Sketch Journal Project: Crayons and Finished Work!

SJP1 sept 16001

I practically always work with color pencils and fine liners. I love it, I can make the drawings that are in my head. However, I do have a desire to make my work more ‘loose’ ,more movement in it, more like the 1950 plate decoration shown here and which I love so much. I am playing here with watercolor crayons and I really love it. I am quite happy after this first attempt and I will continue playing with it.


living room 4004And finally, all the illustrations are finished for the Children’s Book (fingers crossed, though) These are last two. Hopefully within two months I will be able to show full finished result!!!(fingers, legs and eyes crossed here!)

cast away 3003
Ach soms will je wel eens wat anders, eens experimenteren. Ik werk altijd met kleurpotloden en zwarte stift. Maar ik zou ook weleens werk willen maken dat er ‘losser’ uit ziet, met meer beweging. Zoals dat alleraardigste jaren 50 bordje bv.
En eindelijk de laatste illustraties voor t kinderboek af…nu flink duimen dat er binnen twee maand een boek op tafel ligt!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

61 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project: Crayons and Finished Work!

  1. I am using watercolour crayons more and more Johanna, especially to lay down a colour base for later applications of paint. I love them too 🙂 Your illustrations show a wonderful fluidity I think.

  2. Congratulations Johanna! I am so looking forward to seeing your completed book! My younger daughter usually works with water-colour pencils as she finds them so much easier to manage than paint brushes. She also uses a little pipette-like thing with a brush end which she fills with water and uses to move the colour about. I’m sure you know about these. Love Clare xx

    • Thank you so much Clare. So encouraging!!! This is the first time I am really excited about a different medium for pencils and fineliners. Definitely will do more with this! I have not tried the pentel brushes yet but will look into it! Is your daughter enjoying her studies? Does she have a blog?

      • My pleasure Johanna! My daughter did well in her exams in the summer so next week she is starting on a two year graphic art course at her college which she is pleased about. She doesn’t have a blog but follows other people on Tumblr. I am hoping that she will write a guest post for me soon. xox

  3. I so enjoy the peak you’ve given us into your sketchbook. I love the movement with the dog, one ear covering one eye. 👍 Your illustrations make me want to know and read the story. Congratulations. Can’t wait to see the completed book.

  4. The sketchbook drawings this week are really fun! I like the look you’re achieving with the watercolor crayons and I love the dog drawings, with the ears blowing around! Autumn! Now, about the book–what happens next? The drawings are really evocative–they almost tell the story themselves but leave enough up in the air that I want to know the rest!

    • That dog calls out for being drawn out in large. It is cooling down again here and we have a nice breeze, love it and its inspiring ;O) So about the book: it is up to the writer now on what happens next. She will have one more good look and after a good thought she has decided to do a self publication (which I am pleased with) If she is happy, than it will be a lot of cutting and pasting to get text, illustrations and lay out perfect. And a book cover has to be made…I am waiting for her suggestions for that. But for the coming long weekend, i have my sketch book all to myself ;o) Wishing you a lovely long weekend!!! xo Johanna
      ps your comments are always very encouraging!

  5. The illustrations are charming. I love all the detail in the room. I have encountered water colour pencils, but I haven’t come across water colour crayons yet. I must keep an eye out for them.

  6. Love your Sept. drawings with the wind blowing the dogs ears. 🙂 Congrats on getting the book drawings done. Quite expressive and very exciting. Crossing everything for you too.

  7. I look forward to seeing the book-and I love the drawing of the dog and his ears-very delightful indeed. I also quite envious of the dinnerware you are showing. what a fabulous mid-century modern pattern!

  8. fijne zondag Johanna en Charley meisje 😀

    Google translate helps with my greetings this morning as I finish my cappuccino here with you. Really exciting to see some of your drawings before the children book is finished. The beach photo looks alarming to me! Gah! maybe his boat sank? Well, Disney was the king of story telling in my day and I think there was a lot of tension added in to ensure the happy endings were something to really celebrate. So I’m sure I can be optimistic here, LOL. I’ve got 3 sets of Prima Watercolour Pencils and since I’m not an illustrator use them with my rubber stamps. You’re an endless source of inspiration. I love that the wind has blown the doggies ear over his eyes and it made me laugh because I just shared this selfie-fail with my friends on Facebook. I had almost knocked off my glasses into the river when I wanted to brush my hair away in this breezy photo….LOL xo K

  9. I love the illustration with woman and little girl. Good luck with the book! I have my fingers, legs, eyes etc crossed! 🙂 (I tried to cross my toes too, but it’s quite difficult. 😀 )

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