New York, New York Part 3



When we looked at our photos on return to Cincinnati, Mr. Walker and I noticed how many have statues in them.



I do not even know what all of them represent.



These ones I do of course ;o)


DSC_0740Statues can have that strange notion that if you stare at them for a long time, you expect them to move…or is that just me?

Some of them really moved ;o)

Love and Liefs, Johanna


48 thoughts on “New York, New York Part 3

  1. Stately bronze statues perfectly framed and wonderful street photography,dear Johanna!The candid images with the “living statues” and street performers are really most riveting!I am so glad you had such a great time in the Big Apple.Have a nice & peaceful weekend ~ Special hugs to Charley 🙂 xxx

  2. NYC and its cast of characters are always amazing. So glad you had such a good trip. I’ve been too many times to count, but you’re making me think one more visit might be needed especially to see the 911 museum and the Statue of Liberty again. 🙂

    • No I am not a native from Cincinnati. Mr. Walker and I originate from The Netherlands , we traveled a lot and also lived for a few years in Canada. We are happy everywhere but America is wonderful for us to live and work. Cincinnati has brought us many wonderful friends and although we are not sure if the future has more adventures for us in store, I hope it will be in America! Did you like living in Cincy? I understand it has changed a lot in the last 10 years.

  3. Hello Johanna, thanks for another great post on NY. Great statue pictures. I love the way you show the Staue of Liberty from a distance, which one rarely sees. For me, this
    was a powerful shot. And you really captured the energy of the billboard and traffic against the still statue. Also, the second (the bull- so lifelike and full of motion) and third (would be interesting to know what this one means) really caught my eye. Really enjoyed – thank you!

  4. Your days were obviously sun-filled which really lightens up the scenery and makes one feel good! Of course, I think the whole world is familiar with that bull!
    PS: Tell me, as I’m curious, how do you pronounce Ohio? Is it – O-hi-o or O-hee-o?

  5. Thanks Johanna for dropping your comments on my side .. When we ve been in NY it was August .. The weather was quite hot but good .. The plastikroofs from the shops in front of their windows make it shadowy ..

    • It represents the Urban myth of an Alligator wandering around in the sewer system of NY …it used to be in an underground station . I personally think that setting would have been better!

  6. Oh, these are fun! I sometimes don’t realize the trends in what I’m taking photos of until I get home and see the photos all lined up. Have you read a book called “Island at the Center of the World,” by Russell Shorto? You might really like it. It’s nonfiction, about the settling of what is now New York, by the Dutch. One of my fave books ever!

  7. So nice to see NYC through your eyes Johanna and to read of your adventures. It looks like you covered a lot of ground. Di you have a favorite place or moment?

    • I have been thinking already for more than a day about this question! I loved walking around, specially the High line and Brooklyn bridge, I was mesmerized by the dioramas in the museum of Natural History and I was so incredibly happy at the Met and seeing Chagall’s work up close and personal ( I was crying a little…) So a top three in no specific order ;o) xo Johanna

    • Apparently there are desecrated followers of Otterness and there should be a route where you can walk form sculpture ot sculpture by him. Have not explored that further…maybe for the next trip ;o)

  8. Great photos, Johanna! I know what you mean about those huge statues. If you stand there long enough, you’d expect them to do something! LOL! They’re great. Your gator one made me think of being back in Florida. HA!

    • It was really early in the morning to get this shot. During the day, lots of people surround it indeed and make fun of it. We thought it was worth getting up for. I am happy you loved it so much!

      • Now I’ve just had another quick look at your shot I can see what you mean about it being early in the morning. Frames the shot well not having too many people in it to distract the eye 🙂

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