New York, New York! Part One


Mr. Walker and I went for six blissful days to the Big Apple.
First time for the both of us. And of course, I want to share snapshots from the family album.


Man, what a fun city that is and so much cleaner as I expected ( spoken as a true cleanliness obsessed Dutch girl)

It was the biggest city I ever visited and I think I can easily spent a whole month there and still find things to see and do.

We walked over 70 mile, because to our opinion cities are best experienced when walking and New York is wonderful to walk, to stroll or as my friend Jane Austen would say, “promenade”.


Wonderful museums, delicious foods everywhere , weird streets where the sun never touches the pavement and of course we had the loveliest of spring weather.

It is impossible the show and tell all but for a few days I will post about our trip and I hope you will enjoy it!

Meneer Walker en ik zijn 6 dagen in New York City geweest en man wat hadden we t daar gezellig!! Zoveel te doen en te zien, echt genieten. t weer was prachtig en we hebben in 6 dagen een slordige 120km gelopen…steden zijn t best te voet te bewonderen!
De komende paar dagen meer kiekjes uit t familie album en ik hoop dat jullie t leuk vinden.

Love en Liefs, Johanna

60 thoughts on “New York, New York! Part One

  1. NY is super fun. We don’t visit the city nearly enough. But whenever we do, it is always an event. I’m sure I’ll enjoy sharing your trip in your next few posts.

  2. Our daughter lives in Brooklyn, and we have to New York City many times. It’s my absolute favorite city.

      • I love the Brooklyn Flea! We went there a few years ago. New York City, if the traffic is good, is about eight hours from where we live. Long, but doable in a day’s time.

  3. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! We live in NJ and go in often. Our daughter lives in Brooklyn and that is also a fine borough! Your bridge photo looked like it was the Brooklyn Bridge: did you walk across it? N.

  4. I grew up in NJ about ten minutes out of the city and still about 45 minutes away and I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty and only went to the top of the Empire State Building about a dozen years ago. New York can be a lot of fun. You can spend a year there seeing different things and not repeat the same thing twice. If they don’t have it you don’t need it. It’s amazing what you can buy at any time of day or night. There are some negative, as there is with any place you travel but NY is unlike anyplace I’ve been to in the world. Glad you had a great time…:)

    • I know that NY as any other city has problems and i would not even be sure I would like to live there (so busy!!!) but I loved it as a traveler. I grew up in The Netherlands and never visited the Keukenhof ;o)

  5. Johanna your back… wahooo!!! Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful break, but I’m very happy your back. As for New York and its allure, we’ve lost our youngest daughter to its many charms. She moved there in February after getting a job at Columbia University, and has fallen in love with the place. Love your photos (as usual), they provide a wonderful showcase of the city with a variety of views. :o)

  6. Love seeing your beautiful pictures of the big apple and reading your commentary. I’m so glad you loved it and walked all over, that’s exactly the best way to take it in. I look forward to the next NYC installment!

  7. Wow, looks like a lovely time. My niece lives in NYC and loves it. Glad to hear it’s cleaner than you expected! I remember the garbage strikes. Ugh. Your pics are beautiful.

  8. Oh my! Yes, can’t wait to follow your posts Johanna. Jim’s been there for work but I’ve not yet managed a visit. I’d really like to though. I think the photo of the bird at the water with Liberty in the distance is fantastic. I’ve heard it called, ‘the city that never sleeps’ and people don’t do dinner till late, like 8pm. I’d be asleep by then, LOL. Jim was in the financial district, it looked super crowded. But your photo’s don’t look crowded at all, what did you think? xo Hugs K

      • I would love to see ANY Boomdee report, LOL I’m the slackest Blogger ever. I’m a blog stocker nay blogger as of late. It’s fun to visit and read though xoxo

  9. I love their candidness (Viceland) and your humour (could take at least one month to see it all…hahaha). I like your seagull pic, certainly a different view of Liberty, and the art gallery pic showing the PixCell–Red Deer artwork by Japanese artist, Kohei Nawa. Look forward to more stories of your trip, Jo.

  10. How exciting. I am having my first trip to New York in a couple of months. I will be reading your posts with great interest and anticipation.

  11. Thanks, Johanna, for sharing the pictures. Looks like you had a great time.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend,

  12. I worked in NYC at the end of the 90’s … my parents are from NY … and I went to school in Long Island … so I know your love of the city (I have it in me too!). Glad you found it to be so wonderful and had a good time. Perfect time of year to visit, too.

  13. I’m so glad you had a lovely holiday with your Mr Walker! I have never been to the States let alone NY! My eldest daughter visited New York a few years ago with her Dad (my ex-husband) and had a wonderful time. I love all your photos and look forward to the next post xx

  14. In the 90’s, a company I worked for had an apartment in NYC. As a bonus, we could reserve it and we spent many a week exploring there. This post brought back some really good memories. So glad you had such a wonderful trip. πŸ™‚

  15. It’s been over 40 years since I was there. Lived in New Jersey for 6 months in 1968 and made a day trip to New York by bus then home again the same day. It was quite interesting but have never had the opportunity to go back. Glad you enjoyed it.

  16. Lovely photos, Johanna. I’ve never been to NY. It’s nice to hear that it’s clean. I always imagined it as a huge, dirty city. It does sound like an amazing place to visit with so many hundreds (if not thousands) of things to see and do!

    • Apperantly like many other cities in America, a lot has been don to clean up th down town areas …I had expected it to so much more grimier. I hope you get to visit one day too! Xo Johanna

  17. Stunned by your phenomenal NY photo series Johanna!You so vividly narrated the wonderful moments you and Mr Walker had in this great city.Gigantic constructions that take the breath away and dwarf anything standing underneath.Superb aerial photos and street photography with incredible upward perspective!I think I have to move on and enjoy more in your next NY post πŸ™‚ xxx

  18. I’m glad you got the walking aspect. One of my favorite things about living here (I no longer drive and have never, in fact, owned a car). Looks like you had fun! (K)

  19. Some day I hope we’ll visit New York – in the meantime thanks for sharing your holiday snaps! I know what you mean about walking when you’re exploring places. We covered so much ground on our recent trip to Europe – way more we usually do back home in Perth even when we go for a daily walk! Great way to explore and so good for fitness levels! πŸ™‚

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