Sketch Journal Project: Pigs!


07-27-2016001Summer’s heat continues and twice we reached 40C/ 100F last week. So not much to report from the outside world ;o) Instead I studied pigs. The Youngest Mr. Walker has his birthday coming up and he always had a fondness for pigs. In his kindergarten years, he always said he would become a pig farmer when grown up but he would put a sign at the start of his drive that would say: ” Butchers Prohibited”

So this year’s birthday card in honor of that memory! He does not want to become a pig farmer anymore but he is still a great lover of animals. Β 

max & pig002
Och hemel, het is nog steeds te heet voor buiten activiteiten, van de week rees de temperatuur al 2x naar 40C! Dus heb ik binnen varkentjes bestudeerd. Toen de jongste Walkerboy op de kleuterschool zat, zei hij altijd dat hij een varkensboer zou worden maar dan wel met een bord op de oprit dat zei: ” Verboden voor Slagers!”. Hij was dan ook erg gesteld op varkentjes!
Binnenkort is hij jarig. Hij wil niet meer een varkensboer worden maar is nog steeds gek op dieren. Toch maar weer eens een gezellig varkentje op zijn kaart gezet !

Love and Liefs, Johanna

66 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project: Pigs!

    • And he also always said that he loved ham on his eggs but not the one that came from a pig ;o) Oh my, he will be 22 already and he is 6ft6…still my baby though ;o)

  1. I love this memory of yours! The Youngest Mr Walker sounds a very sensible young man. I do like your piggy drawings! Hope you’re having a good week Johanna. Best wishes, Clare xxXXxx

  2. Your pigs are very cute–and so is the youngest Mr. Walker in younger days communing with a stuffed animal piglet! I’m sure he will like your card.

  3. Great sketches, Johanna! Pigs are just so cute and I hate that bacon campaign! Such a cute picture of young Mr. Walker with his little piglet! πŸ˜€ Hope things start cooling down a bit for you. That’s definitely HOT weather you’re having. Take care!

  4. Ha! “Butchers Prohibited.” THAT’s a real pig lover! Mom also loves pigs, but more in a “Butchers Welcome – I Love Bacon” kind of way (me too)! Your pigs are adorable. They give Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web a run for his money!

    Love and licks,

    • Doing a little dance here after such a WONDERFUL compliment!!! And yes I do love sausage and bacon but I will only eat the organic ones, from the happy pigs so to speak ;o) Charley prefers chicken since all other meats make her sick….to her dismay! xo Johanna

  5. Love those pigs, Johanna! πŸ™‚ Great job!
    Here, we had a cooler day today, just about 90, and we had a short but nice shower this afternoon: wonderful!
    Take care,

  6. Hi Johanna, I like the reclining pig with its trotter on its belly.
    I can imagine with 40 degree heat, you would have the air conditioner going for at least part of the day. Right now, I have the heater going full bore – winter, brrr!

    • With a close to 100% humidity the AC is running 24/7 at the moment. I think the inventor should get a nobel prize or statue! I am a winter girl, so I envy you a little;o) I am hapy you like the fat piggy…he ate too much birthday cake!

  7. Those are wonderful drawings of pigs. I love to see the drawing process you go through. You make them so sweet. I like how you address your son here. Funny, I never thought of my son as a young Mr. Still don’t think of him as a Mr. and he’s almost 50. πŸ™‚ That photo is priceless!

    • Haha, I call them that because I am such a Jane Austen fan. And I agree, Max is almost 22 and 6ft6 but he is still my baby ;o) I am happy you liked the post so much xoxo

  8. The youngest Mr. Walker is a darling. I love his sign idea. I have a hard time driving past the local cow pasteur and seeing their sign “pick your beef” 😣 Your drawings of pigs are very cute and make me smile, all their different expressions. 😊

  9. Aren’t you having fun and making the most of your time in the air-conditioning! I like the little pig with the sad eyes and the little boy with the eyes only for piggies . . .

  10. A boy after my own heart! My youngest daughter also loved pigs when she was little, and she, too, is an animal lover to this day. “No butchers allowed” is such a great line. And, of course, your pigs are utterly charming.

  11. What lovely pictures of lovely pigs you have here, Johanna! πŸ™‚
    And I like your son. If guy love animals, he has immediately won my heart. And also a great sense of humor! Your family seems so great! πŸ™‚

  12. Those are really nice drawing of pigs. My kids always wanted to protect cows but love hamburgers. They didn’t come from a cow but were just created out of thin air.

    • Uh oh, proud mommy alert: Max lives in Toronto Canada, with his brother (they are incredibly good mates) Max is still in college studying computer programming and networking but is also scouted by Microsoft and works for them as well. Thank you for asking! And thank you for your lovely compliment!!

      • No need for an alert. Proud mommy updates are always welcome! Congratulations on raising wonderfully talented sons. πŸ™‚

  13. How enlightening your young man was at such an early age. I too would have that same sign. I actually follow Ester The Wonder Pig on Facebook and Instagram. Her dads sold T-shirts and found raised to buy a farm so she could continue to be their pet. They rescued her from someone who told them she was a mini-pig. But actually as she grew, they knew that wasn’t the case. The quotes are always in Esters voice and very entertaining. She’s got great staff πŸ˜‰ LOL. xo All your illustrations are cute and I especially loved the little one with ‘sad eyes’. Birthday wishes sent to young Mr Walker too. xo K

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