Well Spring has sprung and gave, next to work in the garden, lots of beautiful flowers in home to enjoy.


There was painting to be done, the kitchen looks nice and shiny again.


We had lovely warm days and I had plenty of time too, to just sit in the garden and watch birds and ‘our’ squirrels. They hardly left the owl box they live in and I suspected they had babies.

DSC_1049-001And indeed , we got some glimpses of them. There seem to be two…I am not always a fan of those greedy squirrels but this is so cute.

DSC_1040-001Knitting at the moment is this simple shawl but such a joy with this incredible yarn in the most beautiful colors. I so wanted to knit in colors after reading this book about Sonia Delaunay.


I watched the documentary on Vivian Maier and I am fascinated by her story. A sad story too in a way. I ordered her books from the library and I am enjoying it so much…what an incredible talent this remarkable woman had!


DSC_1104-001My sister was here with my brother-in-law for a whole week …such bliss. She spoiled me rotten and amongst the many presents she left me with, this lovely donkey for my collection. She shook her head…


Am I the only one who loves these??? Mr. Walker says, he likes them best in my studio ;0) …but I am still moping and sulking now my sister travelled back all the way to The Netherlands.

So best remedy for that: busy working again! For instance on a tea themed card set a lovey friend requested…it makes me very happy!

Aaaand Mr. Walker and I did also some very exciting traveling ourselves!! Can you guess where we were? More about that later.

Nou dat was een drukke tijd met veel werk in de tuin en ondertussen genieten ook van schattige eekhoorntjes, de keuken kreeg een likje verf, mijn zuster en haar man kwamen op bezoek vanuit Nederland (en gingen weer terug, snif!) Lekker breien en weer druk met tekenen. En meneer Walker en ik zijn op reis geweest…raad eens waar we waren?
Meer daarover later!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

67 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. Looks like you have been busy, Johanna! πŸ˜„ I just discovered Sonia Delaunay from an online art class I’m taking with Cat Bennett. She has a very interesting style. Happy you enjoyed the visit with your sis and got to do some traveling. Glad to see you back here again! xoxo πŸ˜πŸ’•

    • Sonia Delaunay was unique and daring and very talented!! She was the first to use abstract forms for fabric design. I am happy to find a kindred spirit in you (again) xo Johanna

  2. Good to see you, Johanna. Oh yes, the movie on Vivian Maier was fascinating and as you say, rather sad, too. Her children (under her care) seemed to be quite the mixed bag for their mental health as adults, too. Sad for them.

    What is the bird in the last picture? Some type of a woodpecker?

  3. I have seen Sonia Delaunay’s exhibition in London, full of colours, very impressive. She was a very creative and successful woman. I shall check the book about her.

    • I am so envious!!! I can highly recommend the book! i do love the fact that she was so successful in her lifetime. She was bold, daring and very talented. The first designer too to use abstract forms for textiles. Kindred spirits!

  4. What a treat to hear from you and see your lovely house again and some gorgeous drawings and pictures. Yes, I have wanted to see that Vivian Maier documentary, but have hesitated…

    • It is indeed not an easy story but I actually loved it. I loved the enthusiasm of the young man who discovered her work and him defending her. Also the questions and conflicts of opinions were thought provoking. I recommend it! And thank you Lisa, for your kind welcome xoxox

  5. Wahoo – you’re back. πŸ™‚ I LOVE the tea cup with the sheep and the knitting needles. I can only imagine what a nice visit you had with your sister and spring certainly looks like it has sprung at your house. Welcome back. We hope you had a nice rest but we sure are glad to hear from you. πŸ™‚

  6. So glad you are back. I, along with your other blog friends, have missed you! The squirrel picture is just too darned cute. I’ve wanted to see that doc about Vivian Maier, but somehow I haven’t gotten around to it yet. And how we miss our loved ones when they live far away.

    • Finding Vivian Maier is indeed not an easy story but I actually loved it. I loved the enthusiasm of the young man who discovered her work and him defending her. Also the questions and conflicts of opinions were thought provoking. I recommend it! And thank you Laurie, for your kind welcome xoxox

      • I just requested the movie through interlibrary loan. Looking forward to seeing it, even if the story isn’t easy.

  7. Hello Johanna
    Welcome back to blogland! Lovely to see you again.
    I have a question for you: did you originate the phrase ‘Bird O’Clock’ in one of your posts?
    Someone did. One of the lovely bloggers I follow.
    The words inspired me to create two paintings (shown in two latest blog posts). I’m trying to get to the bottom of this, so I can acknowledge the inspirer!

  8. Hello, hello, lovely to be able to greet you again. Love all the colours and happenings in this post. The little donkey is cute, and what a wonderful shelf you have to display your treasures. The tea drawings are delightful. I bet Charley can actually balance a tea cup on her head!

  9. I love your pencil sketches! the squirrels in the owl box are a hoot. I’m surprised the owls didn’t chase them out. They are so darned cute and so destructive. I understand how hard it can be to have a sister far away. I moved to be closer to mine. But I don’t have a husband or work that requires me to be anywhere in particular. The donkey was cute but I love the little boy and girl reading by the books even more. That would have me in a second.

    • Thnak you so much for your kind comment! The owls never showed any interest in the box. There are enough here, they hoot me happily awake at night;o) Living all over the world is a joy but not having all my loved ones around is hard sometimes. I ma happy you like the donkey too ;o)

      • I do understand the part of wanting loved ones close by. I moved to the Pacific North West to be close to my family. But now I had the choice.

  10. Aw Johanna, so happy you are back. You look like you have been so busy doing all kinds of wonderful things! Love seeing your sketches, and hearing about the fun you and your sister had, sweet memories. You visited NYC! How fun!

  11. Johanna, it’s so nice to see a post from you!
    You are the second blogger who has mentioned Vivian Maier. I’m anxious to read the book / see the documentary.
    Your photos are great, especially the squirrels! Wonder what they are chatting about? πŸ™‚
    The NYC shot is wonderful, too!

    • Finding Vivian Maier is indeed not an easy story but I actually loved it. I loved the enthusiasm of the young man who discovered her work and him defending her. Also the questions and conflicts of opinions were thought provoking. I recommend it! And thank you Laurie, for your kind comment xoxox

  12. Oh, Johanna–it’s good to have you back. You make the blog world a sunnier space! Your tea series is so distinctly your style–it makes me smile! It sounds like you’ve been happy and busy since last you were here. Hope you’re back to stay!

  13. Hi Johanna. You have been very busy. I love your photos of the squirrels, especially the two. We have squirrels in our backyard and they just torment our poor dog with the flicking of their tails. Cheers.

  14. I well remember that empty feeling when a house guest (especially a sister!) leaves but you seem to be diverting yourself very well. Looking forward to hearing about your and Mr Walker’s adventure and also to searching out the documentary…it sounds fascinating! Love to you and yours from the Homestead xxx

  15. I do like how your little statue is peeping through the glorious tussle of garden fair. I love making vignettes around the house. I’m not sure if Jim notices, but I find it entertaining, ha! Amazing how it’s all in your garden already. I’ve been helping myself to the lilac’s that hang into our alley from a yard behind us. They’re getting harder to reach, so I’m thinking I’m not the only one who goes for a walk with clippers, ha!
    Your squirrel photos are pure magic. My gosh, I don’t care how destructive, I’d watch their love bloom everyday. Look! They’re nuzzling ! Dwaaaaaa. I set out an old gravy boat of cool water beneath a tree one day. I was watching a baby squirrel go between my bird feeder and the tree, it was so warm out. The next day the gravy boat was gone 😦 I’m trying to imagine it’s at Mr Squirrel’s house and he’s enjoying a bath with lots of bubbles. Maybe he’s got a polkadot bathing cap on and he’s reading a good book. It’s more fun than pouting that someone snitched it.
    You’re not the only one to love your collection, I’d have a hard time resisting the donkey too. How nice to receive a gift of a visit too. Is your sister also tall? I’m guessing there was lots of laughter and chats. Would you typically speak Dutch to each other? I love listening to other languages. I like to guess what they’re saying or make up a story that matches the infliction and mood. I’m sure they’d be surprised, LOL. Hugs all around. Hello Charley girl xoxo

  16. Delightful post in every way dear Johanna!Your story-telling sqirrel images from the garden are captivating!I am glad you had a lovely week with your sister and her hubby and for the lovely gifts you received!Your drawings are equally wonderful too!The colourful knitting designs sound very complex,eventually,it is sort of art.Take care my good friend ~ CU soon in NW ….. πŸ™‚

  17. A wonderful post, Johanna! Painting is so ambitious but it’s so gratifying when it’s done! Your little squirrels are adorable. I think they’re so cute — just wish they weren’t so destructive. You’ll have to post your completed shawl. It looks gorgeous! I remember seeing a special on Vivian Maier a number of years ago (probably after her photos were released). What an amazing talent; such an eye. She really knew how to draw you into her photos. So sad that she never shared them during her lifetime. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. It’s good to “see” you again! πŸ˜€ Hugs!

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