Sketch Journal Project: Home and When Traveling and a Sweet Story!


Ha, despite all my traveling, I did not forget my personal challenge to use my sketchbook on a weekly bases. I packed my crayons and a travel sketchbook and let myself be inspired by the Rocky Mountains.
On coming home I decided to redo the bear…the first one was too fuzzy!

The sketch of the little girl has a sweet story. Whilst having our picnic lunch, Mr. Walker and I were happily observing a school class on a day trip at the lake at the foot of St. Mary’s Glacier. Myohmy, their teacher was telling such interesting stories and those kids were so attentive and interested. After that, they had some explore time before they were heading home. This one girl caught our attention when she said to her friend: ” I need to find a good spot for day dreaming, this is an excellent place for it!” Her friend looked confused and asked what she meant. In a matter-of-fact kind of way she patiently explained: ” Daydreaming is thinking about the things you love!” . She climbed on a rock and sat still…her friend looked in awe, she climbed on a rock too and started eating her lunch, in total silence.
Mr. Walker and I smiled, and concluded that this confident daydreaming girl is a promise for the future!!!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

59 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project: Home and When Traveling and a Sweet Story!

  1. Oh what a happy sketch! I love the apple on the nose of the bear and all the lovely flowers around him. Fuzzy bears are good too. The Moose looks like he has a story to tell someday soon. But the sweet little girl has wonderful parents that encourage day dreaming. How lucky for her. Love the sketch of her. Yes, you do need to keep taking that sketchbook with you. 🙂 So we can enjoy the results.

  2. You’re so dilegent about your commitment to your sketchbook Johanna, that’s inspiring. Even things I love can get pushed aside when I get busy, like visiting friends here at WP. Buts its great to have so many stories to take in all at once too. It’s like my very own little holiday. I think you might be right about the young Ms Daydreamer. Isn’t that special to be so self aware at a young age? I’d like to be the fly on the wall at her dinner table, I think I might learn something 😀 xo B

  3. Sweet sketches! And I love that story about the little girl. Sounds like a child who needs plenty of scope for her imagination ; )

  4. I especially like the moose and the camp scene as both lead the viewer to questions of the story behind the drawing. And the little girl, that was one of those moments in time, we are sometimes lucky enough to be witness to and which always remain in memory. I love that, too.

  5. Wonderful sketches Johanna, and of course the story of the little girl is wonderful – hope for the future indeed!! The moose reminds me of the Dalai Lama, with that look of humour and wisdom that precedes some pithy little thought that leaves you speechless ………. he and the little girl should get together!!

  6. All these sketches are adorable. The story of the little girl gives me so much hope. Children still daydream. Yes!

  7. I’ve never heard a better definition of day-dreaming–I will remember that always. I’ve always sort of intended to take a sketchbook when I travel and have never done it–I think I’m too sure my drawings would disappoint me. But I love looking at yours! And I know all about mythical mooses . . .

  8. What a delightful story about daydreaming and why it is important! And I love the bear–I can see a story built around that image. Wonderful work Johanna-it always brings a smile to my face-

  9. You have gathered together a bounty of sweetness in your journal and in your post. (and none of it will add to my weight or tooth decay; how good is that!) I love the bear with the fruit on its nose. And the story of the young day dreamer is beautiful.

  10. Day dreaming…how lovely! 🙂 I agree with you and Mr. Walker – as long as we have kids like her, there is hope for humanity. 🙂
    And sketches are pretty. Especially I love the first one with the bear. It’s so joyful with all these colourful berries and leaves. 🙂

  11. That story of the little girl makes my heart sing. What a treat to overhear such joy and confidence.

    Your sketches are always a delight, J, but today that Moose sketch has won my heart. I love his expressions.

    Happy travels!

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