What happened in every day life at the Walker residence? Well, there was a fabulous tea party with a couple fabulous friends in honor of a birthday.  The weather was perfect…

Then the weather turned nasty hot and our backyard birds were so happy with our fountain.



I gave a lovely smart cookie of a girl a book and card for her 6th birthday and look what she send me for a ‘Thank You Note’ !! What a talent and a promise for the future!!!



It is always a secret wish of mine, to have chickens scurrying and scratching around in the garden. However, we travel too much and Charley loves chickens in different way (nicely cut up in her bowl…) So I am very happy with this jolly fat chicken, I found in a yard sale for 5 dollar and she takes care of herself!!!


Knitting these mittens is such bliss…at least when my hands are not too hot and sweaty.


And I finished and blocked this colorful shawl. Charley thinks it matches her coat very well.


Wat gebeurde er zoal in Huize Walker de laatste tijd? Nou bijvoorbeeld een gezellig thee partijtje met gezellige vriendinnen. Vogels die verkoeling zoeken van wel heel heet weer.Een bijzonder leuk meisje die een wel heel fraai bedankbriefje stuurde voor een cadeautje met kaartje. En ach…deze gezellige dikke kip!! Slechts 5 dollar op een garage sale en zij zorgt ook nog es voor zichzelf. Charley was teleurgesteld want zij ziet liever een kipje lekker in t pannetje ;o) Zij wilde wel even fotomodel zijn voor deze gebreide sjaal…en als t niet klef heet is, brei ik ook graag aan deze wanten.

Happy Canada day and Happy Fourth of July…a nice long weekend for all here in North America!
Love and Liefs, Johanna

82 thoughts on “Lately….

    • I love tea parties…any excuse for one is good enough for me to pull out the tea service and whip up the scones and goodies ;o) I did not make it all, my friends are very skilled cooks too, I ma so lucky!!!

  1. That shawl definitely brings out your gorgeousness, Charley! Every picture is a delight in this whole post. The mittens look toasty and adorable. The party looks yummy. The note cards and thank you are precious. The bird fountain must’ve felt refreshing. If only the chicken could lay an egg or two each day….. Awesome!

  2. So, if I invited myself for a day could I have that spread for lunch, learn to knit that shawl in the morning and the mittens in the afternoon? Oh yes, do you also think you could teach me to sketch that chicken – I love it. Busy day, but I bet we’d have a good time. 🙂 Happy weekend to you, Joanna. 🙂

  3. Oh, there’s my beautiful Charley, looking prettier than ever in that fab shawl–wow! This post really is an “all that happiness” post–so many good things here. I love the fat chicken and the drawings your friend Allison made–you’ve inspired her!

    • Charley is wagging her tail like crazy…since I read your comment to her! And Allison ( a grandchild of friend) is one of those great kids that observes the world and takes in all its beauty and ties to make it her own. She has a great sense of humor and is such great company!! Have a wonderful Fourth of July!!!

  4. Oh, that tea looks lovely. And so does Charley with her shawl. Your creative life is always such an inspiration.

  5. Good morning, Johanna,
    That tea party food looks ever so scrumptious! 🙂 And Charley looks great in her shawl.
    Have a wonderful weekend and a happy 4th of July,

    • That is a good feeling! For us it is such great weekend with feeling proud to be a Canadian today and enjoying our American lifestyle over the weekend with good friends here. Have to fit in some Dutch feature in there as well ;O) xo Johanna

  6. The shawl is a beauty and Charley wears it well! I am very impressed by that lovely tea-table! The yummy food and the pretty china too! Have a great weekend Johanna!

  7. Your tea table is astonishing. Wish I’d been there! And that gorgeous thermos with the flowers! The whole post is making me smile, especially Charley and the blue jay.

  8. Johanna,
    Your art is getting better and better and better. I love to watch the personalities of your subjects come alive. I’ve missed Charley and glad to she is as cozy as ever. I am in love with your mittens with the evergreen background. I, too, wish I was I was sitting at your table with friends.

  9. Princess Charley looks beautiful in *her* new shawl and I can think of a couple of dogs who would have loved to been at your tea party. Good news: they are not fussy eaters. Bad news: They are not fussy eaters. I also remember as a child receiving hand drawn and inked cards from artist friends of my parents and what an impression they made upon me. I thought artists hung the moon and the stars-still do! A wonderful series of images Johanna!

    • Hahaha, what a sight it would be, Charley in her shawl, Jack Henry in his high hat..ruining the dream becuase they would snarfling all the food away ;0) I don’t know about your dogs..but Charley will sneakily steal people food whenever she can…and pay the price later with a sore tummy.

  10. What a beautiful table setting. Love your china. Hubby is putting up a birdbath close to the feeder. They are so much fun to watch. I haven’t been able to actually capture any pictures yet with my phone. Charley looks so adorable in your beautiful new shawl. But I’m thinking she might want to wait a few more months to wrap up in it! Someone told me today that this is the warmest summer they remember. Perhaps they need to acclimate to Florida like I did cause we still aren’t running our air conditioner yet. Your chicken is adorable!

    • Thank you for such a lovely comment. You will enjoy that birdbath and lucky you indeed to enjoy the summer heat so much…oh well when fall arrive I am happy again;o) xoxox

  11. Hi Johanna, What a beautiful, tasty tea party! I am sure all the guests enjoyed themselves.
    It is a treat receiving cards from the young people who are important in our lives. I have a niece who makes me cards. I display them with pride on the refrigerator door.

  12. What a scrumptious high tea — and I haven’t seen Rose’s Lime Marmelade for such a long time (what memories it brings back to my married days when we loved having it on toast). Such a lovely environment too for your party — chickens, the garden, the settings, very swish! Wish I’d been there too! Happy everything…

  13. Your posts always bring a smile to my face, Johanna. Thank you for sharing what’s been going on with you lately.

  14. Your tea party looks amazing. Love the photo of the bird by the bird bath. Charley looks dashing in that very pretty shawl. A heart-warming post Johanna.

  15. As models go, you couldn’t do any better than sweet Charley. I love her gentle face, though I sometimes flinch at her missing eye. My kitty lost an eye many years ago. He recovered and did amazingly well with just one.

    Your tea party looks inviting and “magazine-worthy” as they say. What lucky friends.

    Lots to love about this post, Johanna: the drawings, the card, that gorgeous bird, and your happy energy shining through.

    • Charley is not bothered by having one eye at all but it was a big step to decide to have her eye removed. But I am glad now we did not waited until the tumor grew bigger and caused pain. She was so much more relaxed after the operation. Apparently she already felt some discomfort. I am so used to it now and indeed very happy she is still able to look so sweet into my soul ;o) And I am also happy you enjoyed this post Alys xo

  16. Squeal! Charley girl is a complete dream in your colourful and expertly crafted jewel of a scarf. LOL, I love that she’s so accommodating and models it just perfectly. Oh the fun you must have. Like a fashion shoot 😀 Adorable!
    It’s very fun that young Allison has emulated your work and even has signed her illustration in a similar fashion. Very dear. I’m certain it was a tea party she will remember for a lifetime. It’s divine with all your pretty things to make it extra special. I spotted the deviled eggs straight away! I have one of those dishes too, also from a yard sale. No one serves them anymore but I’m a big fan and often eat more than my share.
    Your knitted items kind of blow my mind Johanna. The patterns are so intricate. I’m mean, pine trees that get bigger on an angle?! You must be a genius. Do you have to constantly read the pattern and count or are you merely clicking away on those needles while something extraordinary appears? I just can’t even imagine what this pattern would look like written! Like some kind of secret code 😀
    Everything is lovely here, as usual xo Love and hugs K

    • That pattern is not mine, I have to dig deep to find who designed it but yes, I have to do that because she deserves mentioning!!! It is just a drawn chart and one knits one row at the time. Little counting is needed. And I agree, deviled eggs are moderate quantities ;o) And indeed, Charley is such a vain dog, she loves dressing up (to Mr. W dismay) and having her photo taken…any attention will do ;O) Thanks for another cozy visit xoxoxo

  17. Beautiful shawl and fits quite nicely on Charley! The gloves in progress are coming along nicely. Did you take the photo of the bluebird? Fantastic photograph.

    • Thnak you so much Veronica. The bleu bird is a bleu jay and they are family of the crow. Lovely cheeky birds, very social and very vocal…they sound like monkeys but can imitate any bird they like. And indeed, I took that photo right in our backyard.

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