Finished Work And Sketches

sheep by night1001Well…finally back on track again. This is the same picture but different;0) The black background gives a whole different atmosphere.

sheep and star001

hare sketch2002Melanie asked if I could do rabbits ;o) I like hares better. To me, they look wilder, more expressive. Not easy to try and capture that.

hare sketch1001

Having so much fun with these goats and not only do I like these jolly sassy creatures…goat cheese is so incredibly tasty!!! Drawing goats makes me very happy. On the other side of the world, Spring has sprung and a certain group of Homesteaders posted photos of the sweetest babies. I had to draw them! Over the coming weeks, I will finish this one.

goats sketch1001

Have a great weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

79 thoughts on “Finished Work And Sketches

  1. Aww these are adorable, Johanna!! My favorite one is the first one, with the black background. It made me think about the universe πŸ™‚ Just lovely! Have a great weekend! xo ❀

  2. The leaping hare in the upper frame is very lively — great motion capture. And I love the expression on one in lower right in the same frame. The combination of one ear crooked and the other downward makes it look like it is waiting for us.

    Thanks for indulging me!

    The site has some great posts on drawing animated characters. Here is one from Disney, but I think there is a different one I had in mind.

  3. Good morning, Johanna,
    Sorry for not having commented for a while, but I’ve been on an extended tour [4 weeks] of Germany. Enjoyed that a lot.
    As to your sketches/pictures here, I am in two minds which of the first two I like better. When, on opening this post, I only saw the first, the dark one, I immediately liked that. But then, scrolling down, I saw the light one and began changing my mind. Yes, maybe it’s that I prefer, because with the light background it also has a lighter mood, I think. But then again, the first one shows a “light in the darkness”. See, I’m completely undecided and, in the end, wil go for both. πŸ˜‰
    Of the sketches, the “manic funny” hare is my favourite. It’s GREAT. πŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful weekend,

    • No problem Pit!! I knew you were traveling and sometimes it is good “to leave it all” And your comment was lovely and I laughed out loud! Welcome back to America! Cheers, Johanna

  4. I am so glad to see you back on the track again,dear Johanna!I hadn’t seen you around all this time and I thought that you had been entertaining your friends whom you picked from the airport,but instead,you were working on that wonderful sketches!The first one is magical,the dark backdrop completely transformed the picture!I absolutely agree with you about hares;and you have so handsomely rendered the wildness.As for your last sketch with the goats and their babies,I find it so sweet,my friend!Enjoy a peaceful weekend!Hugs to you and Charley πŸ™‚ xxx

  5. Wonderful sketches Johanna, you are able to capture a spark of personality in those animal faces. I really like the black background of the first drawing. It fits the theme too I think, though preference is such an individual thing isn’t it. xoxo

  6. The black background looks amazing but I also like it in white. Actually, I just like your playful style so any background color will make your art shine! xo

  7. So nice to have a post with your lovely sketches again! I like the black background to the sheep picture very much. I love hares and goats too (and goat’s cheese yum!) and your sketches are great fun.
    Best wishes, Clare πŸ™‚

  8. LOvely work Johanna !
    Your sheep has a wonderful pose of contained *Thrill* at seeing the star πŸ™‚
    I like seeing work in progress too … your Hare sketches are full of life and humour .

  9. Hello Johanna! I’m so glad that I finally have time to visit. Your drawings always make me smile. I just love the floppy ear on that hare, and that first drawing is really beautiful!

  10. I don’t even know where to start!! It’s after 11 on Monday night but the whole household is up and about and smiling ear to ear. Never have our goats looked so gorgeous and we are incredibly flattered πŸ™‚ The little sheep is gorgeous too, especially on the black background. Oh, we are all aflutter…now to chase them all back to bed xxx

    • Oh my goodness, I hope you are sounds asleep by now. Thank you for all the flutter and smiles..but I think that nothing can beat these real beauties!! The pose so wel and you ‘make’ the nicest photos of them ;o) xo Johanna

      • Well, I assure you there was a fair amount of handkerchief fluttering happening here last night when this was discovered πŸ™‚ Our goats are gorgeous, but we are overwhelmed that you could even consider the photos we “make” anything of note at all…we have a lot to learn! x

  11. Okay, I finally got here to admire your work! I love the magical, mystical sheep gazing at the sky–it makes my imagination go wild! And all the animals look intelligent and like I’d like to be their friend! I’m glad you’re hard at work again, Johanna–we need the smiles!

  12. Hmmm . . . I am torn between the two top sketches. I really like the light one, but the dark one suggests promise and hope. But both are delightful-and I am with you on Hares-I prefer them over rabbits, though I do have a soft spot for the bunnies-and your goats look quite content-best to you and of course, Miss Charlie!

    • The goats life indeed in a good place, all the way in New Zealand. I am just happy you like my work. And yes, I do like the cute hopping bunnies too but for drawing the hares are just more interesting. Charley says Cheers!

  13. Great sketches Johanna. My favorite is with the white background. I like the expressions on the animals’ faces too.

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