Sheep and Sketches

sheep and star001

Well…like I said, back to the order of the day. Finally picked up my pencils and paper again. About time! Quite pleased with this one. I used pastel pencils this time, next to fine liner and a silver marker. I like to do more with pastels.

sheep sketch1001

I told Jill the other day, that I am not much of a sketcher and that I envy artists like her for having a good sketch book. I do love looking at other people’s sketchbooks ;0)

sheep sketch2002

But sometimes, I am sketching too. Just to get more of an idea of the drawing that I would like to do. ‘Playing with the subject’.

sheep sketch3003

I really had a lot of fun!

Nou maar eens de potloden en papier afgestoft en aan t schetsen gegaan. T werd ook wel tijd! Ik wilde graag eens schapen tekenen. T eind resultaat vind ik best goed gelukt. Ik heb dit keer pastel potloden gebruikt naast fijnlijners en een zilver stift. Het pastel is me goed bevallen, daar ga ik meer mee doen.

Love en Liefs, Johanna

66 thoughts on “Sheep and Sketches

  1. Lovely sheep! Fun should be the main thing with creating – if you don’t enjoy it, there’s no point! 🙂

  2. This is so much fun to look at! I’ve never been much of a sketcher either but I really think it’s such an important aspect of being creative. It’s truly play time and I think doing it makes a person more relaxed and less concerned about getting the drawing “right.” And when you’re relaxed, good things can happen!

  3. Very interesting how small changes in placement of marks can change the personality or mood of the face. Of course small changes in phrasing can change the meaning of a sentence, too. I’ll have to think about what is equivalent in quilting…

    Thanks for sharing your sheep and sketches. Do you ever draw rabbits? 🙂

  4. I like your sketches very much Johanna. I’m not much of a sketcher either – if I do start a sketch, I tend to keep doodling on it until it is either something else altogether or a complete mess. I think I do line sketches if I am trying to find body movement though ………. it;s been so long I’ve quite forgotten 🙂 I do find animals quite challenging!! You are able to get the gesture and place personality into the face at the same time.

    • It might indeed become this years card! I think we as knitters always have an extra affinity with all animals that are able to provide us with lovely yarns ;0) and thank you for your lovely compliments xo Johanna

  5. Johanna,
    I hope you keep drawing sheep, they are wonderful. The “Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, is fantastic. The one with the hat pulled over his eyes! I think sheep are your thing.
    I love to sketch myself.

  6. I love your happy, sweet little sheep. And you have made me wonder now…do they look up at the stars? What are their hopes and dreams? If anyone can interpret what they get up to when we are falling asleep counting them….it is you dear Johanna 🙂 x

  7. Your sketches are gorgeous! I love the finished picture, and really enjoyed all the preliminary sketches leading up to it. You capture/create the most endearing expressions on that sheep. I could look at your sketches all day.

    I’m so glad you shared.

  8. I had fun too with those yellowish sketches and the lovable sheep!Bact to normal and into the everyday routine life,dear Johanna?I notiched there is one more post I’ve missed.Off to go there and enjoy it as well 🙂 xxx

  9. The top sketch is delightful Johanna-what a wonderful holiday card for an adult or a child-I love seeing how your ideas are transformed from idea to paper. It is so interesting to see how other artists *think* during the process-Thank you for sharing it!

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