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sketchbook07-11-16002Working my way through the hot summer here..I am a Fall/Winter girl, can you tell with all my whining???;o)
Anyhue, we got lots of rain, which was excellent for the garden. It did not improve humidity but in my nice cool house I could pretend Fall started. I love rain, I really do. Coming home with Charley, soaked and than drying of, snuggle up with tea and a book. Heaven!!


Ha, and of course, I leave you with my favorite rain song!

T zal wel aan mijn Hollandse achtergrond liggen maar ik heb echt geen bezwaar tegen regen..zelfs niet tegen de warme zomerregens hier (ik ben echt wel meer een herfst en winter meisje) 

Love and Liefs, Johanna


42 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project

  1. Good morning, Johanna,
    I really like the rain sketches. And rain, too – sometimes. We had quite a bit – and beneficial at that – this spring, but now we’re back in our usual pattern of hot and dry summer days.
    I wish you a great week,

      • Hi Johanna,
        Well, yes and no. In some parts – quite a few actually – Texas is certainly hot and dry, especially West Texas. But in the east it’s quite humid and, as that area experienced lately, it can be extremely wet. And then there’s the Panhandle with its frequent blizzards in winter. Texas is so big that it has very different climates. But whatever: it’s worth a visit. So why not come donw here some time?
        Have a wonderful day,

  2. I know what you mean about coming in from the rain and getting warmed with tea and towel. We had some great storms at our cottage this week–wish you could have drawn them! Big fluffy clouds and dark grey skies. I love your sketches–does Charley have a bunny friend? That would be lovely!

    • Ah no, Chalrey dos not have a bunny friend…my Princess does not abide with other animals unless they are juicy and well done ;o) I do hope you get lovely weather on your vacation too!

  3. I like the watering can, taking a rest because it’s raining so hard! And all the happy people in the rain–will the witch melt in water, like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz?

    • Haha, I had not ven thought of the watering can out of business …I loved the silhouette ;o) I think the wicked witch has caused her own cloud of thunder in her foul mood ;o)

  4. Hi Johanna. I’m the opposite, I’m like a lizard, give me sunshine. However, this morning, while jogging, it was warm and there was a sprinkle of rain and I thought “bring it,” — anything to cool off. There’s a certain fragrance in the air too. I love the sketches especially the umbrella sketch. Cheers. Joanna

  5. The rainy day drawings are as charming as ever, Johanna. Love them!! I had to smile at your musings because my son, while he does love summer, is a real winter person. And he also loves rainy days in the summer. While I enjoy all of the seasons, spring and summer are my favourites. Heat, humidity, sunshine, flowers… Love it all!

  6. I have a friend who feels exactly as you do about rain and fall and winter. I will forward her your post so that she can read the words of a kindred spirit. And to borrow from a certain show I became obsessed with, “Winter is coming.”

    • Haha, my oldest son is a big fan of GOT! He even has al his books signed by George RR Martin, when he met him. He told me, that man is a genuine nice guy! I saw a photo that said, ‘ Winter is coming, keep on knitting’ .Cannot wait ;o)

      • Clif and I came late to GoT, but once we were hooked, we galloped right through the HBO series. I’m not sure if we’ll read the books. Wow! Your son met Martin! How good to hear he is a nice guy.

  7. I also like rain very much, especially in summer. Here in Estonia, it just can become so cold in late autumn and winter, so when it rains and you get all wet it’s so freezing. But despite this I love rain so much, that I even don’t have umbrella (and here rains often, sometimes pouring the whole week. 🙂 )
    But I love pictures about people with umbrellas in rain and your illustrations are also adorable. 🙂

    • Ha, a kindred spirit, Hann! But I must admit, I grew up in The Netherlands and sometimes forget in this heat, that looooooong spells of rain can be dreary! I am happy you like my drawings!

  8. We have had quite a wet summer here-but with lots of thunder and lightning which the pups do not care for. I think we would all like the gentle rain showers your sketches suggest Johanna!

    • Awh, poor puppies!! Charley is the first dog I have that cannot care less about any weather. Then again, she very affraid of those metal tape measures , big bags and purses and barked a whole hour to polka dotted rain boots of a friend…sometimes one really wishes to able to read their minds!

    • Ha, I have been to England many of times and even went for my honeymoon for 3 week roadtrip to Scotland ( and only one morning of rain) I really love England/Britain and I think I would not mind living there. But I did grew up in The Netherlands and sometimes forget in the summer heat here that loooooong spells of rain can be dreary ;o) Come to think of it, I went to France too a few times and really liked it there too ;o)

  9. Love the sketches, especially the grumpy witch with her own thundercloud I also laughed a lot at your answer to Littledoglaughed ‘s comment. I can just see and hear Charley barking at your friend’s polka-dot boots! Animals are so funny and strange at times 🙂

    • Hahaha, I traveled a lot in the UK and indeed I believe I could live there too. But sometimes I forget my childhood memories from The Netherlands and the drag of endless summer rains;o) xo Johanna

  10. Great rain sketches! Love the view through the window. I find it so interesting that in Florida I didn’t enjoy the rains at all. Here, I just love it when it rains! Quite a change for me! Good song! Have a beautiful day! 😀

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