Sketch Journal Project: More Sketches and a Knitting Retreat!!


sjpfall-2016001I have only a few sketches to show for. Fall is definitely a theme here. In my sketchbook and for a personal project.


img_0068These little pigs are for a commission. This first sketch is approved and now I have to think about filling in the background.

However..I had no time to work on it, since a few fabulous friends and I traveled to Virginia for a knitting retreat!! We were taught in the fine art of Norwegian knitting at Knitxperience by Beth Brown-Reinsel. What a fantastic teacher she was!!! I learned so much, met wonderful people and walked in beautiful scenery. Sigh…my head is still in Virginia with those lovely knitting friends.

Ik heb allen maar een paar “start” schetsjes. Wat lekker herfst gekrabbel en een eerste schets voor opdracht met t thema varkentjes! Deze schets is goed gekeurd en nu de achtergrond verzinnen. Β 
Maar ik had t even te druk met een gezellige brei vakantie in Virginia. Zo veel geleerd en zulke leuke mensen ontmoet…zucht, ik geloof dat mijn hoofd nog steeds in Virginia is!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

64 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project: More Sketches and a Knitting Retreat!!

  1. Glad the commission is going so well. The intricate knitting projects are amazing, and someone there has good taste in tea. I have visited and ordered from the Bar Harbor Tea Company in the past couple of years. Good stuff!!

    • Well spotted: that Bar Harbor Tea can is a sweet reminder of an excellent vacation in Maine and carries my stitch markers ;o) Tea was very good indeed! Thnak you, Carol, for a lovely visit!

  2. Good morning, Johanna,
    great to hear from you again. I like your sketches, especially that with the “piggly-wigglies” [to take a name from one of my favourite authors, P.G. Wodehouse]. I’m looking forward to seeing the full sketch.
    So you were in Virginia. That atate, and West Virginia, are still on our bucket list. Maybe some time soon. Those pictures you have here really make me long to get there, especially in autumn, I think, when the leaves turn.
    We’ve just returned from what I call our “railtrailroadtrip”. [I’m blogging about that trip just now, but that’ll take it’s time.] We went, by car, to the Midwest, and we had our bicycles with us to ride on some rail trails. A wonderful tour, which added 7 more states to our list in which we have bicycles10 miles at least. We hope to get all the Lower 48 on that list.
    Have a great day,

    • I did see parts of your rail road trip…trying to catch up with my fave blogs ;o)
      The leaves where already over its peak and this year with the dry summer not as pretty as other years. It is so much fun to travel to all parts of the USA and see the difference in landscapes and cultures but always meet up with American hospitality! So far we have covered 25 states…so lots more to explore ;o)
      I am happy you like the piggly-wigglies!

      • Glad you were able to see (some of) my posts about out travel. It takes quite some time to follow/catch up with ones favourite blogs, doesn’t it?
        The USA truly are a very diverse and interesting country. And I agree with you about the hospitality. People here have always been very friendly to me.
        So you have covered 25 states so far. Well, there you are ahead of me. With me it’s 17 – but more to come!

  3. Hello Johanna. There’s something about sketches and pencil drawings that I love. I don’t want to use the word “organic” because that word has been over-used. Maybe it’s seeing the beauty of the art in it’s raw form.

    Glad you had fun at the knitting retreat. 😊

  4. Thank you Johanna for stopping by my Blog! Every time when I see your cute profile picture-sketch bring me joy! I have seen that you had a great knitting retreat with beautiful photos in Virginia! I love your mittens with the classic Norwegian pattern, one of my favorite to do when I used to knit a lot! πŸ˜‰ and I love your sketches the autumn with the wind so cute like the little piggy! Have a wonderful day! Hugs ❀

  5. The knitting retreat looks perfect! I love the photos and thank-you for the links. I also adore your sweet pigs and look forward to seeing more of them. Best wishes and ❀ – Clare πŸ™‚

  6. Lovely fall sketches! 😍 The pigs are a fav of mine too… They have such great personalities! Your Autumn photos are so beautiful! 🍁 Looks like a fun retreat – I love taking art classes and making new friends. β€οΈπŸŽ¨πŸ‘ I was wondering how you would suggest I learn to knit scarves? I have never knitted but my church is looking for people to make handmade scarves for the homeless. It needs to be EASY as I don’t have a lot of extra time. Thanks for your help! πŸ’•πŸ˜Š xo

    • Too bad you don’t live close by, I would have been happy to teach you knitting. However, my advise to you: go to your local yarn shop and and sign up for lessons. There is no such thing as quickly learn how to knit, but once you have mastered the basics , there are plenty of lovely simple patterns to knit. And whatever you do…start your first knitting projects/lessons with quality yarn. Cheap acrylic will have you loose your interest in knitting very quickly! xo Johanna

  7. Not only do I love the sketches, but the Virginia scenery and the BEST knitting. I have always like umbrellas, such a feminine accessory, so you can imagine how I like the sketch of the swirls of wind and the woman grasping the umbrella. How her hair is being pulled! Johanna, you are becoming a more and more amazing artist.

    • Again, we are pulling our hairs for not living closer to each other!!! Maybe check out your local yarn store for lessons? Whatever you do, make sure you have a nice quality yarn and step away from cheap acrylic…that will ruin all joy in knitting!

  8. The retreat!! It looks wonderful–isn’t getting away like this the best? The style of knitting appeals to me a lot–that whole Scandinavian aesthetic just speaks to me. The setting looks lovely, too–SO glad you had this opportunity. And your drawings are pure delight–the pigs each have so much personality. Love it all, my dear!

  9. Wonderful pigs and wonderful knitting! Both made me smile, something I haven’t been doing much during the past few days.

  10. More piggies πŸ™‚ They put a smile on my face πŸ™‚
    The pattern on the mitten is so familiar – my grandmother used to knit exactly the same kind of mittens, and she taught me too. We have no idea where my great grandfather came from, but their surname was Kahnin or Kahn. My grandmother taught me how to knit woolen socks and mittens, and I still remember everything πŸ™‚

  11. How wonderful to have such a fulfilling and joyful retreat!
    And of course I had to go straight to the map as I was not familiar with Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, even though I live in Virginia. What a gorgeous place!

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