Sketch Journal Project: Fungi and Crayons


For a couple of days the weather was really cooler and for the first time in weeks Mr. Walker and I had a proper hike, up at Rowe Woods.
Nature is changing, the leafs are looking tired, some are falling already. The last flowers are blooming and lots of beautiful mushrooms and fungi everywhere. I love those, such extraordinary shapes and forms.

It inspired me to make an early fall drawing and playing some more with the water color crayons. I really like the possibilities and it creates a bit of roughness around the edges, so to speak. Not entirely happy with this but quite pleased.

And lovely to do now the heat has returned yet again…

Love and Liefs, Johanna

58 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project: Fungi and Crayons

  1. Love your drawings and your photos.
    We saw the coolest fungi last weekend. One was like a yellow sponge. The other orange and spiky. I couldn’t believe it was in high altitude in Colorado!

  2. I love those fungi that grow like platters off a dead or dying tree–that photo with the tiny ones is pretty cool! And i like the way you capture, in your drawing, the moss growing on the tree stump, starting the decay and making fertile ground for more fungi. And, of course, the bunny peeking out from behind!

    • I believe they are called ridge or ledge fungi…but in Dutch they are called faery couches which I think is so much more poetic! That bunny got a piggy snout by accident…I left it like that, looks kind of cute ;o)

  3. Your drawing has a very fairy garden feel to it. I was looking for the fairies hiding in there. I did not know about water color crayons. I see a Christmas gift for my artistic children (adults) in the future. 🙂 I loved your photos of all the fungi. Beautiful.

  4. Very charming and of course I adore all the critters you’ve cleverly tucked into your sketch. I think that howl is ready for a nap 😀 The kitty is so curious and yet gentle I would imagine because the birdie looks calm and content. I’ve spent some time this week making snail mail for a new friend in Belgium, so that snail made me smile. Cheers my dear xo k

  5. I love the snails and the bracket fungi. Awesome art, spectacular photographs. I admire specimens of the kingdom fungi. 🙂

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