Yellow-bellied Marmots in the Rocky Mountains


When we visited the Rocky Mountains last yearΒ ,we did not see any they seemed to be everywhere. How I love them. At this time a year, they so fat and their coat is beautiful: ready for hibernation!



They have a strong social life and look out for each other. I love their sassy stern looks.
They were hardly afraid of us. In fact, research shows they rather seek the company of humans knowing that their arch enemies, birds of prey and foxes will stay away. Smart cookies!!


dsc_2375I also love they idea of them snuggled up in their cozy burrows, sleeping the cold month away.


dsc_2345In tegenstelling tot onze vorige reis naar de Rocky Mountains, zagen we nu overal wilde marmotten! Zulke mooie, stoere dieren. Ze zijn onderling bijzonder sociaal en nu op zijn mooist : moddervet met een dikke vacht, klaar voor de winter slaap. Deze slimme dieren zoeken juist gezelschap van mensen, omdat ze weten dat hun aartsvijanden , de roofvogels en vossen dat juist niet doen! Slimme rakkers!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

42 thoughts on “Yellow-bellied Marmots in the Rocky Mountains

  1. They are soooo cute! We don’t have marmots in Australia. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pics. The colours in the photos are gorgeous too!

  2. I’m blown away by your photos! They are so crisp and clear and perfect. Are you using a telephoto lens or did you get so close to these little furballs?

    • yes, we took out our fancy photo equipment for this. We use a D7100 Nikon camera and most of the photos were shot with a 300mm or a 200 to 500mm..needles to say that Mr. Walker carries the camera bag ;o) But we could get pretty close to them, they really don’t mind the humans since they discovered they give them protection. calling them tame would be many steps too far ;o)

  3. Well, they certainly blend in very well with their environment, and are cute too! To me they look a little like a beaver, especially with that furry tail version. I’m always happy whenever I sight native wildlife. Where I live, that means cute but timid (very smart) ringtail possums and all the different native and non-native birds, as they love our garden. πŸ™‚

    • I love possums, we have them here too. Some people say they look here so ghost like with black eyes and silver grey fur, less cute than your ringtails. But i do love them. A blog friend from new Zealand send me a ball of possum yarn, most intriguing. Still have knit it , I am looking for the perfect project! Thanks for a great visit Jan!

  4. They are adorable little critters. They must see humans as friendly giants. And believe me, there are many times when I would like to sleep away the winter and emerge in the spring. 😊

  5. When we lived in Alaska, I loved seeing marmots on hikes–elusive, whistling, charming things. But, after a night camping at Lincoln Rock State Park in Wenatchee, Washington, I will never feel the same about them. The park was INFESTED with hordes of fat, garbage-eating marmots. The minute someone left a campsite, marmot battalions descended, flattened out like huge furry leeches (as if they could avoid detection), scouring every inch of the campsite for any yummy leavings. Like giant rats. Slightly nightmarish.

  6. So now, my previous question is answered. You might not be aware, but I’m going backwards in your posts. These little cuties are Marmots!! Well, I never. Chubby, furry things always make me go awwww. They are wonderful xo B

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