Sketch Journal Project: Cats!


Although I am certainly not a cat hater..I cannot say I am particularly a cat lover.
To me, they are always at the look out of favoring my favorite dress with their claws and adorning my sweaters with their hairs.
But the Walkerboys do love cats and share their apartment with two of them. The Regal Leo was first and since a couple of months this rather chubby girl called Raine joined the group. My son are sensible and put her on a diet.
Raine does not see the benefits of that yet but she adores my sons and abides Leo, s all and all she is a happy girl.

So after spending so much time with them no wonder my pencils produced this page…

Wat schetsjes en foto’s van katten…niet mijn favoriete dier maar de Walkerboys hebben twee exemplaren. Meestal zetten ze t liefst hun nagels in mijn favoriet jurk of strooien hun haren op mijn trui…maar ach, t zijn toch wel schatjes en goed om es te tekenen ;o)

Love and Liefs, Johanna

64 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project: Cats!

  1. Lovely sketches Johanna. I have a love-hate relationship with cats. I like them when they’re being stupid but I can’t bear the way the play with their prey and constantly kill things. Give me a loyal and soppy dog any day!

    • I agree very much, a dog gives friendship, a cat an attitude ;o) but fact is that my sons could never take care of a dog with their crazy hours and cats do look after themselves for a big part.

  2. Raine has certainly landed on her feet settling in with the Young Mr Walkers. Love the sketches. I’m a bit of a goat person myself, but am not adverse to anything else (four or two legged) that happens along, providing they are happy to share the space rather than own it πŸ™‚

  3. I like the one peeking up at the table game…Not a cat lover myself, but there have been ones I liked. Mostly my reaction is like yours when they jump in my lap, though. I like the illustration of you wide-eyed.

  4. Wonderful sketches! A little cat info…Cats must kill about 8 mice a day if they are to survive on their own. The instinct to hunt and kill is not done out of viciousness but is instead an instinct for survival. In addition, without cats, our houses (especially mine) and towns would be overrun with rodents. So, even though I consider myself a dog person who likes cat, I certainly appreciate all that cats do for us πŸ˜‰

    • haha, as they say: a dog gives friendship, a cat an attitude ;o) but fact is that my sons could never take care of a dog with their crazy hours and cats do look after themselves for a big part. And indeed, I have seen no mice in their apartment and since Raine is on that diet she would have eaten them fur and tails!

  5. Cats are certainly different to dogs – polar opposites really. Sharing my tiny home with one of each certainly makes life interesting and often humorous! I love your sketches and love the top of your head peeking out from behind the comfy cat πŸ™‚ I’ve recently been practising making pencil sketches of cats and dogs in the evenings, as I am not good at either. I’ll be happy when I’ve reached your level of competence and ability to portray mood!

  6. Adorable kitties, J. Your models give you lots to work with. I love all their facial expressions. Plus none of them look like they want to kill me.

    Love and licks,

  7. Very cute sketches Johanna! I ❀ love cats and dogs and I had a couple of wonderful cats in my life I just painted one of them in July for the "World Watercolor Month" I guess you saw it…

    Have a great weekend…. Meow πŸ˜‰

  8. Cats! How wonderful! You know I love my cats and all cats so this is really fun to see . . . but have you told Charley? Raine looks a lot like my Roxie–a plump tortoiseshell. That photo of her checking out the tablecloth is so sweet!

    • Nobody spotted the irony yet of Raine popping out of the shelves with the photo of Charley in the back ground ;O) And I am sure Raine was looking for yet another snack to steal…the poor girl was so fat when my sons got her, it was criminal. She is so more lively with every pound she looses! Although she often claims she dying from hunger and will faint

      • You got me to go back and look! Can’t believe I missed that appearance of beloved Charley! And I know all about the antics of so-called starving cats–it’s hard to ignore them but we need to be cruel to be kind!

      • My sons are very good with cats and these two are spoiled no end but in a sensible way! Raine is much happier and healthier now…although she probably would not admit to it ;o)

  9. That bottom photo would be a YouTube go-viral image…so cute; what is that intriguing game? You’ve captured cat expressions so well, Jo! βœ”

    • Thank you so much Janina!! BTW are you aware that your gravatar does not show up anymore at your comments? People can not get a link to your great website anymore through your comments!
      and the game is called rummy cub.

  10. I love this! My family always had a cat and I loved them until one attacked me viciously. I still have scars and sometimes nightmares from that blasted cat! However, that was just one messed up cat and I find my heart softening again. Your drawings are priceless πŸ™‚

  11. Delightful! I have had cats too-but in the end I am a dog person. But they are such different creatures and your drawings remind me of how very special these animals can be. The kitty peering over the counter brought to mind a beautiful Russian Blue named Jamaica who was quite a character in the house for many years-

  12. Hi Johanna. I’m a dog person but your sketches are cool. You’ve given the cats personalities by how you’ve drawn them. So, ahem, what does Charley have to say about this? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

  13. Johanna, you’ve captured the essence of cats beautifully, even the one that says “too Disney”. I love all animals, and currently live with three cats, each one wonderfully unique.

    I’m glad the Walker boys are taking good care of their kitties. Wonderful photos and sketches as always. You have the artist’s eye.

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