you and your husband dressed in a cheap looking buck costume standing in the middle of the wilderness. Want more? Okay, how about this RV you were driving in? The tinted windows went for not, we all know it was you. And here we have some photos of the Rockies, the red dirt of Utah, the beautiful clear water of Wyoming, and Montana! What do you have to say about that? Oh wait a minute… all these photos say they were taken by Johanna Poortman—uh… I think that that would be you. Ah, just forget those silly accusations I made about you trying to slip away without telling us where you were going, Johanna. It was all WordPress—THEY PUT ME UP TO IT. I SWEAR THEY DID! UH… welcome back? 😀

    • Really, I thought I saw a red nose shimmering through the bushes…I thought it was Rudolf lost in Yellowstone;0) Glad to be back and wishing you an excellent weeekend, Johanna
      ps I actually like that notion of Mr. Walker and I spying on wildlife in our bucksin suits…

      • LOL!!! I still can’t believe that after all the pancake batter I put on my nose, it still gave me away in the shrubs. I really have to get this under control before Christmas, or no reindeer games for me this year. Glad your back. 😀

  4. Amazing!! When I flew from LA to DC earlier this year I believe I passed over some or all of those states. The red rocky landscape beneath me was fascinating to see! Nice to see you back! xo

  5. Oh, Johanna! Your photos are breath taking! Looks like you had beautiful weather for your trip. Fall is such a lovely time to travel. Welcome home! 🙂

  6. Oh, my! Beautiful photos and beautiful country. So glad you had a good vacation and now we’ll get to hear about it!!! Glad you’re back and you had a nice breather with good friends.

    • I had never been west myself and I was impressed and amazed yet again with the beauty of America and its diversity . And indeed, what a great time to spent with our friends. Have a great weekend, xo Johanna

  7. Oh, good!! You’re back! All refreshed and ready to show and tell, all about the vacation! I’ve never been to any of these western states but they do look fabulous and so different from the northeast. Looking forward to getting caught up with you and Charley!

    • I had never been west myself and I was impressed and amazed yet again with the beauty of America and its diversity . Charley sends lots of hugs and kisses. Have a great weekend, xo Johanna

  8. Hi, Johanna. I hear Montana is one of the most picaresque places in the U.S. So glad you and the Mr. met up with friends and had a great trip. Can’t wait to see more; these photos are amazing. I love natural beauty!

    • Oh we are not done traling America for a long time yet ;0) I would love to see the coast of Oragon and I have been told that Portland is a fun city. But whar are your recommendations?

      • I would recommend both. Start on the Oregon coast and meander toward the B.C. boarder! So many great adventures to experience it’s rather difficult to pick one. By the by, you can even visit farms where they produce natural fibre for your sock knitting 😀 cheers

  9. What an absolutely fantastic trip! I told my hubby if we sell our home, we should just buy an RV. Then I remembered the 8 critters we have! Oh, well! Welcome back and looking forward to your trip reports! 😀

    • Maybe a little animals shelter on wheel on a hook up??? But I share your dream of traveling and living in a RV ! Mr. Walker is not convinced, he loved his nocer set of wheels lol!

  10. Gasp! Such a beautiful creature and you’ve enjoyed such close proximity. Were you on the edge of a lake? I love all the crystal clear water, when you can see the rocks beneath the surface and try to look way down. It looks and feels pristine, gives me hope for the environment and all that lives there. How fun to travel with friends from home and show them around America. I never imagined that vista in Wyoming, for some reason I think of cattle drives and cowboys. Too many Hollywood movies I guess. See you soon. x K

    • I was so pleased to meet up with the Big Horns….since they live so high up, i never expected that! And do not worry…we saw the prairies and ranches and cattle and cowboys, it really is out there ;0) xo Johanna

  11. I’m so glad you had a chance to go on your big trip! I am so behind on my blog reading, I haven’t had a chance to catch up with all of the wonderful happenings in your life. Your photos are fantastic, as always – these are places I really hope to get to or explore more someday soon! Gorgeous scenery, and a road trip with friends is the absolute best way to see it all.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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