Back to Peaceful, Calm and Tidy


Oh man, what a wonderful time we had with the Walker Boys. They arrived just after Christmas and left only last Saturday for Canada again. Β When you only meet a couple times a year, family time together is even more valuable!

There were plenty of good winter walks at Rowe Woods, excellent meals (Dutch Pea soup, now that sticks to your ribs!) Lots of good talks and banter or just quietly sitting together and reading. Charley was so happy with both her best friends around.

The Oldest Walker Boy went with Mr. Walker to The Air force Museum in Dayton, for a photo shoot. They have just opened a new wing and it lead to many new gorgeous photos. And we went with the four of us the FABULOUS Viking Exhibition at the Cincinnati Museum Center. No photos but I can indeed highly recommend it!

And then they left again…SIGH!!! I was sulking, and pouting for days. But of course, that won’t do any good. What’s a girl to do? Some vigorous cleaning (as any other possessed by cleanliness Dutch Girl will) and knitting. I finally finished this shawl and it was received with a little dance of joy by a wonderful Princess in Toronto. And I am having lots of fun with this summer colored yarn I received for Christmas. It’s going to be a little summer bag.

And a little thrift store shopping was in order too.(My comfort food, so to speak) I found these beautiful swans to compliment my collection of Fifties Kitsch Planters. But this one receives a place of honor in this nice cupboard because it is a little light as well…such bliss!! It makes me very happy and Mr. Walker says that is all what really matters. ( as long as it doesn’t end up in the living room ;o))

And I found this pretty little handmade quilt. I love the colors. And my darling girl Charley was very happy with it when she returned so cold from a walk. (She is getting on in age)

So back to drawing , I will show some later….drawing and pouting, not a good combination.

Och hemel, wat een heerlijke tijd hadden we met de Walker Boys: gezellig samen zijn, winterwandelingen, lekker Hollandse pot op tafel, wat museum tripjes.
Ze gingen zaterdag weer terug naar Canada. En ik pruilde natuurlijk nog dagen daarna. Maar kom, en dan als elke Hollandse meid maar weer verder na een flinke schoonmaakbeurt hier en daar en wat yoga breien en natuurlijk een rondje kringloop wat een knus kitsch lampje opleverde en een warm quiltje voor mijn wat bejaard wordende Charley.

Love and Liefs,

82 thoughts on “Back to Peaceful, Calm and Tidy

  1. So glad that you enjoyed a visit with your sons. It is so hard when one lives at some distance from loved ones, isn’t it? Wonderful photos, Johanna. All those little airplanes ‘flying’! Charley looking so peaceful under that blanket (heartwarming!). And the swans that double as a light. The knitting. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming illustrations. (Ps: Lovely picture of you). β˜ƒ

  2. Great time you had with your sons I am sure! I know what you mean I live in US and my parents are in Italy my native country it is very hard to see each other with such a long distance. When holidays comes we miss more! Happy New Year Johanna ❀

    • yes than you know very well what it means indeed. My entire family live in one tiny village in The Netherlands and my sons in Canada…so thank goodness for modern communication!

      • I left The Netherlands in 2005 and first lived in Canada unitll december 2012 and than moved to Cincinnati Ohio with Mr. walker and Chalrey the dog. My husbands work brings us all ove rht eowrld ;o) That is exciting and we are always very happy where ever we live and we always loved America and travelled a lot there. But the down side is..having friends and family all over the place too. As you well know ;o) xo
        ps I have not forgotten your request to be named on my inspiring people page. I am going to spruce up my blog next week and get you on there. Why don’t we have 36 hours in day or three pair of hands ;o)

      • Ahaha I am agree for the 36 hours day long and the 3 pair of hands! ❀ Thank you in advance for adding me to your page! It is interesting spending time around the world I left Italy in 2002 and landed here in California it is hard to see my parents and rest of the family I have there and also now with my Blog I came across wonderful people that I would love to have as close friends and they are all over the world πŸ˜‰ I wish we were all together in one place! That would've have been the most wonderful, creative and inspiring Town! LOL ❀ Hugs!

  3. I love your photos! It sounds like you had a great family time and Charley got to enjoy having her besties at home. She looks very comfy and possessive sharing the couch. I’m still in holiday recovery myself, but almost there! You look to be doing well as we move deeper into winter.

  4. I know how you feel Johanna! I thought I’d get used to not seeing my daughter all the time but I haven’t and these short visits make it worse! The shawl looks sumptuous – just fit for a princess! I love the look on Charley’s face as she snuggles up on the couch!

  5. I sounds (and looks) as if you had a marvellous Christmas with your family. My daughter is only over in the U.K. and when she was at University she spent most of the holidays here but, now she’s at work (and has a boyfriend), she can’t get here quite so often. She was here for ten days over Christmas and, for a few days after she left, I still kept expecting her to emerge from her bedroom in the mornings and chat to me over a cup of tea. I’m over it now πŸ˜‰

  6. So glad you had a great visit from your sons. They say time with them is precious when they’re small, but in a way it’s more precious when they’re older and become visitors and you share less of their lives with them. Shawl is fabulous. So beautifully knitted. Look forward to seeing the summer bag πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Thank you Beki and of course you are absolutely right. I am grateful i spent so much time with them when they were little! letting go is the hardest part, right!? But hey are happy and thriving so after after some pouting I am good again too ;o)

      • Oh it is. My eldest has run off to New Zealand again and was wanting to settle down there – so a lot of pouting here too, but also knowing that my bottom line is I want her to be happy and live her life the way she wants to. So have kept pouting to myself and hubby. She is now however having second thoughts, so fingers crossed πŸ™‚

      • Ah yes… my oldest wants to go to Europe too. I encourage that too ( with beating heart) and I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!! We are good moms, we let go…xo

  7. Lovely to see you again, Johanna. Your Christmas looks blissful. I love the photo of The Walker Boys and Charley in the car. I also love the thought of Dutch Pea Soup which just shows my heritage as it is a very warm evening here 😊

  8. The foto of you, you look happy, that’s all that matters. You had a good time, and you made Charley happy too! Smiles all tound. πŸ€—πŸ‘ŒπŸŽˆ

  9. I thought the photo of the Walker boys and Charley in the backseat was going to be my favorite until I saw the one of you!! What a great picture–and I love really seeing what you look like. Your house looks so warm and inviting and, yes, peaceful, calm, and tidy. It sounds like a perfect holiday season for you all . . . sigh. Now, back to real life . . . sigh.

    • Well I am not one of putting my face on the foreground indeed but Mr. Walker was so pleased to finally capture his wife smiling with eyes open that he was chuffed to bits I put it in a post ;o) And yes, my inner peace is almost restored again after such blissfull times…little sigh. xoxox

  10. So many wonderful photos that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I would have to say that the shot of Charley is certainly at the top. It’s always sad when the family leaves, especially when, as you noted, you only see them a couple times year. Same here with my youngest daughter now that she has moved to North Carolina.

  11. Very happy to hear you had a wonderful holiday with the boys, Johanna. We too are currently enjoying our youngest daughters visit from from New York this week, so I know how much fun you all must have had. Family is too important, and when the opportunity to get together arrives, its cherished. Charley looks very comfortable in that quilt. ‘O)

  12. The dilemma of parenthood–we raise our children to be independent and to thrive without us, but we never stop missing them when they are gone. At least you have Charley always at home. Dogs are a wonderful antidote to pouting!

    • Thank you and of course! I have only starting to use Ravelry properly with notes on yarn etc and this project I started already before that:0)
      But this is the link to the pattern I used: . I knitted this pattern with needle size US 2 (2.75mm) and repeated the pattern 13 times in width. When I considered it long enough, I blocked it quite vigorously, stretching it out so the lace pattern came out clearly. I forgot to note the brand of the yarn but I do know it’s lace weight, blend of 75% silk and 25% merino. I love knitting big shawls but this one with the thin needles and straight onwards was a bit of a boring knit. But the result is totally worth it and the girl who received it is an Asian beauty and colors gorgeously with her black hair and petite statue. I hope this helps you? please feel free to ask more questions if needed!! xo Johanna

      • Thanks so very much for such a fulsome reply, Johanna. I love what you did with that pattern – it looks fairly run of the mill in the original, but your wider version is super – bravo on the hack! And using a yarn with such a high silk content was clearly worth it. I know what you mean about this type of thing being a bit tedious, although sometimes it is good to have a bit of ‘low-brain-engagement’ knitting! πŸ™‚

      • I know, usually I have one project that is “TV knitting” one that is” be quiet until I have finished the row, please!” and one for in the car…though not whilst driving;o) I just like knitting smaller projects better.Working on a sweater now..but keep on delaying it with small fun projects I cannot resist

  13. A lovely post, Johanna. Your home and your family exude warmth. I too was in a bit of a funk when my young man went back to college for his next term. When you love that profoundly, you can’t help but miss them when they’re away.

    Charlie is always a highlight of your posts. She is such an old soul. What a beloved dog. I’m pleased you found a new treasure at your thrift store. There is something wonderful about finding just the right thing in the moment.

    I’m looking forward to your latest drawings in a future post. Love from California, Alys

  14. So many lovely images – even though you are sad to say farewell to your boys, you do have lots of memories to keep you till next time. I have a daughter on the other side of the world too, so, like you, I am very grateful for modern communication!

  15. How good to be back blogging, Johanna! I’ve missed your wonderful post! Such fabulous photos only emphasize the beauty of your family and your surroundings. I love your shawl; it’s gorgeous! I haven’t been completely idle while away from my blog. I have been teaching myself to crochet. I crocheted a number of scarves (gave away all but one!) and a hat for hubby. I’m working on a beret for myself. After that, the sky’s the limit! LOL! I’m a little late but I wish you and yours the best year ever! Happy New Year! πŸ˜€ ❀

  16. I read this yesterday but just got the time to leave a comment. I’m glad you had a wonderful visit with your sons. I know the dog was happy to see her boys again too. They miss us when we are gone. The photo of you is so cute. Your Charley looks so sweet in that bed all covered up. They are another family member. The knit work is stunning! I do understand the cleaning thing. That’s what I do when I’m stressed or upset. Getting a lot done here too. I won’t see my son till next Christmas either. 😦 I wish he was at least close enough to come by on occasion. I know you do too.

    • Oh Marlene i am sorry to hear this!! And you are so close with your son and daughter! Thank goodness for modern communications, it makes it so much easier. But in the meantime I hope for you that somehow a visit will happen between now and Christmas! xo

  17. Well all my favourite things have been going on. Walks in the woods, trips to interesting places, yummy home made snacks and just watching Charley enjoy that wonderfully cozy looking nest. Such a magical start to the new year with your beloved boys. Cheers my dear, I enjoyed all your photo’s but especially Charley. How old is she now? xo Big Hugs K

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