I have started my New Year’s resolutions ahead of time. I am going to work more with a sketchbook! I have never used it much and was always criticized by teachers for it (rightfully so..) I usually have the habit of creating the artwork from the first sketch.

Many of my friends in the blogosphere share their sketchbook and I studied them all carefully over the last year. So instead of using my scrap paper, I have bought a real sketchbook with nice firm paper suitable for different medium.

DSC_9831Here the first results. A study of faces looking up and ‘playing’ with an idea for a Christmas drawing. I enjoyed it very much.

I think it made me think more carefully about the composition in this one.

And talking about art and being educated. I really enjoyed these books lately. “Facial Expressions” was a good tip by Jill. You see, how much I learn from my fellow bloggers?

Love and Liefs, Johanna

55 thoughts on “Sketchbook

  1. New Years resolutions?!Oh how talented you are. Love your ‘minds eye’. I’ve a vintage wall textile with simular “Frida Kahlo with monkeys”.Perhaps I’ll get it framed one of these days. Your art is so endearing.Thanks for sharing.

    • That sounds indeed as a lovely piece to frame! There is something very fascinating about her indeed. I saw an exhibition on her life and way of dressing in the textile museum in Toronto the other day. It was fascinating to see how she used her appearance to promote herself as an artist. I think you would have loved it too. And thank you for your kind compliments! xo Johanna

  2. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks the Moleskine sketchbooks with heavy unlined paper (or watercolor paper) are beautiful and have inspired me to sketch more. N.

    • I know a lot of people love Moleskin and I do have a little one as a travel companion. But I wanted a bigger sketchbook with a ringed spine so I can flip it either way and even paste images/collages etc in it and it won’t start bulging. This paper is also firm with a bit of a rough surface. Indeed, it took me long time to find the sketchbook that had exactly the features I wanted. But I thank you for your advise and I find your blog indeed a great inspiration!!

    • There is something very fascinating about Frida indeed. I saw an exhibition on her life and way of dressing in the Textile Museum in Toronto the other day. It was fascinating to see how she used her appearance to promote herself as an artist. I And thank you for your kind compliments, that makes me very happy! xo Johanna

    • It took me long time to select the one I really wanted..but I believe indeed I will enjoy it very much. I do like high quality materials so I am selective before spending the money;0) Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! xo Johanna

  3. When I read about your sketching, I figured you had been inspired, at least partly, by Cathe at Amaryllis Log–her sketchbook blows my mind and makes me want one, too! I do think it’s a good idea, to have it always at hand and to make a practice of drawing as often as possible. And you have such a good start! Capturing that pose of “looking up” isn’t easy and the beginning of the Christmas drawing looks so promising! Exciting!

    • You are so right Kerry, with all your wise words and indeed we both are a member of the Cathe’s fanclub. But there is also Jill, Anne, Sand, Salt and Moon, Universe Sketcher…and many more who share their wonderful sketchbook!

  4. I love your new resolution Johanna!
    Hello, hello xo. I feel like I’ve been so out of touch with everything and everyone here on WordPress. I’ve been missing my visits and the little peeks at the wonder that is your ‘illustrated art and everyday life’. I’m only now catching a break from the Holiday retail mayhem. November and December has just been a blur. Work and all the preparation that goes into retail for the holidays has been complete madness. You couldn’t possible pay anyone for the hours it takes to prepare. We are just crazy for arts and crafts. The gal I work for, Lori, is just so awesome and works twice as hard. She constantly acknowledges our efforts and thanks us endlessly. With the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to be sure to come say hello and tell you I’m thinking about you. Are your boys coming home? Cheers to you xo K

    • My lovely dear Kelly, I am going to answer all your nice comments in one go! you are the best and loveliest of whirlwinds one can have visiting!! And don’t you ever worry, as I said before: I know how busy you are and you are worth waiting for!!! Thank you so much for all your kind comments…I’d better call them letters! I do hope you will have a glorious and peaceful Christmas with good food and rest and foot massages ;0) It is nice to work in a good team with a nice manager though!
      Charley has just made a post by herself, I think she was missing you too;0) I will indeed see my boys at Christmas ( and Star Wars!!!) So I am in a very happy place and excited indeed. Take care, my dear friend, enjoy your work and do not forget to take a break from time to time ;o) xoxoxox Johanna

      • You’re always lovely and gracious my dear. Thank’s so much for your message. Did you happen to see the whole Star Wars cast on Conan the other night? If not, catch it the Web if you can. They do a little skit in the beginning that was a riot.
        I’ve only just returned from Charley’s post. How delightful that she’s hi-jacked your computer while you go about making merriment around the house. Your photo’s are just wonderful. The gorgeous light and Charley’s crossed paws made me go “awwwww”. I swear, in her past life it is absolutely possible she was royalty, ha! Such a regal girl.
        Mr B has been working late too and we’re both looking forward to our Maui trip in January, I shall be happy to relax. Which is entirely unnatural for me but I feel ready.
        Our accommodations look very posh and private so there should be no reason to not get through a book that was gifted me by Alys when I visited her. I keep starting books and never finishing. That should be my new years resolution. Oh and to visit you more often. I missed you xo

  5. You have brilliantly presented your sketchbook and your sublime inspirations,dear Johanna!So many thanks for coming by and for your wonderful words!Enjoy a peaceful and creative weekend,my friend šŸ™‚ ā¤

  6. Nice! you are off to a great start with that composition. My daughter and I are practicing faces too.
    Like you, I neglect my sketchbook shamefully. I’m doing a lot more drawing right now because I am teaching my daughter, but usually I just plunge into a painting. Paint first, ask questions later is my motto. That works fine in acrylic but as I shift over to oil I need to plan better…
    Also like you, I learn so much from my fellow bloggers. šŸ™‚

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