About Christmas And A Few Of My Favorite Things


“At Christmas everybody invites their friends and thinks little of even the worst weather.”  Jane Austen, Emma

And my dear friend Jane is so right. What is not to love about Christmas, about the Holidays! Celebrating and being grateful for love, hope, new life and old friends.

Of course, I have not been in the shops anymore since last November;0) Cannot find much Christmas spirit there to be honest!


And yes, yes, I do love the decorations too…Kitsch and all!! My vintage Christmas music all through the house (poor Mr. Walker…)

DSC_9785And talking about friends…this delightful chalk ware dog from the thirties was a present form my lovely friend from The Netherlands, who visited me not so long ago. ( and I moped for the longest time after she left again…) She knows me well, I was over the moon with it. It looks so much like the first dog, Mr Walker and I had together , named Saar. I pat it on the head every morning and think happily of my wonderful friend and that fabulous Saar!

DSC_5324And if you want to know how to make these lovely little dioramas yourself, here is the link to my previous blog.

DSC_5306Ach wat weer verrukkelijk knus met al die Kerstspulletjes overal!! En die leuke hond was een cadeautje van mijn lieve vriendin die hier onlangs was. T lijkt precies op onze eerste hond, Saar. Dus elke morgen krijgt ze een aai over de bol en ik denk blij aan mijn vriendin en aan Saar. En als je ook van die leuke mini diorama’s wilt maken, hier is de link naar mijn vorige blog.


Love and Liefs, Johanna

68 thoughts on “About Christmas And A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. A lovely post Johanna. I have yet to convince the family that presents aren’t necessary. I love your tree ornament.

    • Thanks Joanne, we always have little gifts but I make sure I am done way before December. We also have done alternative Christmas presents like magazine subscriptions, re-use gifts, etc Lots of fun! xo Johanna

    • I feel very happy in this home indeed ;0) It took a long to find us, I think we looked at at least 50 different houses this time but as always, the moment we entered the house…we knew! xo Johanna

    • Well…there is still an eager puppy in the house and luckily we love bad weather walking;0) The first photo is a christmas bauble, a very kitschy hard plastic one but very photogenic for romantic christmas imaging. I suspect it is part of a set from a nativity scene. But I found only one in a bowl full loose ends in a thrift store (25 cents) I was amazed to find it still in one piece, it is a delicate thing. It will be treasured from now on;0) xo Johanna

  2. Absolutely charming! Even though I have a cold and the Christmas tree still stands undecorated, your post has put me in the Christmas spirit.

  3. Love all the “kitsch” here Johanna! Just splendid of you to invite us to share this peek into your dwelling at Christmastide. Love the sweet handmade dioramas. Is that a framed needlework sampler? Love surely surrounds anyone who teas here. Give Saar a ‘pat’ for me too.{{{hugs}}}

    • Thank you Mona! The table was set for my book club, Agatha Christie’s Murder for Christmas was the monthly read and I thought it and my book club friends deserved an English Tea. It was a lovely evening. And indeed, it a sampler,I made in the year I got married (1988) and I got it finished before our first Christmas as a married couple ;0) xo Johanna

  4. You have a warm and welcoming home, filled with charm and uniquely you. I understand the loss one feels when a dear friend has to leave once again, especially after a wonderful visit. How nice to have a reminder of your dog and your dear friend to pass by each day.

    You’re right about the Christmas spirit…it can’t be found in the stores.

  5. Your home is full of Christmas spirit! It is so good to see you decorate your home at Christmas in your own inimitable style – with taste and also a little bit of quirkiness which makes it so special! We don’t decorate our house until a couple of days before Christmas – we haven’t bought the tree yet!

    • I always start early..we do not have family here so I am happy to host my clubs in the month of December for my busy American friends ( the table was set for my bookclub) And I do love a real tree (if only for the smell) but somehow with dogs and all….we switched to this artificial one;0) and thank you for your lovely compliments, Johanna

  6. I think it is safe to say that no one does Christmas like you do, Johanna! Your personal style and verve are apparent everywhere! Did you make the Christmas cross stitch in the 3rd photo?

    • Thnak you Kerry, will you show glimpses of your decorations?I bet you have some special ones indeed!!! And indeed, it is a sampler, I made in the year I got married (1988) and I got it finished before our first Christmas as a married couple ;0) xo Johanna

  7. Johanna, I love everything about this post! Your decorations are just lovely, and that last photo is fabulous!!
    (By the way, the goats in your previous post are great!)

  8. Your style is really hip, yet vintage. I’m sure youngsters spend oodles trying to achieve similar vibes in their own homes but nothing can emulate it as well as the real McCoy (btw, I adore McCoy).
    So fab of your friend to gift you with this treasure. Very kitschy, and most of all dear. I’ve never heard the name Saar before, is it Dutch? Was she a Collie?
    Your little boy figurine, is he wearing a Johanna original? That makes me smile. Whimsical or what? The whole vignette is adorable, totally magazine worthy. What I normally like best about the holidays (besides hanging out with family or friends) is getting out all those old well loved collections of things and setting them about in pleasing piles. Next year, I’m starting in November. xo K

  9. I love your decorations Johanna ! In fact everything here 🙂
    I think this will have to be a must for me next year now …. I have a tiny santa and postbox and tree … will have to start collecting 😉
    In fact I had wanted to make some sort of snow globe *thing* I have some cakes stands, a glass dome … have to put on my thinking cap as teachers used to say much too often 😀 I think a little nature scene under glass will be my first project !

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