Kelly’s Bear, Cold Birds and Judy’s Prize

tea and bear003

Finished Kelly’s bear…with the cold spell in the forecast, it seems he is in a good place. I hope, he falls asleep again soon and does not wake up before Spring;0)

And I will keep on feeding the birds until that time!






And the Lovely Judy (please check out her blog, it is such a cozy place!!!) won the pillow cases. So please Judy, email me your address at and I will send them to you ASAP!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

77 thoughts on “Kelly’s Bear, Cold Birds and Judy’s Prize

  1. What gorgeous bird photographs. I keep feeding the birds too but we haven’t got anything quite as exotic as that red one.
    Kelly’s bear looks well settled in with a nice cup of tea.

  2. I love Kelly’s bear. I hope to see you illustrate a children’s book one day.

    The birds have stopped coming to our feeder — maybe it’s too cold? I always celebrate their return in spring.

  3. Lovely illustrations and photos Johanna. Is it really not spring yet? I’ve had enough of the cold….

  4. Kelly’s bear is just perfection!! All tucked up and cosy, seeing all that snow in your part of the world, I too hope he stays there til spring comes. The bird photos are wonderful too Johanna. Keep warm, stay cosy! xo

  5. Oh, your fierce little finch! and the wren is so sweet. Kelly’s bear is very endearing. I hope it’s chamomile he’s drinking and not anything with caffeine. If I could sleep through winter….

  6. Love the illustration. I didn’t look that cozy and lovely when I was in bed with the cold. 😊 Your photographs of the birds are so sharp. Very nice.

  7. The Bear is in the best place possible! Beautiful work Johanna.
    Those little feathered friends of yours will be appreciating your generous spirit in all that ice and snow. How wonderful the stop and pose for you!

  8. The coloured bear drawing is fascinating,dear Johanna, and the bird photos in the snow-clad setting are wonderful!The Cardinal is the scene stealer though!Does Lady Charlie help you feed the birds?Give her a bear hug ~ Happy weekend πŸ™‚

  9. My goodness, look at all those gorgeous birds. We’re seeing flocks of robins this week, but the gorgeous red cardinals don’t make it out this far west.

    Your bear looks cozy with his tea in hand. I hope he’s snoring again soon.

    • Those are starlings, I love them very much. They are very social, nosy and in spring they sing so wonderful, with their whole body. Some think they are too bossy, but I just put some extra food out ;o) and thank you for your lovely comment xoxox

  10. I like this finished piece; gives us an opportunity to see the details more clearly. Love the 3-bears pic, and bear’s green nightcap — haven’t seen one of those in ages!

  11. Oh, Judy will give the pillowcases a good home! That’s perfect. I love the bird pictures, especially the little yellow-breasted bird who looks so indignant–doesn’t he know how lucky he is to have you?!

  12. Birds are such a wonderful source of entertainment. I have hummingbird feeders year round and it’s interesting to watch the different migratory practices of species. Whimsical and sweet bears. I really like the portrait on the wall. XO Mary Lou

  13. Your bird photography is wonderful, and I have to say that I am partial to the little yellow guy. You managed to capture personality.
    Kelly’s Bear looks comfy and content. Zzzzzz ….

  14. I love the bear-he definitely looks cosy and very comfy right down to his steaming bowl of tea? soup? And the bird photos are just wonderful Johanna-you featured one of my favorites–the cardinal–front and center! I have feeders in my front yard, where I can see the birds from my office-it is a wonderful way to take a break and just take nature in-

  15. I love your bear illustration! So sweet and cosy in bed, which is where we would all like to be all winter. And your little birds~ each one so precious. I guess the red one is a Cardinal? I would so love to see one of those. Keep warm x x

  16. I love your Kelly’s Bear, Johanna. I’m so relating to him. That is pretty much me when the temps drop below freezing and/or it snows! Aren’t the birds just beautiful. That’s when I wish I had a camera with a good zoom and not just my iPhone so I can capture them. Your pics are great! ❣

  17. Heavens!! I’m so excited to find my way to this post (finally) ! How special you’ve made ‘Kelly’s Bear’ πŸ˜€ OMGosh Johanna ! Just tickled, LOL, what fun. The family portrait is super-duper cute in that round vintage frame. I love the way it’s hung on a wire and nail too, just like the old days! The bedding is positively adorable. Like sleeping in the garden. I think he needs a name of his own, have you ever picked one? Squeal, would I be too bold if I asked to buy this from you my dear? I really adore him. If you are willing to part with him, I insist on paying since you’ve already treated me to your lovely work. I promise to give him a good home where he’s welcome to sleep in as late as he wants ❀ xo BTW, the variety of birds visiting Casa Walker is pretty cool. They must chat you up on the wire xoxox K

    • Thanks dear Kelly, that is the best compliment!!! I do sell work indeed, and take on commissions too. I know, I have been told over and again to promote that more on my blog…but I am happy the way it is;0) I have an incredible slow pace of life…I will send you an email with details and then you can decide at your leisure what you want to do. xoxoxox Johanna

  18. Reblogged this on Boomdeeadda and commented:
    Hello, happy March to you! I’m having the best morning just buzzing about in my PJ’s, soaking in the sunshine and a lovely visit with Johanna at Mrs Walkers Art and Illustrations. If you haven’t visited there before, please let me introduce you.

    Johanna, a talented illustrator, posts about many of her wonderful home baking and makings all while keeping company with one of the loves of her life, Charley. You may have seen Charley girl in my side bar here. Johanna’s artful eye brings beautiful photography and scrumptious vignettes to her posts. I think of Johanna as a country soul, living in a fabulous city, embracing the best of both worlds.

    I’m sharing this particular post today as it’s a little bit about me. I once left one of my rambling messages (as I sometimes do) on a post and suggested there was a bear, who’d just awoke in the spring to enjoy a cup of tea…………..

    • Be still my heart!!! I am featuring on your wonderful blog!!!! Oh my, I went over there right away and was utterly happy!!! xoxoxo

      ps well spotted: a country girl in a city….

      • Thank YOU for illustrating my imagination so wonderfully Johanna. My pleasure was sharing with Boomdee buds. I love what’s come off your page, he’s charming and you’re adorable. Much Love K

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