Part two: Rocky Mountains at Denver, Colorado


We started in Denver, Colorado and made a beautiful hike in the Rocky Mountains. It was breathtaking!


Big Horn Sheep…it made me very happy to see them in the wild! They are so big and beautiful. Their coat seems so soft, their horns a work of art. And they can sit so perfectly still for such a very long time, I almost wondered if they were real. When one of them turned its head, it actually startled me!


It was cold, windy and together with getting used to the altitude, it made the hike a nice challenge;0) And yes, the white stuff is snow. I was quite pleased after the hot Cincy summer. And the scenery made it worth while anyways!!!






Love and Liefs, Johanna


48 thoughts on “Part two: Rocky Mountains at Denver, Colorado

  1. Johanna, beautiful pictures that seem to reflect truly beautiful moments. I love hiking in the mountains. In truth, the mountains are the geography that I most love and that feels most like home to me (I have expressed this on my blog, as well), though I live in the prairies (and love them,too). Thanks for sharing and for inspiring us. πŸ™‚

  2. I had John Denver singing in my head through this post Johanna! Aren’t those wild sheep magnificent!! I would find the altitude challenging – maybe just a plateau walk for me! Beautiful photos and looking forward to seeing more!

    • I love John Denver, so indeed I was singing that quite often;0) I am happy you like the sheep as well. Do not worry about altitude, after a day or two you are fine. xo Johanna

  3. I love the photo of the Big Horn sheep. They’re all great pictures but I love the animals. The sheep look majestic with those horns.

  4. Your photos are beautiful. I was in Denver last October and loved it. Went to the botanical garden there. It looks as though your vacation was completely fabulous. I hope you can show us more pictures of other places you went.

  5. Your spectacular photos speak volumes,dear friend Johanna!Gorgeous series of mountscapes,loved the Big Horn Sheep trio portrait!Looking forward to Part 3.Have a great and creative week ahead!Hugs to you and to the sweet Lady Charley πŸ™‚ xxx

    • It is indeed so different from Maine. I love Maine too, they are just incomparable. Each time we travel in America we meet up with such different landscapes…thank goodness, the people are always wonderful ;0)xo Johanna

  6. Those are BIG mountains! So completely different form our East Coast ranges. It’s nice to see you out, rambling around–a good break from living in an RV, I would think!

    • These are very big mountains indeed! From a different beauty too, just as stunning but different indeed. I actually love travling in an RV but nothing beats a good hike ;0) xo Johanna

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