Portrait of a (Very) Bored Dog


bored dog001Normally, when I am sick, Charley loves being the nurse. Laying on the bed, giving cuddles. That is when Mr. Walker is home and she knows by the end of the day she will get her long daily walk.



This time however she was out of luck: Mr. Walker was in Europe for business. And after two days indoors and some scurrying through the garden, she was pretty fed up with me.



My Darling Girl transformed into a Pouty Princess giving me the stink eye all day.




DSC_0137Ah, but good times are back for her. Mr. Walker returned from his trip and even better: her best friend, the Youngest Mr. Walker is here for a visit. Life is perfect again in Charley Land!

Have a great Weekend.
Love and Liefs,

77 thoughts on “Portrait of a (Very) Bored Dog

  1. This really made me laugh. I’m all too familiar with the stink eye. If I’m a bit late getting out for our morning walk I get it in triplicate accompanied by much whining, pushing and general harassment. The last photograph is a study in relief, bliss and adoration in equal measure.

  2. Goede morgen, Johanna!
    I love those pictures! 🙂 It always amazed me how sad a dog can look, and at the same time so cute. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend,

      • Good Morning Johanna,
        My cold is nearly gone, too. Just a slightly running nose left, and in the mornings, after having slept with an open mouth, a slightly sore throat. But its becoming less and less. Thanks for asking.
        Glad you’re over yours, too.
        Have a great weekend,

  3. Why, she looks almost . . . *cat-like* in her disdain for her sick human! Glad for her that she’s has gotten some relief and glad for you that you have two men around, now, to pamper you! Hope you’re beginning to feel like yourself again!

    • It was actually quite nice, despite the stink eye, that I could sleep and sleep. But after a few days it was equally great to have menfolk around to wait on me and Charley. I did not mention your comparison to cats to her….xo Johanna

  4. Ha,ha! Great photos Johanna! There’s a good probability that Charlie now thinks sitting around giving the ‘stink eye’ will now magically transport two Walker men into her sphere of influence …….. 🙂 Hope you are fully recovered now xo

    • I am afraid our Princess is so very rarely with so little attention that she thinks her magnificent present is enough to be waited on hand and foot ;o) And thank you, i am doing much better! Have a great weekend, xo Johanna

  5. I’m so sorry you have been ill, Johanna. Charley is the sweetest of dogs. You capture her essence beautifully in these glorious photos. I’m glad the family is back together and that all is well.

  6. What a delightful series of images Johanna! And that last one sums up beautifully the wonderful bond between human and canine- hugs to Miss Charlie and we hope you are feeling better!

    • Charley and Youngest Mr. walker have a special bond and she an expression on her face that only shows when he is around. She loves us all, but he is her favorite! And thank you, all is much better here! xo

  7. What a wonderful photo of Charley and the youngest Mr W. Oh that I were a little closer and could have popped round to help Charley stretch her legs and you avoid that wonderful stink eye 🙂

  8. Aw, Johanna, this is just too sweet for words. I wish my dog would sit still long enough for some non-blurry pics! Charley is so cute! I hope you’re not sick and, if you have been, I do hope all is better now. Take care and hugs!

  9. Gah ! Controlling complete envy at Young Mr Walkers proximity to those soft Charley snuggles. You look so happy there Princess Charley! I like all your spots, or are they freckles (snicker). You’re adorable and so is your mom, make sure she gets lots of snuggles so she feels better sooner. Hugs all around! xk

  10. Stopped by to thank you for following. I see your comments on many of the blogs I already follow so I feel quite at home here. Looking forward to getting better acquainted. I can see I will enjoy my visits here for my fuzzy friend fix. I miss an animal but have decided that at my age it’s best to spoil others fuzzy family. You have wonderful pictures here, looking forward to reading more.

  11. Such an affecting Charley post dear Johanne!All her photos and her eye expression say it all.I do believe these lovable furry kids have sentiments.Haven’t they?Cheers xxx

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