Sketch, Fine Liner & Color


DSC_0979So back to work! One of my wonderful friends asked me to make a set of cards to compliment a tea themed gift basket, to be raffled of for a fundraiser.

Why yes, I loved to do that!

What fun it was and I must say, I was chuffed to bits to see them neatly printed.





Deze kaartjes heb ik gemaakt voor een lieve vriendin. Ze zijn bestemd voor een liefdadigheidsactie en worden verloot in een mandje met allemaal gezellige theedingen. Ik was erg blij toen ik ze zo netjes afgedrukt zag!

Have a great weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

74 thoughts on “Sketch, Fine Liner & Color

  1. Hello Johanna! Oh my, you are getting things accomplished! How sweet to see one with a the doggy and a teacup on her head, that ones my favourite. I like that the teacup is polka-dot too! Whimsy, doggies and art…trifecta extraordinaire. I haven’t forgotten about my sleepy bear art either. I wanted to send along a tidbit for Charley and haven’t made time to get back to it……good grief! It will find it’s way xox K

  2. These are all so lovely Johanna! I am so glad you enjoyed producing them; it is obvious from the drawings that you liked what you were doing. How clever of your friend to ask you!

  3. I love the way the children in you illustrations are so closely bundled up. And the little rooster is charming, holding his foot up. These are really lovely and imaginative. Congrats on the printed up cards! Glad to see your drawings again.

  4. Obviously,all is back to normal and it’s really nice to see your beautiful drawings again.Your muse looks gorgeous with the teacup on her head.Happy Sunday dear Johanna 🙂

  5. Such wonderful whimsy, Jo! Love them all, but especially enamoured of doggie, with that smile on his face! I’m sure these will raise lots of funds for your friend.

  6. How perfect are these cards?! The detail in them is what sets them apart, I think. That one with the sheep smiling at the ball of yarn just made me grin! Your style is 100% Johanna!

  7. These cards are all soooooo adorable. Have to admit, being a dog owner, extra smile given to the one with the dog and the teacup. Soooooo cute. ❤❤

  8. These are wonderful and on my favourite subject – don’t tell anyone, but I just might love tea more than knitting, but only just, and maybe not 🙂 But back to your cards – as ever, I’m in awe of your talent xx

  9. You had every reason to be chuffed. Those illustrations are absolutely charming. Lucky is the person who gets the basket with your fabulous cards.

  10. Those are too cute for words!!! Anyone would be lucky to get them. Do you make your living from this kind of drawings? You should be. They are wonderful and I LOVE them. Drawing is not a skill I possess and am always a bit envious. “)

    • Thank you so much, this is such a lovely comment!!! I do sell my work, both original and printed but I do not really promote it. I have often been asked to open an online shop…maybe one day ;o) but thank you again, your words make me very happy!

  11. What a cute and sweet illustrations for these pretty cards! Hi Johanna I have missed some of your latest posts but I enjoyed my visit here to your blog today! 😉 I had chance to catch up a bit with you! I loved all the beautiful New York photos I am sure you had great time! Wish you well hugs ❤ Carolina

  12. These are so delightful, Johanna!
    I’m so behind on reading your posts, I hope to catch up the is week on your entries about your trip to New York – looking very forward to seeing your photos! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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