Sketch Journal Project: Festive Mood , An Amazing Present and a Wonderful Book!


Yes, yes, yes, finally the festive mood for my Favorite Time of the Year is coming!!
Thinking about a nice Christmas drawing..or maybe a collage this year?

And oh my goodness, look what Kerry send me. Months ago she had seen this moon and hare in my sketch journal and she contacted me by email. She wanted to use it for an embroidery work. Kerry is a textile artist as ever there is one and her blog is fantastic. The little sketch did not work and I was all to happy to help my dear blog friend with a better drawing. And now…look what she just simply send to me!! Such kindness. And how I admire those lovely tiny stitches.  I just got it today and I am looking at all the time, now I have to find the right spot to hang and do it honor.

And I would like to bring another blog friend to your attention, before I return to my untrimmed tree and bare halls. Laurie from Notes from the Hinterland, has published her first book! I ordered it right away. It came Saturday with a nice Christmas card and I have already finished it. It is such an excited book for teens and grown ups alike!
And look what she wrote in it….my ears started flapping with joy right away!!

Hè hè ..eindelijk in kerstelijke stemming! Eens wat ideeën geschetst voor Kerst tekening. Het is uiteindelijk de favoriete tijd van t jaar voor mij!
En blog vriendin Kerry stuurde me zomaar dit prachtige borduurwerkje dat ze maakte naar een van mijn tekeningen. En blog vriendin Laurie heeft haar eerste boek gepubliceerd en in de mijne schreef ze ook nog eens een aardige opdracht.

Terug naar de kale boom en volle dozen met versierselen!!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

59 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project: Festive Mood , An Amazing Present and a Wonderful Book!

  1. Johanna,
    Kerry sent you a marvelous gift and you can see your art in a new medium. I’ll go over and see what she is working on in a moment. I love the embroidery and the way the vine encircles the planet. I look forward to seeing a post from you and as I’ve told you before, I love the way your characters move. I think the best why I can describe what I mean is to say that I can see, in my mind, the person walking up the stairs taking the next step. Congratulations to Laurie for having her interesting-looking book published! How exciting! ~Ginene

  2. Oh, good! You like it! Thanks for the kind words, Johanna–but your wonderful drawing is really what this was all about. It was tons of fun to stitch. Your Christmas drawings are 100% “you”–I love the see the knitting in them!

  3. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous piece of embroidery from your drawing! That Kerry!!! I got Laurie’s book too and have started reading it. It’s a real page turner. Enjoy the holidays, Johanna!

      • Hi! Sorry I haven`t been able to reply until now! Haha, when you say you like Swedish christmas food do you like pickled herring as well???? To say that I don`t like those creepy little pieces of fish is an understatement. A part from herrings I like most of the food we eat at christmas.
        The only thing we did we did during the St.Lucia day was to eat saffron buns and ginger bread.

      • Never be sorry to take your time responding to your blog activities! Blogging is a lot of fun but you can take your time with it ;o)
        I do like salted herring ( I am original from The Netherlands) and I like beet/herring salad. I love Janssons Frestelse and white fish with mustard sauce, I love the meat balls and I often make smorgasbord when I have a big company. Pretty to look at, easy to serve and Americans think it quite exotic. Mr. Walker loves pickled herring but I share your opinion;0) I have celiac disease so I have to pass on the delicious looking breads and knackebrod but Mr. Walker tells me they are delicious just as the sweet breads for breakfast.

  4. The book seems interesting. And how beautiful cover it has! One book more in my to-read list. 🙂
    How nice that Kerry send you such lovely gift and the book arrived with the inscription. Both are such beautiful Christmas presents. I have always loved inscriptions in books, but it would be double amazing if there is one from author.
    And the drawings in your last picture are wondeful. I especially love the one with lady and the sea monster (is it Nessie?) 🙂

    • Yes, it’s great to have such blog friends. And i do love scribbles in books too. I collect vintage cookbooks and the more notes in the margins, the better! And thanks for your nice compliments and friendly dragon is not Nessie…i am not sure who it might be though ;o) xo Johanna

  5. More of your lovely sketches to admire Johanna, and all Christmas-themed! Your gift from clever Kerry is beautiful and I like the look of Laurie’s book too. Have a wonderful Christmas! Best wishes Clare xx

  6. I see trips to your post box are delightful as of late! The embroidery of your drawing is absolutely charming. What a wonderful gift. The last photo you shared with the pottery….gasp! Super cute! I’ve never been able to make tidy embroidery. I tried a sampler years ago and the back side of it was a tangled nest of threads, LOL…modern art perhaps? Maybe I should have just hung it up backwards. xo K

    • Trust me, my needle work is horrid too. My sewing teacher told me she let gave me a pass for simple trying so hard but to please stay away from mending baskets ;o) And yes, that piece of Copley makes me very happy. I collect crazy, kitschy planters from the fifties. That are lovely and crazy!

  7. Kerry did a WONDERFUL job of interpreting your drawing to needlework! I loved that drawing of the bunny in the moon. It looks like a sweet book too. Hope your Christmas was merry and your new year starting off bright. I’m still catching up but glad I didn’t miss this one.

    • Thank you Marlene, a comment from you is always worth waiting for!!! I hope you had fantastic Holidays!! Now I have to catch up after a wonderful break with my sons!!! Xo Johanna

  8. Well, your Dancing Santa is my favorite. And what lovely, tangible things you share as to the joys of blogging: celebrating your own drawings, Kerry’s embroidery, and Laurie’s first book. Excellent post!

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