More Wildlife From the Rocky Mountains


I cannot describe how it feels for me to hike early in the morning and see the beautiful scenery Mother Nature created and the privilege of watching her inhabitants up close and personal. The mighty elks were rutting..what a magnificent sight and sound. Just like last year in Yellow Stone park.



Ground squirrel..much smaller than the marmot.


Finally the amazing blue Steller’s jay..not really rare but so hard to get in front of the camera!


Mule Deer, I love those enormous big ears. This is a baby.


Naughty chipmunks everywhere…this cheeky fellow ran over my shoulder , jumped right in my backpack and ran of with my plantain chips!! And ate them and stashed them right under my nose!!! I had a good laugh ;o) See how fat he is…also ready for winter!


Not sure what hawk this is…


The beautiful grey jay, they are so tame!



We also saw a bear..a black teenager bear, right next to the hiking path. It was beautiful and enjoying lots of berries. We startled each other…and it ran of quickly: that was beautiful too!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

49 thoughts on “More Wildlife From the Rocky Mountains

  1. What a post and what pictures! Oh, my, how I loved hiking with you and your husband. That was certainly a cheeky chipmunk—pun intended. Their eastern cousins are much shyer.

    • In lots of national park, the chipmunks are so sassy, because they know they have nothing to fear and that those backpacks contain the goodies! And thank you for a lovely comment!!

  2. My gosh you’vemail taken some amazing photos! The different Jay’s are gorgeous. The chipmunk, yes cheeky little critter, but he is cute. A great hiking adventure.

  3. Johanna! Stunning photographs! That hawk, and the elks… wow! I love the close up of the various birds, too. Your encounter with the bear sounds rather frightening. It is my understanding that bears are more likely to attack when startled. On the other hand, if they hear you coming, most times they will try to clear out before you see them. Glad all was well and it turned into a wonderful memory instead. Great post! Xoxo

    • I am never happy to meet up with a bear, they are unpredictable indeed. Cougars will hunt people too. Wolves are not interested in humans. Generally bears are good natured in Fall, they are fat and happy. But this was not a grown up bear and I was worried were mom was. Bear moms are fierce defenders of their off spring. I understand that but I rather not end up between mom and her young. its that strange mix of being fascinated and afraid at the same. Common sense should prevail and we walked quickly on with indeed lots of noise and warned upcoming hikers ;o) I am very happy you liked the post!!!

  4. What an amazing country to hike through Johanna! So many sights and sounds too no doubt. For me it is the first photos that take my breath – elks! What amazing creatures they are wearing those branches on their heads. We have nothing like that here so my only experience is through photos and film. I imagine close up they feel very powerful. Thanks for taking us with you ❤

    • yes Pauline, Elks are very imposing! They are big and their antlers are so enormous that I wonder how they keep their head up right. And you have to keep a safe distance, especially in rutting season. We have seen them in villages attacking cars and humans who came too close. I love their call, it’s such a prehistoric sound, its magnificent!!! I ma happy you enjoy it all!

  5. What a wonderful trip you had (I checked out the marmots, too). So many beautiful animals and birds. It sounds as though you escaped Cincin spectacularly! Thanks for taking such gorgeous photos and sharing…

    • Thank you! And yes, both Mr. walker and I are passionated about photgraphy and have collected over the years some good cameras and lenses..needless to say that Mr. walker carries that backpack ;o)

  6. Such exquisite photos and one of my favorite subjects too: animals in the wild. Beautiful shots one and all.

    I’m stunned that a chipmunk would be so bold, but my what a funny story. Good thing he stayed around for the photo op. Cheeky indeed!

    I can almost smell the beautiful scents of the Rockies. Mmmmmm. There is nothing like it.

    • Hi Gerrie, welcome!! Isn’t blogging wonderful! You can travel all over the world and see the most fantastic places, like your beautiful Canberra! Happy coincidence, we met on our hikes in the RM a few people from Canberra and hiked a few hours together. Very nice people!

  7. Wow, these photos are incredible, Johanna! So beautiful!
    I asked under the previous post about the name of the bird, before looking this post. Now I know, it’s grey jay. Beautiful bird. 🙂

    It’s great to see so many wonderful pictures of animals. Thank you for showing them! 🙂

  8. It’s amazing to me that there was such a variety of wildlife to see! I get all excited if I see one deer and you must’ve been overwhelmed by all these different critters. As always, your photos are superb.

  9. I love all these beautiful photos Johanna so much wildlife and great nature! Your photo are so inspiring also to paint and sketch some of them! 😉 I also hike so I can totally appreciate these beautiful images! ❤ hugs! Carolina

  10. Really nice series of photos, Johanna. While we are seeing lots more of these animals in the East, I do miss seeing them in the West.
    Love the chipmunk story!

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