sketch fish004

alalana sea star horizon001-001

This is a sketch send out for approval for a project that has been going on for a long time. It is for a children’s book.

This drawing I made earlier but I was requested to do it is again in Landscape. A good time to bring out my sketchbook again and practice with it. I still use it too little.

sketch fish001-001
Somewhere on one of the fabulous blogs I follow, I saw a collage with a flying fish which got stuck in my head. It inspired me to have a go at such a remarkable creature myself. Whoever you are…I am so sorry but I forgot which one and I would love to know and give proper credit ! Update 11 July 2016, it was the creatfuldodger!

sketch fish005

And after scaring so many people with my previous post, unintended may I add,  I tried to draw a sweet friendly snake…but so far I cannot get the head right ;o) 

sketch snake003
Love and Liefs, Johanna

51 thoughts on “Sketches

  1. I hate to write this, but snake heads do not lend themselves to either sweet or friendly 😉 Nevertheless, you’ve made a very good stab at it, and no doubt you will figure out how to make a sweet-looking snake. Your drawings always make me smile.

  2. Splendid sketches dear Johanna!I loved your flying fish and the coloured sea life.Did I say anything about the snake … ?No,I didn’t.Poor creatures,nobody likes to look at them even in sketches and drawings.Take care my friend,hugs to Charley 🙂 xxx

  3. I really like your flying fish. I saw some of these on a boat out of Long Beach harbor. And of course your little starfish diving into a sea of love is perfect in landscape or portrait. I like your little snake, too.

  4. Your sketches and illustrations are lovely Johanna. Your comment about scaring people with your last post made me laugh. Did you expect such reactions? Your sketched snake I like.

    • I must admit, i was a bit surprised because I consider the photos really great and in the end it is a magnificent creature. But I was not upset by it, some images can put me off too ( eg a cat in a santa costume ;o)) But thank you for your lovely compliment!!!

  5. I love the top fish-how happy he looks! I loved all the images-and best of luck with the children’s book project. I found it interesting too how we tend to favor either portrait or landscape when photograph, paint or sketch. I know I have to remind myself to do more portrait orientation-I tend to favor landscapes-more room 🙂 !

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