Cincinnati City Walk, Part Two: Street Art


I love murals and Cincinnati has a few beauties. These are some of the finest and I thought it nice to share them with you.







Have a Great Weekend!!

Love and Liefs, Johanna


74 thoughts on “Cincinnati City Walk, Part Two: Street Art

  1. I am a lover of murals, too, but then I suppose everybody has to see the beauty in them. St. Louis, Missouri has many murals but the murals in your pictures are truly lovely! Love the trifecta of windows!

  2. I love that first one!! What a nice lot of public art you have there. It’s always nice to see a good mural, mostly because they are often a surprise–and then a pleasure each time you see them again.

  3. These are fantastic!! I especially like the one of them all looking out the windows – that is so clever!! And I like the one of the man taking his hat off. I really like murals too, we have quite a lot around here, but I especially like these because they have the illusion of reality which makes them extra fun and interesting 🙂

  4. Hey, what a fab time to arrive, I see you and Alys having a nice visit here too.
    Hello, hello Johanna 😀 These are all just fantastic. The very first one had me thinking, “wow ! cool!” . But each one got better and better. I was just telling a friend about one I spotted recently in downtown Edmonton. I really much take a pic and share it….it’s aqua! LOL x Boomdee

    • Aloha J, thank you. I know its been a while but after a few years of unemployment, I landed a job at the library again: woohoo. But its very busy and a lot to process, I love it but blogging is neglected atm. Xo J

      • Wow! Hadn’t realised you were a librarian. Guess I should read About pages more often! Lol. 🤗 I’m happy for you. But I’m not happy for us. I do hope we’ll see more of your so wonderfully friendly and creative postings, when there is time. Cheeri-pip! 💖🎈👌

  5. Really nice murals again, Johanna! 🙂

    I read from the comments, that you started working in library again. I remember you mentioned once that you used to work in libraries before and still would like to do it. It’s so nice that you are back in that field and I hope you are happy there. Must mention that we are colleagues now. 😀
    And though I also miss your great posts, I understand that you are busy.

    Good luck! 🙂

  6. hello Johanna, I’ve finally found some time to make some visits on WP, and just stopped by to say hello.
    I see in the comments that you are once again working in a library. I understand the challenge of work and blogging …. I just hope you somehow can find moments to keep creating those wonderful drawings.

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