After the Midsummer Full Moon


I am really enjoying my new sketchbook project. Committing myself to this, makes me simply work harder and think more about my drawing and art. I look at world with a sharper eye, because a week has passed in a blink of an eye.

So in the corner of a page I doodled this full moon because I love it when the moon is full and this year at Midsummer it was so special. I also love folktales, like the hare/rabbit in the moon. Isn’t it remarkable that so many cultures have a tale about a hare/rabbit in the moon?


It inspired me to make this drawing. (this one is without stars)

Nu ik elke week een pagina van mijn schetsboek laat zien, werk ik veel harder en let ik meer op wat een goed onderwerp is om te schetsen …want een week is zomaar voorbij. Ik tekende een schetsje van de volle maan met een haas in hoekje van een bladzijde. Ik maakte er deze tekening van want ik vind t prachtig als de maan vol is en dit jaar was t zo speciaal met midzomer. En ik houd erg van volksverhalen, t verhaal van de haas op de maan komt in veel culturen voor maar ik geloof niet in in Nederland.

Love and Liefs, Johanna


47 thoughts on “After the Midsummer Full Moon

  1. It’s funny, I see the fluffy bunny looking up at the skinny bunny lustfully wishing to be skinny too. 🙂 Am I projecting? Love the stars. It adds something. Could you be our next Beatrix Potter?

    • I was laughing out loud when reading your comment…I had not realize it but it is a nice chubby bunny, right? Maybe it wants to go to the moon because the fox was eyeing his juicy thighs ;o) But then I blushed…ah no, Marlene, I do not think I can hold a candle to Saint Beatrix, but I did a little dance after your your wonderful comment! xoxoxo

  2. I love these sketches Johanna. I love the bees, the flowers, the rabbits. I feel like I’m going on an adventure looking at these drawings. 😊

  3. I thought I knew a lot of folklore but I’ve never heard about the rabbit moon before! I love these stories and knowing them makes the drawing all that much more delightful!

  4. Keeping an art journal always makes me more aware of future projects! Lately I’m enjoying nature in my journal which is why I like this sketch you created so much! Love your creativity, Johanna!! Love bunnies too! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Oh my, Hares are among my most favorite of animals (do not tell Jack Henry and Hubble 😉 ) and your images are just so lovely-I have been working on an embroidery project using this same motif of the hare and the moon-it is fascinating that this particular theme resonates with so many-Beautiful, beautiful sketches Johanna! Pats to the Princess!

    • That is interesting because Kerry wants to do an embroidery of this as well. I hope you show it when finished! And yes…Charley shares my love for Hares ( and other wildlife…but only because she chase them out of the garden. She once got hold of a squirrel but thank goodness she spat it out right away and then scraped her paw over her tongue for a while as if the hairs bothered her ;o) The squirrel got away unharmed…probably thanking the Great Squirrel up above for his luck!!!

  6. I am enjoying seeing all your lovely sketches Johanna. I hadn’t heard about the hare in the moon until a few months ago when my daughter told me about it. I am glad you are finding the sketchbook useful. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

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