66 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project: Summer

  1. Love your artwork, it probably helps make summer bearable for you. I actually like summer most of the time. So you don’t go camping anymore? I’m thinking about trying it out again, although I think I’m too old to sleep on the ground.

    • I do go camping but in nice comfortable cabins or in RV’s (my favorite!!) so more glamping. Not in tents with little boys and dogs etc. And thank you for your lovely compliment!! xo Johanna

  2. I love summer! And I like all the things you put in your drawing, too. I could add a few. Gin and tonics, bicycling, sailing, kayaking, and lounging outside watching those gorgeous fireflies. Don’t worry. Soon you’ll be reveling in winter and I’ll be remembering summer light and warmth to get me through!

  3. Maybe a sketch of the Dutch North Sea coast would help? Or wopuld you detest “your” summer here even more then?
    Stay (as) cool (as possible),

  4. I agree about the hot weather–but you are right there are so many good things to celebrate despite it. Luckily, I have escaped the heat for a bit, and I feel much better for it. Hopefully you will get cooler weather soon.

  5. I love your sketches of the things you like about summer. I hate housework and I have to think of all the positive results of my work to enable me to get on with it! I would much rather work in the garden. I would love to see fireflies ❤

  6. Summer is my least favorite season. This one has been better than the last one. I am so ready for autumn and winter. Drawing out a way to see the best of it is good for the body. Eases some of the stress. The drawing are sweet.

  7. You’ve picked some great highlights of summer. Well done, J. Besides all of that – I also love my daily street nap on the blazing hot asphalt in my neighborhood.

    Love and licks,

  8. Oh, I love this!!! Johanna, I noticed you included fireflies, and I am curious if you still see them around your region? I hardly ever see one, but get so excited when I do. I used to see them all the time as a child, and there is something magical about them, plain and simple! Xo

  9. Yes, yes, and yes to all those summer highlights! It hasn’t been so warm here this summer as much of the rest of the country so I am not pining all the time for fall, though I’ll be happy when it comes. The thing I’ll miss most about summer is the daylight–sunset already comes so much earlier . . .

    • Mr Walker agrees with you, he is the sun soaker here. I am never happier than with a breezy dusk coming home from a walk and light the candles. ah, always somebody happy!

  10. LOL, your editing makes me laugh today. What a cute camp scene and I second your love of the humble bumble-bee. I get all excited to follow them around the garden. I love summer for everything it brings but mostly, *colour*. The colour of the trees and plants and beautiful baskets we sprinkle liberally all over town. Winter is barren and white….all white. Even our animals turn white. I also love my summer wardrobe. It’s a lot more like my personality. Why is all winter wear all blah grey, brown, black, maroon? Eeeek, it makes me shutter. Give me aqua, seafoam, pink, stripe, flowers, polka dots and everything in-between. Ka-Pow, this colourful Boomdee must go now 😀 Hello Princess Charley, my second favourite thing year round would be walks with you xoxo ta ta! K

  11. I love your self-editing 🙂 Perhaps we should meet in the middle; here we’ve got the promise of overnight snow (a very unusual event for us) Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  12. I love these sketches. The watermelon made me smile. Reminded me when I was 5 and my brother-in-law was trying to teach me how to spit watermelon seeds. My mother wasn’t impressed. Each page of your sketchbook tells a different story. 😊

  13. A wonderful way to be reminded of what summer does have to offer-though I agree, some days it is very hard to appreciate the abundance of this season-I loved the fruit and veggies! Hubble was quite fond of the summer flowers and bees (he chases them) while Jack Henry has asked when BBQ will be served 😉

    • Chalrey is just full of chagrin, she does not like the heat and misses her long walks and now the poor girl’s allergies for ragweeds has kicked in. Things are better today : we went to vet for her shot and the weather was cooler, she had a good walk. A good thing, she gained a little weight with this heat and no walks…she does not want Hubble and Jack Henry to know….

  14. My thoughts about the heat of summer are similar to yours, yet also like you, I try to focus on the positives. Your sketch captures all the goodness without the heat!

  15. Charming illustrations, Johanna, of why you do like summer. They are universal likes on my list too – except the camping, lol. I am a city slicker when it comes to that.

  16. awe Johanna… Love your illustration and hope you’re enjoying summer more than you say 🙂 Summer’s my favourite! Already missing our 17-hour days when the sky begins to lighten by 4 am ’til finally nightfall near midnight! 🙂 ♥ ❤

      • Yup! You’ll dance, while we sip some whine 😉 LoL … But I suppose it’s relative to geography, since our winters tend to overlap/hog much of what the calendar calls spring/fall :-/ Oh well, someone somewhere is always happy anyway! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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