Sketch Journal Project: Sketches and Finished Work and Chickens

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I know…times flies! We are already past halfway January. Its about time I show my sketch journal. The weather is pretty bland and grey, but you won’t hear me complain because Charley and I are happily walking and enjoying the cold. But Nature wise, there is not much going on that inspires me to draw.
Above the finished proposal for the book cover.

And these sketches of rather voluptuous women are studies for an exciting project: creating a perfect pattern for a plus size friend. I have a passion for clothes and I love for people to have their own style and feel comfortable in the body they have or look after their body and looks, even if they are less satisfied. I am not talking about being vain and arrogant, I am talking about genuinely having self respect and believing in your own beauty despite the fact you do not look like Chanel ‘s Cover Girl. I am very passionate about this!!

When we visited an fashion art show together, my lovely friend sighed that she had such a hard time finding affordable, comfortable , well fitting clothes for a reasonable price. Now I can relate to that: I am a royal 6 ft+ and I am always hunting down the second hand stores and sales. Now I have a feel for what makes garments well fitted and i can draw. My friend is a fabulous seamstress…so together we hope to make it work. It will take some time, I guess ;o)

And than I felt like drawing chickens. I saw a few funny ones in a garden show and on homesteaders blogs…well I do not see any reason not to draw a few funny chickens, right?

Love and Liefs, Johanna

63 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Project: Sketches and Finished Work and Chickens

  1. What a wonderful way to help your friend! I feel the pain too of finding the proper fit and know what a chore it is to find appropriate clothes. Great way to spend your time during these gray, rainy days. The whimsical chickens make me smile πŸ™‚

  2. Finding clothes that fit and flatter is difficult for all of us! What a wonderful project. I love the humanity in your drawings.
    And I know you are thinking of chickens in anticipation of the arrival of the Year of the Rooster! (I am too…) (K)

    • Thank you! I am very happy with your remark about the humanity in my drawings. I was in doubt wether to post this or not. But in the end I decided to do it, because I do strongly feel we should always celebrate the human in any size or shape and care for it. To my delight and happiness, I got only positive responses! xo

  3. Great looking book cover art, Johanna. What a wonderful way to help your friend. With your art skills and her sewing skills, it’s a win-win! πŸ˜€ Keep drawing those adorable chickens. They’re so cute and expressive! πŸ™‚

  4. Nice sketch of the dress, when my mum passed away, we were left with a filing cabinet full of patterns. I am handing them out to friends who make their own clothes. Can you send me an email l with her size as I might have some that you could use

  5. Love the idea of helping your friend with clothing designs. Yes, we should respect our bodies, whatever their size. And, oh, those chickens! What pizazz they have!

  6. Your project to design comfortable and good looking clothes for your friend is fantastic! I hate clothes shopping because I can never find anything I feel comfortable in. I like your book cover and those chickens…. I love them!

  7. The chickens are too cute! I like the possible cover. I so know how hard it is to find clothes when you are not a standard size. When I lived in Taiwan, there were women there would take a picture of what you wanted made, take your measurements and make it for you. I always wanted to learn to do that but life had other plans. I applaud you for helping your friends. Being ample is a natural state for me. I hate shopping for clothes.

    • That so sad, nol loving clothes shopping. being ample is just another shape of body and we should celebrate that. Ordering custom clothes here is so expensive and i tried to learn it myself..being over 6ft. But alas, not a talent of mine. I hope my friend and I can indeed combine talents and make her feel happy in her clothes!
      So how did you end up in Taiwan?

      • My first husband was stationed there during Vietnam. After 10 months, my son and I were allowed to join him for the next year and a half. Very interesting place 48 years ago. Gosh that’s a long time! I must be old. πŸ™‚

  8. Lovely lovely lovely. The clothes designing is a wonderful project I love the book cover and of course you knw I’m always going to swoon over a chicken – funny or otherwise😊x

    • Alas no real chickens in the Walker residence..unless nice and juicy in the pan. (Chalrey’s favorite!) I would love to have a few, but we travel to much. So drawing it is and I am happy you love them!!!

  9. You’re on a roll! So busy, doing such cool things. The book cover is lovely–whimsical and sweet, with a sense of mystery. And the project you’re doing with your friend–there is such a need for more of this kind of thinking! You two could probably go into business and have tons of happy customers, but I know that isn’t the goal. You capture the goofiness of chickens perfectly, too!

  10. Your chickens are so cheery! Love them. The book cover is fabulous. I absolutely love the idea of you and your friend attending the fashion and art show together. What could be better? I sincerely hope you two can make something of it because so many women find it quite difficult to find comfortable–and fashionable–clothes. Best of luck! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much …and indeed I am a bit of a fashion enthusiast. Fashion to me combines with anything, art, food, history. And I am ones own style and dress sense…not what the designers ‘dictate’!

  11. It’s not always easy to be happy about looking in the mirror. Plus, I’ve never enjoyed having my picture taken, so it’s not just that I’d *always* like to lose 10 lbs first (LOL) I just much prefer being behind the lens. As clothes go, it takes me forever to find things I like. I wonder if I have odd tastes in that regard. I tend to dress a bit like a hippy…gypsy….hipsy, LOL I with you on the vintage shops !
    Your chickens look like a fun group…that one looking through the window made me laugh. I imagined her saying, “what’s up”? It’d probably be my coffee cup hitting the ceiling, LOL. xo k

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