Fall , One More Time


I know it’s December and I should think about decking halls and trimming trees…but with that strange balmy weather for the longest time I felt that Fall had only just begun!
I just finished this drawing..my yearly Fall drawing ;o) So today still fall for me…
Tomorrow I will start thinking about Christmas.

And here my Fall drawings from past years too.

Have a great weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Ps proposal for book cover…


75 thoughts on “Fall , One More Time

  1. That’s a beautiful seasonal portrait! We didn’t have a spring – just a prolonged wet winter – but I am pleased to announce that December has arrived with a firm hand and claimed summer weather! Christmas is coming πŸ™‚

  2. If I had your skills, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night thinking up things to draw. πŸ™‚ The leaves blowing in the window reminded me of when we’d open our garage door and they’d come rolling in. Happy decorating. I brought a little less down this year, but I’m enjoying the lights and decorations especially on these dreary days and when nightfall comes at 4:30 p.m.

  3. These are all lovely drawings Johanna. My favorite is the woman opening the window and the leaves blowing in. I like that you can’t see the woman’s face which adds to the mystery.

  4. It’s fun to see how different, and similar, your drawings are over the years! You really capture the blustery, refreshing nature of the season. And I will be interested to see how the “three questions” drawing evolves. Now, go get into the mood for Christmas!

    • Yes ma’m! Mr. walker and I hung up outside lights and Christmas trees. We were very happy looking at the glowing lights. We walk late in the evening nowadays and enjoy all the houses and gardens done up so prettily. Inside, I will wait a little longer. The Walker Boys come home on Boxing days and I will keep the house festive until after New Year!

  5. Your drawing is so charming! My thoughts have been the same. Impossible to consider Christmas when it is so warm still! (Although it has started to snow this very minute, here!) And I love the book cover!

  6. Very lovely! A perfect way of finishing fall! Hopefully you received a bit of the snow storm that blew by this weekend…it’s looking a bit like Christmas! Looking forward to seeing your winter drawings!

  7. t’s definitely still fall. My husband reminded me of this last night. Winter doesn’t officially begin until later this month — even though our weather is feeling very wintry right now! Loved your fall drawings. Thank you for sharing them. Fall will always be my favorite time of year.

  8. Lovely autumn picture, and I know just what you mean. In Maine, it feels as though we are a month behind in the seasons. Today, when I brought in the dog, I told Clif it felt just like November.

  9. I love your Fall Season drawings they are so cute and beautiful all of them! What is your plan every year? Do you plan seasonal drawings? Just curious I like your way! πŸ˜‰ ❀

      • Best thing you can do, is contact WordPress. The message I get when trying to I visit your blog through your gravatar or name link in the comment , that yours is an unsecure website or that the server cannot be identified. I have not had that before. To me, this is a server problem. I just tried and I can reach your site by just googling it or through the reader. So the problem lies in your gravatar and name link in the comments. I once had to ‘re-do’ my gravatar because the link did not work anymore. But this seems different. Good luck, let me know if it is solved?

      • Hi, now it is fixe ! Finely, I had contact WordPress, it was a bitt complicated but they fond the problem. Thanks fot your help!!! (all the old comments will be as before, but the new ones are ok)

  10. I know fall is spectacular for its multi-color show, but I think it’s even more brilliant when an entire tree is monochromatic, like your red sketch of flying leaves. Happy sketching.

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