New York, New York Part 2


The first thing we did, was visiting the 9 11 memorial and museum.

DSC_0412-2When 9 11 happened, we still lived in The Netherlands. It shocked us deeply, it is part of our lives worldwide, the effect we experience almost on a daily base.

The whole area is still much of a building site but all that is finished, we thought was  done beautifully.

The museum was impressive and emotional. We learned so much and felt touched to the core.

The story is told on every level, from world wide politics to the personal lives of victims.

I learned a lot but still do not understand it all. I cried.

It was good to see it all and admire the spirit of hope and braveness and determination!

Love and Liefs, Johanna


48 thoughts on “New York, New York Part 2

  1. We visited ‘ground zero’ in 2003 when it really was still just a raw hole in the ground – it was almost unbearably sad, surrounded by silent people in tears. I’m not sure that I could bring myself to go back, so it’s good to see your pictures now – thank you.

  2. We live about 5 1/2 hours north of NYC. It is our goal to get to see this in person so thank you for sharing your tour. We were there when it was still a hole in the earth with a chain link fence around it studded with photos and mementos of loved ones lost. Very emotional for sure.

      • It was such a horrible day here. I drive by there all the time and even know someone who is a docent there who could give us a special tour. Maybe Kerfe and I will go. Her daughter was in high school at Stuyvesant that day and it was very traumatic. Well, the whole thing was. A day I will never forget. You could see it burning from my town.

  3. As I mentioned in my previous post, my eldest daughter lives in New York City. On 9/11, from where she worked, she and her co-workers could see the smoke of the crashing buildings. So very scary having her in the midst of it, but she was not close enough to be in serious danger. Still, a mother worries.

  4. i started working nearby one world ctr and i have not yet seen the museum. i definitely will see it. looks like a fabulous and educational trip. nice post, mrs. walker!

  5. I remember the morning it happened. Far away, here in Winnipeg, we moved through the day in a state of disbelief. So many years ago now, and no matter one’s political perspective, the affects – as you said – were undeniably long term. Beautiful pictures, Johanna. Thanks for sharing. Xo

  6. It looks as though you found all the light in NYC and open spaces as well. It always seems dark to me, which would make the 9 11 memorial harder. I love the little world in the last photo.

  7. A very heartfelt post , Johanna. Tears are not uncommon at that site. I was there a few days after it happened but have not been back since. Maybe one day.

  8. Thanks for joining my blog here on WordPress dear Johanna .. I ve been in NY in 2009 and visited the same places you did thanks for that lively report .. And enjoy your trip
    Tschüss as we say here in Hamburg

  9. I’m just getting caught up on your trip, Johanna. I think you were very courageous to go to this museum–I’m not sure I’ll ever bring myself to go. On the other hand, we should probably all visit it regularly, lest we ever forget . . .

    • Well it was not easy and I did cry felt and struggled with the senselessness of it all. But at the same time, I was uplifted and inspired by the energy of love and determination! And Kerry, I am sure you will never forget , even if you never see this at all. Xo

  10. Interesting post Johanna–looks like you had a wonderful trip. I haven’t been to NYC since 9/11. But I plan to go. It is one of my favourite cities. Have you seen the documentary “Bill Cunningham New York”? It transports me to NYC every time I watch it.

    (p.s. I find it interesting that there was a bit of a baby boom after 9/11. Humans are such hopeful creatures! thank goodness)

    • I knew about that little baby boom, but I had forgotten it! Isn’t that fascinating indeed? That desire for new, innocent life.
      I have put the docu on my list, thank you!!! Xoxo Johanna

  11. This is so hard to look at…you are a brave person to venture into an emotional location. You handled your post out of respect with dignity. Thank you!

  12. Hi Johanna. I agree with another follower, the museum/memorial looks raw and emotional which it should be.

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