Scraphappy At The Library


Well…it’s been a while. March last year, I was absolutely pleasantly surprised and delighted to be able to work at the library again, right here in Cincinnati! And since that day, life has become very busy in a wonderful way.


This library is completely different from the little rural libraries I used to work at in Canada, the Cincinnati Public Library is considered one of the busiest in the USA. To work here is pretty intense, I am part of a fantastic team and it makes me very happy.

Although I have little time for drawing, blogging ,etc I still do have plenty of creative outlets..even at work. One of the things I do, is making displays for the front desk. And these photos are from the current summer displays, relating to the summer reading programs. (This is at the Symmes Branch, if you are in the neighborhood and want to have a closer look.)


The reason I post about this one is because of posts I see about Scrap Happy. I told Kerry what I had been working on and she encouraged me to post about it. I cold not resist.

Everything here is made from recycled or leftover or even found materials. For instance : all the butterflies are made from lovely silky flowered wall paper I bought for 2 dollars in a thrift store, the creatures I knitted with leftover yarn, I re-used fabric from my husbands shirts.

DSC_3573 (1)
Taking glue, wallpaper paste, paint etc into account , this entire display cost no more than $25.- and can be re-used over and again…as already happened in a way: the rabbit I made years ago for Easter. The little hat a thrift find of 25 cents and how appropriate with all the travel images etc.

The patterns for the boats I bought from Ann Woods beautiful website and are made from cereal boxes, newspapers and leftover fabric. The teddy bears in the boat and on the flying bed are from ‘The Knitted Teddy Bear” by Sandra PolleyThe origami butterfly pattern you can find here.

All other knitted creatures, come from my head and knitting needles and leftover yarns, some are already quite a few years old and very dear to me ;o) I have no patterns for them since it is more of an intuitive zen knitting process and writing a pattern is a skill and an art of which I do not think lightly!

Please follow this link for more Scrap Happyposts.


Och hemel, t is wat lang geleden. Vorig jaar, kon ik tot mijn verrassing zomaar weer aan de slag bij de bieb hier in Cincinnati, Ohio. Wel een van de drukste bibliotheken in Amerika. De baan maak me superblij maar er blijft weinig tijd over voor illustreren en bloggen. Gelukkig kan ik zelfs mijn creatieve kant ontwikkelen op t werk: 1 van mijn taken is t verzorgen van de decoraties bij de balie en deze heb ik gemaakt in t kader van de zomer programma’s. Ik heb vrijwel alleen maar rest en hergebruikte materialen toegepast. Onnodig te zeggen dat t een ongelooflijk leuk project was om te doen.


Love and Liefs,



77 thoughts on “Scraphappy At The Library

    • Thank you Kate!! And I changed the link, thank you for that too. It is a lot of fun and now I am going to browse and see what beautiful things everyone else has made! xo Johanna

      • Enjoy 🙂 I love looking at what everyone has done each month, it’s one of my favourite parts of ScrapHappy. I usually have to be patient, because my post is usually the first to go up on the 15th of the month 🙂

      • That is a lovely compliment! And I really enjoyed browsing over all the scraphappy posts too: loved all the textiles and fibers but also the jewelry and garden ideas! Such a creative happening and I really love it!

  1. Johanna, your displays are beautiful. I missed your posts but I haven’t been posting… you know how life gets in the way. This comment is going to show up as Pix Under the Palm Fronds but I used to be Pix Under the Oaks… we moved last month from Missouri to Florida.
    The bear in the bed is darling. I see your sketches in the displays… 🙂 The sail boats! I know you are very busy but please find time to post now and then. You have been missed!

  2. How wonderful to see you again! I absolutely love your displays and the fact that you made all of these from scraps. You are so very creative! I always wanted to work at a library so I’m a bit envious. How wonderful they have you there! Don’t be gone so long this time! 😉 I’ll be looking for you!

  3. How lovely to see all your creative displays in the library. They are delightful. I am so happy for you that you are enjoying work and the creative outlet it offers.

  4. Oh my goodness! What a fabulous library display! I work in a little school that could sure use this idea in its library. I absolutely adore the little teddy on the bed and the rabbit in the hat. Very talented!

    • Thank you!!! When my sons were little I made several displays for schools they were at. Of course, the children contributed too which made all the more fun. It makes me happy to know I inspired you a little.

  5. hello!!
    This is the most wonderfully inviting enticement to a library I have seen. How wonderful to have the opportunity to make and display like this in your day job. Thank you for sharing 🌼

  6. Oh Johanna. How lovely it is to call you friend and be inspired by your creativity. The library is lucky to have you. I thank you so much for starting me out in my knitting journey. I am a little jealous to have to share you with the library but what insoiration you bring to it.

  7. Johanna! What beautiful displays! And so whimsical. What lucky patrons the Cincin library has. I’m so glad you found time to blog again. I’ve missed your crafts and your writing, but know what it is not to have time to follow people’s post or blog. I’m so glad you have a job that allows this creative outlet. Enjoy!

  8. This eye candy is PERFECT for a library. What better place to prepare to discover…? I have to tell you my very favorite part of all of it. The little bedspread on the flying bed. So sweet!

    • Ha, the little bed with the tiny quilt is my fave too and I am not a quilter at all. Usually my sewing is a wonky affair. Thank you so much and a big hug for the fabulous Cupcake too!!!

  9. Oh Johanna, what fun you are having! I love seeing all your creativity! The patrons of your library are so lucky to have you with all your passion. Thank you for sharing what you are up too, you have been missed!

  10. I am so glad I found your link from Kerry’s post. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so fun and enticing as your display in our library. You look absolutely radiant in your environment surrounded by things you love and books. You have been sorely missed and I’m in love with the display here.

  11. I can see you are loving your job – you can use your creativity in so many ways. It all looks just so inviting! Its lovely to see you posting again, I always enjoy the happiness you show!

  12. Now, see?!? Your old friends here missed you and you have new friends who love this display! I’m so glad you found the time to post–your sense of whimsy and your creativity are unlike anybody else’s! And the photos of you are really cute–you’ve found your place at that library! (PS–is your injury completely healed?)

    • Thank you!!! and thank you also for a little nudge. this is a lot of fun. My leg is almost back to normal. there are still some neurological problems as a result of an allergic reaction to blood thinners. When my leg gets tired, it gets numb and I wander of to the right ;o) So I still wear a metal brace for protection.(my exo-skeleton, kids find it quite cool) But all and all I am very happy, I can work, travel and hike again and this last obstacle will disappear in time too. Thnak you for asking xo

  13. How nice to see you back my talented and creative friend Johanna!Blogging comes second when you have to consentrate on serious work.Glad you enjoy your post in the library,loved what you have shared with us and the re-use,recycled materials you use.Big hug to Charlie xxx

  14. What a nice surprise to read your new post! So glad you’re busy & happy at your new work 🙂 The display you created is marvellous, interesting and cute… a work of art!
    thanks for sharing with us ❤

  15. Reblogged this on Flowery Prose and commented:
    I’m spreading a little blog love during the month of July! I’ll be reblogging recent entries from some of my favourite bloggers – I encourage you to click through and check out more of their work. Enjoy! ~Sheryl

  16. Wonderful displays! I have a friend in Cleveland and we visited her library, which was quite impressive, too. There must be a lot of readers in Ohio! =) Welcome to Scrap Happy group!

  17. It’s the lovely Johanna ! Hello Hello! So this is what you’re up to ❤ Of course it's full of whimsey and wonder and I'm so happy you've decided to share it with us. The teddy on the floating bed is beyond magical 😀 I love how he's standing and holding on to the headboard as one must when their bed is floating through the air. I giggled over every little detail. They surely are over the moon to have you on the team. Congratulations for landing a job you enjoy. I've missed you often and enjoyed your generous smile at the end! Happy to hear all your wonderful news ❤ xb

  18. Oh wow, Johanna! You are so skillful and inventive and I am sure the library is very pleased to have you on their team. I am so pleased you are happy in your job at the library but I have missed your posts xx

  19. It’s so nice to see your post! I’m glad you’re having fun working at the library. It certainly shows in your clever, creativity. I love what you’ve created here, and always appreciate folks that can create from what they have on hand. I hope you’ll blog again soon. It’s always a pleasure.

  20. This is awesome! Our libraries are such wondrous places, thanks to creative individuals like you. When I was growing up our local libraries were just rooms with rows of books — which I loved, of course. The libraries around us now, though, are filled with creative activities for kids to enjoy. Our library (our town is about 10,000 population) has a puppet theater, lots of building blocks, crafting stations, coloring areas, a regular storyteller, and so much more. There are always interesting, stimulating programs for children — and adults, too — to enjoy.

  21. How delightful for you to find employment that fuels your passion. I rather doubt you’ll have time to blog on a regular basis but I hope you share occasionally. Ohio libraries are the best! I was on the board of a small one in northern Ohio. It was greatly supported by the local community. The community I live in now in New England… not so much. 😟

  22. How did I miss this blog?! I guess that says a lot about my life as well. The displays you create are beautiful…so that accounts for the size of your smile. Lovely to see you again 😊

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