Lately…Important Nothings and Downton Abbey!



Well we had a little breather with cooler weather last weekend. Mr. Walker and I enjoyed a good walk at Rowe Woods..such joy!!!

Ragweed season has started and our Darling Girl is allergic to it. Her skin gets so itchy and she starts wriggling and crying. So immediately of to the vet for her shot and on coming home, she made sigh of relief and continued with her favorite activity.


IMG_1499With apologies for this rather blurry photo…but all this packing material was used to send Β the three little bottles of vitamins in the front of it….

The Walker boys and I text a lot and send each other photos during the day. The Youngest Walker Boy received some doodles making fun of the difference in height between him and his Princess (she is adorable) and him spoiling those cats! ( there is always a lot of teasing going around amongst the Walker Clan)

I showed the Oldest Walker Boy this book and we decided to challenge each other drawing a map…this was his, of course so creative and original!!


Mine…your traditional medieval map. Good practice but not very original.



And what a great book this is!! Cocktails and literature…best of both worlds and beautiful illustrations to boot!Β 


And I leave you with all these photos of the splendid costumes from Downton Abbey!!! The traveling exhibition arrived at the Taft Museum and my friends and I ordered tickets all ready last spring and were of in a thunder gallop as soon as our time came up!! There was a lot of ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aaahs’ ….and I would be very happy with that red coat!

Have a great weekend!!

Love and Liefs,

72 thoughts on “Lately…Important Nothings and Downton Abbey!

  1. So much to love about this post—your darling dog; the maps; the costumes; your creative family—oh my! Posts like this bring such happiness to my day. Create, create, create, in whatever way suits us best!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful Johanna! Charli sleeping – who wouldn’t smile or even chuckle! I hope her allergies don’t last too long. [Do you know, I thought Spring was the only time for them, I had not realised Autumn could be a hard time for suffers!] The maps are both wonderful – I wouldn’t know where to start! And those costumes, they looked amazing in the series and just as good on mannequins too. I can see you in that red coat! Being tall and elegant has its benefits – short and dumpy doesn’t look so good, no matter how beautifully designed it may be! πŸ™‚ The packaging for your vitamins is appalling – now there’s a firm that ought to be scolded!! Mustn’t forget your ‘Doodle of the Day’ pics – both fun and fab! ❀

    • Thank you Pauline for your lovely comment…and yes, ragweed is a pest. When I garden I have to treat my skin immediately too. But thank goodness there is something to be done about it…and Mother Nature must have had her reason for creating it ( it looks even ugly ;o))

  3. Oh, Charley looks so cool and content in the first picture!! I love both maps and especially Tequila Mockingbird. What a hoot that is! I can imagine a gummy fish in my drink…Glad you had some cool weather. We did too, but the heat is coming back now.

  4. Johanna,
    As always, I love to see what Charley has been doing. Ohhh, I need that book to draw a map of our town! Those clothes are just so, so beautiful. How I wish I could wear clothes like that everyday. But, maybe not in the summer.

  5. Glad to hear Charley is better now! Downton Abbey…now, that was a series! I think I was born too late and feel I belong in that era! My fave costume is the second one from the left in the top row of images.

      • Of course, Jo, we would not be maids! lol. We are too refined for that….ahem! The main benefit to me would be being chauffeured around everywhere! πŸ˜‰

  6. What a fun and happy post, Johanna! I love these glimpses of your daily life–the fun with the Walker men and that silly dog! There’s certainly a lot of creativity going around. But what is that company thinking, with all that packaging??? (Although I have to admit, I just shipped some mid-century highball glasses to a customer and they all got smashed in the mail–it makes me sort of see why excessive packaging might be a good idea!)

  7. It’s heartwarming reading of the great relationship you have with your sons, emailing art and sketches to each other. ❀ Charley, gosh he makes me smile. I love his different sleeping poses. 😊

  8. Allergies, yuck. Poor little Charley. She steals my heart in those adorable photos. And I love your all’s sketches! So very creative! Like you, sometimes I am totally amazed at the waste by some companies when it comes to shipping. Oh, I absolutely loved Downton Abbey. Their costumes must be breathtaking in person. We, too, had a couple of cooler days with open windows but temps are back up for now so it’s back to AC. Everyone says it’s been warmer than usual. Boy, am I glad I’m not still in Florida — is that a twist, or what?! LOL! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend, my friend! πŸ˜€

  9. Oh goodness, you had me chuckling over here with your doodles of the day and your pictures of your sleeping beauty! Glad she has relief from the allergies. I will have to see if I can get my hands on that book. My son’s birthday is coming up, and I think he would love it! Beautiful picture of the misty water. Take care! Xo

  10. I love this post! I am so pleased you had a little reprieve from the hot weather and were able to take a walk in such a beautiful place – your photos are breathtaking! Poor Charley and her allergies – I see she was able to have such a deep sleep once the itches had gone! That packaging!! Shocking! I love your teasing doodles and the maps you and your Oldest Walker Boy designed. Nice books – gorgeous costumes ❀
    Hope you've had a good weekend Johanna!

  11. Huge sympathy and empathy to Charlie with her allergy from me and Mr Hicks – with him being allergic all year round we know how awful they can be. So love Tequila Mockingbird!

  12. Love the photo of Charly on his back, happy with relief!
    That packaging is ridiculous! The same thing happens in our medical practice. Sigh …

  13. I wanted to ask you something about Charley. He is a mixed breed, correct? I thought mixed breeds had better chances of not being bothered by annoying things like allergies. I would get a dog in a heart beat if there was a way to get a dog like him. There is something special about Charley and it can be felt through the pages of a blog! He seems like a mixture of elegance and comedy, if you know what I mean.

    • Good questions Ginene, I have had dogs all my life of different breeds and in different circumstances. One of my dogs was even a therapy dog and my colleague when I worked as a child therapist. I often get questions about having a dog as a pet.Here are some of my thoughts for you:
      – it is wonderful that you do research before you start with a dog. Thats is always my first advise, read several books and talk to dog owners.Having a dog is first of all a commitment. They need proper training, cannot be left alone for more than 4 hours and need a good decent walk at least once a day. A dog costs money too in needing good food, vets service, grooming etc. Dogs become old and need more care when they get old. When you can indeed commit to that, a dog is a wonderful friend and companion.
      -it is not true that mixed breeds are stronger than pedigree. Mixed breed can have the same or even more trouble. Allergies are common in a hot humid climate and Charley is every day in the parks and forests so she exposed.
      -if you are considering a dog for a pet, sit down and carefully think what you need/expect from a dog. Do you want a sedate or a lively one, a walker or lap dog, do you want to go on vacations with it, do you want a family dog, does it have to get along with other pets in the house. After that you have two options: you find a matching breed and than a reliable breeder. A well breed dog will cost you around 800 to 1000 dollar.
      Or you go to the pet shelter and tell them what kind of dog you are looking for and let them advise you. It is best to have some one knowledgable with you. Sad as it looks, never ever take on a sick dog if you are not experienced with dogs and know what you are getting into! You do not help that dog with starting something you are going to regret. Look for signs of ill health like droopy dirty eyes, a dripping nose etc. Neverever buy dogs through stores or newspaper adds etc.
      _ never let looks deceive you. I trained Jack Russell terriers, they look so sweet….they are in fact delightful little monsters.;O) Grey hounds become very lazy after two or three years!
      And my last advise: always, always train your dog. A well trained dog is a happy dog and a good companion. Charley is in fact a nervous and not very sociable dog. She does not like cats and does not like to play with other dogs. She is focused on people and overprotective towards me. However because she trained, I am able to make sense of life for her. She indeed communicates wonderfully and is a great friend and excellent hiker. Charley was born on a Mennonite farm in Canada, where we lived at the time and I needed a bigger dog because we lived so remote. Her mother was at the farm and I could meet her and the whole litter. They were all strong and healthy and then Charley looked into my eyes and soul…and we are best friends since ;o) She took care of me when I was very ill a couple of years ago and she was the best medicine for me!
      If I can help you any further, please let me know! and thank you for your questions xo Johanna

      ps Charley is indeed a girl…her full name is Charley form the Mennonites;o)

      • Thank you, Johanna. I had a Cocker Spaniel for 16-1/2 years and he was a wonderful little dog, but bred by people who didn’t care anything but making money and Dickens had many, many, many health issues. He was very expensive and he suffered through operations and treatments for all his ills. Then I bought a Sheltie from some Amish people and Savannah was a real handful. Funny, bossy and cheerful, she went out for a run at my sister’s place in the country and when she was called 10 minutes later, my brother-in-law found her dead at the bottom of the steps. She was only six. So….I have not gotten another dog. Having the antique shop, I would have to find an older, calm dog who likes people, dogs and cats. I think I will just enjoy Charley through your blog. Thank you for all the work you did to write me back and I hope others will read your reply as it has so much important information. I know people who have adopted dogs with no forethought on breed type and had disastrous results. Getting a dog is not something that should be done without forethought.

      • Seems to me, you are a good dog person! So sorry to hear about Dickens and your Sheltie. From what you tell me, I would guess that welsh springer spaniel would be perfect for you: nice size, a calm dog that is focused on people, smart and very eager to be trained. you never know, Ginene, what will on your doorstep on day! For now big hugs and kisses from Chalrey indeed.

  14. Good Morning dear Johanna, I’m over the moon with Princess Charley’s sofa surfing photo. That is just the most precious thing. All tucked in and cozy…sigh…the simple joys in your day are magical. Thank heavens the vet is able to provide relief. I’m sure, you’re like me and worry endlessly when a pet is unhealthy and unhappy. I see a little door stop that I recognize πŸ˜€ I had a little mouse door stop at the lake and now I’m wondering where it’s gone too, funny that. Now, I really love the lighting on your lake photo’s especially the first one with the sun shining perfectly through the canopy. The mirrored image of the clouds in the water is heavenly too. Hey?! Did I ever mention that I visited the town that Downton filmed in? An excursion on our trip to London in July. A very quaint place. But I’d be keen to see the costumes, gah! Lucky you!! Will you add colour to your map? It’s been terrific to start my day here, big hugs all around. xo K

    • I certainly did see your Downtown Abbey travels review and enjoyed it ever so much!!! maybe when I have the time, I will finish that map, even ‘antique’ it…Big hugs from Chalrey and Yours Truly!

  15. So glad Charley is able to get relief for her allergy. I remember being bothered by ragweed when we lived in New York. The pollen of the day here is from wattle trees. Everything is covered in a fine yellow ‘dust’. Love your communications with the Walker boys.

  16. Very lovely drawings as always!! πŸ™‚ Love the maps πŸ™‚ Oh and those wonderful costumes! I just love Downton Abbey sooo much πŸ™‚ Would love wearing anything from that show πŸ˜€

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