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sketchbook07-04-16001-001“An illustration is a graphic depiction of any concept or subject in a drawing, sketch, painting, photograph, cinema or other type of image. The word comes from the latin word illustra’tio, illu’stro meaning enlighten, irradiate.”
Illustration – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An excellent definition , I’d say. I consider my work as Illustrative Art. I like my work to tell a story, to evoke a feeling, a memory. And I know the limitations of my talent for drawing. So drawing after real life never really had my interest, (much to the dismay of former art teachers. )

And I am pleased to say, I am no longer taken aback by it either in a way that would make me shy to show my work. Now that took a long time ;o) I really love what I am doing and it makes me very happy when people love my work too.

However, I keep on studying and practicing because I do want to learn new skills and improve on the ones I already have. But only to further develop my own style, not to be able ‘to better get it right’.


This sketch took me out of my comfort zone. It’s a landscape , it needs perspective…hard work for me! I wanted to make a sketch of my favorite spot in the garden. Under that big tree, on the steps of the deck in my backyard. That’s where I love to sit with a cup of tea and just watch the birds and Charley and think of nothing in particular. To catch that feeling I had ‘to move’ three and ‘reshape’ the house. All and all I am happy with it, as far as I (or any artist that looks at its own work, I suspect) can be happy with it.

Just drawing it exactly as it is, would not have given me the opportunity to capture that feeling. Does it make sense to you?

Love and Liefs, Johanna

ps this is an older photo, the house is indeed painted white now ;o)

57 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project

  1. That looks like a serene, peaceful, meditative spot in BOTH pictures. I think if a scene doesn’t change in a drawing, then you might as well just take a photo and leave it at that. Your drawing is just different enough to make it special and original. Amazing.

  2. Making the changes in the “real” scene allowed you to convey more than just its look–you can convey what it means to you much more effectively. I think that the way you embrace your own style and vision in your art is very impressive–looking back, I think I gave up on drawing and painting because I could never do that!

    • I am sorry to hear you gave up on drawing and painting! But maybe I was a gifted quilter and weaver, I would have too ;o) Kerry, thank you so much for your encouraging words!!!

  3. Yes, I think I understand too. I love the idea of illustrating a vision or idea and you clearly tell beautiful stories through your artwork Johanna! What a peaceful scene, very comforting and of course Charley is there.

  4. I love the drawing… It has such a joyful quality – very peaceful and serene. I do understand what you are saying, and they are wise words to remember because accepting ourselves and our own unique talents allows us to grow and develop authentically. Thanks for the inspiration. Xoxo

  5. Finding your own style with art is a lot like a writer finding her own voice. Absolutely essential. As you know, I’m a big fan of your work.

  6. Excellent work Johanna,I really like the way you presented your superb work and your thoughts,the thoughts of a talented and inspirational artist.Stay well and keep shining 🙂

  7. I’ve thought about fiction writing. It doesn’t really matter how serious or how silly it is, how many details are reflections of real life or how many are pulled from thin air. The best fiction is ALWAYS a *true* story, just as your illustration at the top is.

  8. Your illustration of your house is lovely Johanna. It’s so true that the art pieces that mean the most to us are the pieces that capture a moment or memory.

  9. 😀 your home is just as delightful as I thought it would be. Your little picket fence, fountain and generous shade tree looks just like a storybook home. You say it’s all white now? How fabulous that must be. Hey? Have you ever seen a film where the opening scene is an illustration and as the camera pans over it, it morphes into live action? The birds would fly into the sky, there’d be the sound of the water fountain, maybe conversation just inside the door and the sleepy dog might stand up and wag a tail. That’s what happened in my-minds-eye when I moved from your illustration to the photo. I love the idea of standing in an illustration that comes to life. Even sweeter when Charley’s there to snuggle x<3 k

    PS Did you ever see the movie Pleasantville (I loved it so much), I think they used this technique

  10. Oh yes Johanna, you make complete sense. Your sketch encapsulates your favourite place and the relaxed and comfortable feeling you get when you are there. Your yard is a three dimensional place that has to be walked through and viewed from many different angles. The sketch has to convey all that but from just one viewpoint and has to be a well-composed piece of art-work at the same time. You have to move things around a bit! It’s a lovely sketch of a lovely place. xx

  11. I’ve not yet seen one of your drawings that I haven’t liked. This landscape is wonderful and captures the comfort and peace that a favorite place should be

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