Lately: Peaceful, Calm and Tidy


With all the worldwide upheavals I needed more than ever my home to be a safe haven of coziness to cope and stubbornly ploughing on with what I believe is right. So here some pictures of what gives me joy and energy. This is a rainbow cloud. It’s the second time in my life, I spotted one..a good omen right?

Charley and I enjoy the Fall view from our house on top of the hill.


img_0461During our invigorating cold walks we discovered more beautiful fungi.

At the thrift store, I found this crazy vintage owl jug, which I use as a vase. It makes me very happy! (and ohlala, only $2.-)


img_1970I made some pretty toad stools myself. Sewing is not one of my better talents but this was such fun to do and I was happy with the results. Aaaand I could use these old tea pots which I bought for pennies because of the pretty decorations on them. (One man’s junk…) The pattern for these toadstools can be found on Anne Woods beautiful website.

Charley came back from her bi-weekly bath (she has a skin condition) and shivered. My darling girl is getting on in age. I loved seeing her comfortably taking a warm nap under her blanket. (Also a nice thrift find)

And lately, Mr. Walker and I love these chai chocolate pretty too in the little mason jars. Very tasty..but yes, how can chocolate not be???

And of course, the ultimate healing thing to do…baking the apple pie!

Wishing you all good apple pie moments in your life!

Love and Liefs,

88 thoughts on “Lately: Peaceful, Calm and Tidy

  1. Beautiful photos, especially that one of a rainbow cloud. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one. Apparently you have been creatively busy. Very nice..:)

  2. I’m keeping your rainbow cloud photo as I see an Angel in it. That photo gives me hope too. The photos of the fungi in the trees are so unusual and I find them quite heartwarming. Your sweet Charley under his quilt is adorable.

  3. Oh, jeez, Johanna–I do love you (and Charley!) Your post reminds me to look at the small pleasures in my world–it does help, doesn’t it, even when the big picture seems grim? Give Her Royal Highness a hug from me!

  4. Great post .. I loved every photo …& can see how they would make you happy. I’ve never seen a rainbow cloud. Charley reminds me of our family dog from years ago .. I still miss him.

  5. Love, love, love this post! How right you are that in these turbulent times, our homes need to be a calm retreat.

  6. What an inviting retreat you have. I sense a story book here. “charlie and the house on the hill”
    When my focus is in other , people,places and things that’s when I can often find peace and contentment. Thank for sharing your sight of joy and energy.
    p.s. If you ever want to get rid of that avocado green percolator I want dibs πŸ˜€ ~cheers

  7. Beautiful post Johanna! That rainbow cloud is lovely! I’ve never seen one and you’ve now seen two? Lucky! I also love the owl jug and the cute toadstools. Such a cosy, comforting home you have to be sure. Apple pie – I must make one!

  8. Thanks for showing us all that beauty. I know exactly what you mean about having a lovely calm place to come home to. I love your rainbow cloud. I see them, too, but you have to be looking up!

  9. What a wonderful atmosphere at your house inside and outside! You have such a cuteness to create all these beautiful little seasonal and theme – vignettes I love them. I was lucky to spot the rainbow clouds here too! But I had no chance to take a photo, your photo is beautiful! Now I love that apple pie I can smell the cinnamon one of my favorite! Cheers! ❀

    • Thank you so much…and on a different note: I saw the comment on the page for Inspiring People. I really have to update that page and I will put you in it!! Hopefully before the end of week…xo Johanna

  10. Oh my – that picture of Charley sleeping under that colourful blanket did my heart good. This was the kind of post I needed, but didn’t know I needed until I read it. Beautiful pictures. The owl vase! Awesome find! I can’t believe how beautiful the view from your yard is. Wow! Take care!

  11. Reading your post feels like a little oasis in this crazy world. I loved seeing Charley cozy under a blanket, and also peering out over your deck. What a view! I love all the little touches that make a house a home. Sending love. xo

  12. Hi Johanna. I totally understand wanting to seek comfort during these times. Well, I have never seen a rainbow cloud. It’s gorgeous. Thank you for that. Being a dog – person, I smile when I see Charley. I love my own dog and I love Charley. He has a Zen to him.

  13. You have such a lovely view from your porch, and that view included Charly.
    What a sweet picture of Charly snuggled up under the blanket ❀

  14. dear aficionado : i like all these pictures. mainly the glass in shape of owl + the mushroom on the tree .

    long p.s. when I see the sky , and a great fan of clouds, it is a confused sight if it are really clouds or the steam out of the rear of aeroplanes. sometime I watch the paintings of Renaissance over Venice compared with nowadays. a Tintoretto or a Canaletto should be in trouble to paint sky and cloud.

    hugs from Italy by


    • Rinaldo, thank you so much for such a wonderful comment!! Its the first time I have been called an aficionado and it has my ears flapping with joy!!!
      We are up for Thanksgiving here and I don’t think that is a special day in wonderful, beautiful Italy (with the best food in the world!) but I still wish you Happy Thanksgiving!!
      Chiao from Ohio, Johanna

  15. I saw the title and checked in for a little calm, like Charley I am shivering today. But I disagree with your title, you have been as busy as a bee. I have never, seen a rainbow cloud, – looks pretty.

    • Ah, but calm is something from your inner core, right? Something you feel. I can be busy and nervous, and busy but calm…I definitely prefer the latter ;O) Hope you are warm by now,Happy Thanksgiving!! xo Johanna

  16. Oh, Johanna, it’s so cozy post. πŸ™‚
    Now if it’s colder outside, comfort and coziness in home are what I need most. I like how you did your decorations. It makes me want to decorate my home too.
    And I have bunch of apples I must use before it’s too late. Your apple pie looks delicious. I’ll make something similar. πŸ˜›
    The photo about rainbow cloud is truly amazing. πŸ™‚
    Take care! πŸ™‚

      • Nah. I held it too long in the oven and it was dry and flat like sole of the boot. :S The only good thing was that I added the cardamom which made it tastier and gave it very good smell. If the pie was warm and I ate it with vanilla ice cream, it was pretty good. But yeah, next time better. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  17. Aren’t thrift stores wonderful!! I totally enjoyed your decorating ideas with the owl vase and other things. You have the eye of an artist. Keep up the good work!! Hugs!

  18. That rainbow cloud shot is just stunning! And I love the pic where Charley snuggles up, itΒ΄s so lovely and the quilt is wonderful! And that owl vase? I would have bought it too! It looks wonderful, especially with the branches in it πŸ™‚ Happy Apple Pie moments for you too and a beautiful pre-Christmas time! xxxxxx

  19. Looking through your lens, everything seems like a prize. Of course Charley is the jewel in the crown. I love her sleepy photo. Then all the vintage goodies in your charming vignettes. Like the plate your pie is on and the kettle on the counter but even all the pinecones celebrating with the mushrooms and teapots and such. A cornucopia of treasures to be sure. You’d make a good window dresser I think πŸ˜€ xo K

    • I would not mind being a window dresser, I think ;o) Its always such fun, seeing you pouring over the photos !! Thank you for all you r lovely comments and utterly delightful visit!! And yes, the joy of treasure hunting!! Did you fond anything aqua lately? xoxox

  20. oh! PS, the cloud….how beautiful is that?! Yes it really must be a good omen I think. Also, I wonder if they’re still in love, the ones who carved a heart into the tree xo K

      • Oh! I wonder too. Who? When? Then what? I guess I’ll just let my imagination fill in the blanks πŸ˜€ I think, with their grandchildren’s help, they’re run a book store/antique shop in San Diego. They have the cutest little cottage on Coronado and her much loved dog Emi, short for Emily goes to work with them every day. There, now I know…LOL xoxox k

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