Lately and Hoppipolla Indeed….


What happened here lately? Well the winter so far is unusual mild. Last week a balmy 22C…that is crazy! However from time to time a few cold nights kick in and the world is so beautiful at sunrise then. 

And of course busy times with getting ready for the festive Season and entertaining a few lovely parties. Charley made it clear what her opinion was on that…


And I have been also doing a lot of reading. Somehow, reading and Christmas is connected to me, I enjoy it even more in the coziness of December.


My knitting at the moment consists of many projects and none finished. Shame on me!!



But I did knit these sweet premi hats. A project for the Children’s hospital. I try to make something special of every little hat and hope to bring a little smile in worrying times for new parents. (awful photo from cell phone, had to the deliver them to the volunteer group..more will be knit and better photos next time!) 


And I went to this fabulous High Style: Twentieth-Century Masterworks from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at the Cincinnati Art museum with a group of like minded fashionistas. It was wonderful and of course I bought the accompanying book and I enjoy it so much!!!


And then I will leave you with a little personal note. A while ago I told you, I had troubles with my neck and without the boring details: I am now allowed to start swimming. A lovely BFF is joining me once a week, while I float on my back in warm water, carefully moving my arms and try to slowly strengthen my muscles. And I must say the first time, my usually positive frame of mind left me the moment I got wet. There I struggled in the water trying to find balance whilst this group of senior ladies were laughing and chatting, doing water aerobics and then this man of at least 110 years of age, jumped in the water and started his laps like an Olympic swimmer.
I sighed and felt older than all of them…oh what silly self pity!!!
So I slapped myself on the fingers, grinned at my lovely supportive friend and sang that song in my head that I was taught at Sunday school when I was a wee lass, about counting your blessings.
That brought back my common sense. So in case you feel too old to be happy today, I share another song with you (‘count your blessings’ was not on YouTube ;o)) Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band and you probably heard of them. Hoppipolla means so much as hopping in puddles. That’s what I plan to do, the rest of my life ;0) ( and please for you knitters out there , look at all the marvelous Icelandic knitwear in this clip)

Love and Liefs, Johanna

44 thoughts on “Lately and Hoppipolla Indeed….

  1. I’m sorry you were shown up in your swimming by the extremely ancient gentleman, but it’s not a competition, so I guess, you should still feel good about being able to get back into the water at all. 🙂

  2. The swimming will definitely strengthen your muscles in a good, pain-free way. Then you’ll be able to race that old guy and humiliate him with your speed and power! Just kidding. Or am I….? 🙂 I started swimming at the gym in a heated salt water pool after knee replacement surgery a few years ago. I still do it a couple of days a week for 6 months. Then I take 6 months off and start again.

    Those hats are too cute for words! What a lovely, heartfelt project.

    • Well that is indeed my new goal: becoming 110 and swimming the records for 110 years old ;0) Salt water sounds even nicer, you stay a float? I am starting to like it very much actually, feeling ‘weightless’ is very nice.
      Another of my goal…is finally answering your email. I haven’t falling of the face of the earth either…xo Johanna

  3. I love your upbeat approach to all things, Johanna–you’re so sensible and unwilling to give in to self-pity! Your world looks mellow and inviting right now ! And how did you get that first photo? Lying on your stomach on the ground? And is that good for your neck?!?

  4. Johanna, you are always an inspiration, thank you. Glad you are recovering day by day. I love being encouraged and inspired by seniors, gives me hope!

  5. Johanna what a great post. I love the knitted toques (premi hats) (I’m Canadian we call them toques). Ever since a child my oldest sister always got me a book at Christmas. I tried to continue the tradition and I was glad to see that books were on our daughters’ gift lists. I love the word “Hoppipolla”. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. Those little premmie hats are darling. So glad the swimming is doing some good. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  7. Good luck with the swimming Johanna! I’m sure it will help. I can’t swim and wish I could but I get so nervous I sink straight away! Your photos are lovely especially the leaf and the one of Charley showing her disapproval of your visitors! The little hats are so cute! Sadly I wasn’t able to view the video. Happy Christmas!

    • Oh too bad…England is apperantly very strict with showing these clips. I am not sure why becuase they are ousted by the band..I hope you get the chance to see it one day! And thank you for your kind words! Xo Johanna

      • I will have to see if I can find them from this end. There may be a way. I tried to play a Youtube link that another American friend posted today of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence and I couldn’t play that either! Ridiculous!

  8. Another beautiful, heart warming, real life post from a lady who really knows how to count her blessings. Love to you and yours from all on the Homestead xxx (love Charley’s show of disapproval 🙂 )

  9. I too had a neck injury for a long time and it does grind away at you – a little self pity is probably inevitable. Unfortunately the video say it won’t play in ‘my country’ 😦

  10. Your home sounds like a marvelous place to be for the holidays (and I suspect throughout the year if the photos of Miss Charley are any indication). Take care of your neck Johanna-the swimming should help immensely! Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for a wonderfully creative 2016!

  11. What a lovely post Johanna . Good to hear the swimming is helping . I hope I never have to take to the waters I’m an impossible wuss with swimming and the like . Must be those memories of cold summer holidays at the Bristish seaside 😉 I know pools are heated but …
    Those tiny premmie hats will be so welcome I’m sure . What a creative person you are ! It’s been awhile since I’ve found a book to keep me reading -and awake – I’ve squinted at your book titles there and have to do a quick google 😉

  12. I love that you are knitting hats for premies. I downloaded materials to do the same, but always lack confidence in my knitting skills and set it aside. I should take a class to improve my confidence.

    Charlie looks content sprawled on the bed and your winter view is breathtaking.

    I would love to see that fashion/costume exhibit. I’m a huge fan.

    It looks like you’re enjoying the season. xox

  13. Hello Johanna. I am so glad to hear that you are swimming again!! And good for you for not letting yourself get discouraged. 🙂 I tried the link, but the video isn’t available in Canada, so I will try to search it directly on google. Sounds like a song I’d like to hear. Those pictures are just beautiful! I love the leaf!! Take good care of yourself. xo

  14. Happiest New Year Johanna, Petals and I are on the sofa at the moment. Her pawing does not make for easy typing, she’s wanting petting and I oblige every 10 words or so. Blossum is snoozing on the kitty perch, her favourite spot when the fireplace isn’t on. Mr B, still in his housecoat is reading the news on his iPad and life is quiet, just as we like it. Seems as so at your home too, a lovely cocoon. What with Princess Charley snoozing so sweetly with those silly ears in the sunshine. Truth, I’m crazy for floppy doggy ears 😀 Then your garden looking like an ice palace in a fairytale and your dainty baby hats (we call them toques in Canada) all handmade. It’s like walking into a friends house, causal and welcoming. I feel blessed. Cheers and hugs too xo K

  15. So sorry about your neck. I hope the swimming is helping to strengthen the muscles and make everything all right again. When it comes to the cold, I do believe that Charley and I are kindred spirits! HA! 😀

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