Happy Holidays!!


Dear Friends,

I am going to take a little break…I will be to busy with mollycoddling my boys!!

Thank you all so much for your support and interest. Blogging is really a global delight with likeminded spirits!!

Lieve Allemaal,Β 

Ik ga even op Kerstvakantie om mijn jongens eens goed in de watten te leggen. Bedankt voor weer een jaar met zoveel plezier, interesse en support! Het is zo ongelooflijk leuk om wereldwijd te communiceren met gelijkgestemde zielen!Β 

Love and Liefs, Johanna



33 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!!

  1. Lovely sentiment in your sketch; the knitter looks very happy knitting such an item. I would be too! Christmas and New Year greetings and good wishes to you Johanna. Enjoy the break. See ya then! xox

  2. I love your handmade Christmas love and peace scarf, Johanna–I am going to wrap it around my neck right now! Have a great, great Christmas with the Walker men and Ms. Charley!

  3. Hope your Christmas was delightful and your break fulfilling. I’m having time with my adult children now as well. It’s just lovely. I LOVE your sketch!!! It makes me feel so Christmasy.

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