Lately: Sketch Journal Project and Knitting and More…


So my plan was to do Fall garden work…but the heat came back and I decided to focus on my other projects after a few very sweaty days.
And many of you commented on my last drawing that they missed the fairies…”its hard to see them and they never stand still” I replied ;o) So I had to give it another try!

So quite a few my other projects which involved lots of knitting! This is my first sweater knitted from the top down with wonderful Jamieson Shetland yarn I managed to purchase at a wool gathering last year. Finally decided on what to knit with it. Knitting from the top down is actually brilliant: since I am so tall (6ft+) I have to adapt all patterns and now I could put this all on life lines and have a fit to check if it works so far!! I am a very happy girl.

How glorious: blocking a lovely merino and yak yarn shawl on a cool day with the autumnal sun pouring through the lace curtains. I love the smell of of wet wool. I had so many leftovers from this year that I knitted the pattern to match it. Its going to be donated to one of my friends’ Church group, so it will bring comfort to somebody that really needs it.

More comfort knitting for a good cause are these lovely preemie hats for our Sick Kids Hospital. These are mostly knitted from my leftover silk yarns, so soft. I try to make something special of each little hat.

My poetry mittens are almost done!!! And I started with some Christmas stockings, another ‘how-to-use-up-leftovers’ project. I will knit a few more and I think they might make nice Christmas presents.


img_0012And this bear is my faithful friend for as long as I can remember. She was a hand me down from my much older brother and we have been inseparable ever since. Her name is Anne Marie and indeed she has a keen sense of fashion and several outfits to match the seasons. This pretty Fair Isle number is the latest addition. I was going to steek it but with so many WIP’s I just opted for pretty buttons and my dear friend was happy, as always.

A lot of this knitting, I did whilst I was traveling. I was in Toronto with the Walker Boys!!! We had a few lovely walks and a Thanksgiving Picnic in High Park.

And had to knit this hat in a hurry…because Mr. Walker took me for a wonderful trip to…can you guess where I was?

More about that tomorrow!

Och hemel, van die tuinplannen kwam niet zo heel veel terecht! De hitte kwam met volle vaart weer terug en na een paar wel erg zweterige dagen besloot ik me te focussen op andere projecten. Toevallig nogal wat breiwerkjes. Shawls en mutsjes voor t goede doel, kerstsokken en zgn poëzie wanten, een vest in wording en dat rode mutsje. Ik heb veel gebreid toen ik bij de Walker Boys was afgelopen week maar dat rode mutsje was voor een leuk onverwacht reisje. Ik vertel morgen meer!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

66 thoughts on “Lately: Sketch Journal Project and Knitting and More…

  1. Watch out for those fairies! And, oh, that knitting. Glorious! Love the woods quotation! Where did you get it?

    • These are the first lines of the lovely poem by Robert Frost ” Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. I am pretty sure you will like that poem very much! And thank you Laurie!!!

  2. Welcome back. I haven’t knitted since I was a teenager, but plan to take it up again this winter. Seeing all your gorgeous knitting projects makes me want to head right out and get some needles.

  3. Looks like you’ve been busy, Johanna! 💚😊 Always enjoy seeing what you are creating! The preemie hats are adorable! I especially like the owl! 😄 And I also like your poetic mittens and colorful stockings. You are so clever! 🎨🌟👍🍂

  4. I love everything featured here today Johanna! You have been super busy and creative!! ❤ The hat featured for the mystery outing looks like the perfect one for my head – is it your pattern? And if it is are you on Ravelry selling it?

  5. I love all the things you have featured in this post! Those little fairies are sweet and so clever of you to have drawn them from above. The knitting all looks wonderful – especially those stockings! Can’t wait to find out where you’ve been!

  6. Wow! Such a cool sketch. The colours, the perspective, I like to think this is the scenery my little dog Ozzy is privy to. 😊

    Poetry mittens and those little preemie toques (remember I’m Canadian) really warmed my heart. Without getting political, but even being Canadian, there’s been lots of exposure to the uglyness of an election going on, and it was heart-warming to see that in other areas of the world people (you) are doing such generous acts of kindness. Thank you.

    • I don’t bother much with politics. I have little influence on it, I cannot even vote. But I can have a positive influence in my own every day life so thats where my focus is. I am happy you enjoyed the post!!

  7. I love your knitting! I knit and I use my leftover yarn to make hats for kids who need them. Your hats are so cute 🙂

  8. Wish I had your gift; I particularly enjoy the way you colour-combine with the knits, very special! Love all of them, and your lovely drawing. Glad you’re back!

  9. Delightful post, Johanna! Such beautiful knitting. Lucky little Anna Marie… she’s gotta be one of the best dressed teddies around! Well, I am looking forward to reading all about your trip (… to the Laurentians in Quebec? That’s my wild guess, anyhow. Lol) xoxo

  10. Oh Johanna what a beautiful post I love your sketch and I love you knitting work. I used to knit a lot in the past, I did learn at very young age and enjoyed to create lots of things! I love your poetry mittens so beautiful and the cute teddy bear sweater I used to do the same! ❤ Keep up with your great work I always enjoy your blog! 😉 ❤ (")_(*_*)_(")____

    • Welcome to my blog!! I am happy you stopped by for a visit and leaving a lovely comment! I moved so many times that my bear was a ‘constant’ and I guess thats why I always honor her with keeping her on display and in neat out fits ;o) Although I was a easy going mom my boys knew that this bear was not for them!

  11. Oh Bertie is so jealous of your little bears jumper! I will have to show my mum and get her knitting one for him, especially now we have come back to the cold UK for a bit!
    Love the bear with the apple on his nose and the fabulous poetry mittens!!!
    I must have just missed this post when I checked a few days ago 😊

    • Well i was happy to see the next post visible in the reader. Just a blib that did not need my poor computer skills ;o) Bertie will be delighted for sure with a hand knitted sweater from mom! And thank you for your nice compliments!!! Xo

  12. You are gifted with everything you touch! I love every single thing in this post. Those poetry mittens, the sweater (green, my favorite, tall, yup) and those preemie hats. I downloaded patterns to do just that, but first I have to learn how to knit again. I love that you made them in soft silk. Your garden, deck, bear and sweet pooch in the background all scream early fall. I hope the darn weather finally catches up with you. I hear more heat in the next few days. Ugh!

    I’m so happy you’ve been away on lovely trips. I recognized the Walker cats right away.

  13. Popped in to say hello and got an eye full of crafty wonder. My gosh Johanna! Do you knit in your sleep? You are a machine. Love those poetry mittens. Now is the poem knitted in as you go and just magically appears row after row? Astonishing! What a talent you are. I noticed Charley girl out in the sunshine on the lawn! Lucky girl, she really has a lot of room out there. What is that mauve shrubbery past her in the distance? It looks so soft. I like that you make Anne Marie new wardrobes and that she’s known your caring hand all these years. I haven’t anything from my childhood but that would be awesome. You’re very dear to knit for charity and the hospital, but of course, I already knew this about you ❤ xo B

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