Scraphappy At The Library


I am so fortunate, to have to read picture books for a living! It is wonderful on a daily base…and sometimes I come across a book that is just has it all.


“There Is a Bear on My Chair” by Ross Collins is one of them. To my mind a perfect children’s books: the illustrations are simple and beautiful, the story exciting and witty for both children and adults ( really, it’s beyond me how to achieve that!). The illustrations and storylines are inviting for children to use their imagination and add to the story. I keep on reading it and whenever I can put it in a story time or teacher collection. It is perfect.


And than that feisty little mouse with his beautiful knitted jumper!!!! I had to knit it. Luckily I had the perfect leftover yarns to do so. 


I did not write up a pattern, that’s a skill I respect too much to dabble with. The experienced knitter can see I used sock and yoke techniques. It did make for some eerie knitting from time to time…


My colleagues played with him for a day and than the little mouse was so happy to make friends with the daughter of one them and he has found a warm and welcome home with his own chair and bed and no sassy bears!!!

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Wat een mazzel om leuke kinderboeken voor je werk te moeten lezen! En soms kom je een boek tegen dat zo perfect is: “There Is a Bear on My Chair” by Ross Collins is grappig en spannend voor voorlezers en kinderen. En dan dat muisje met zijn mooie truitje…dat moest ik toch even nabreien hoor! Ik had toevallig de juiste restjes wol. En dat muisje heeft wel een heel goed thuis gevonden bij een lief dochtertje van een collega. 

Ps some of you were so kind to inquire after my dog Charley. My lovely Princess is still going strong in her growing years. Despite the fact she is totally blind now, she still enjoys long walks, proper naps , good food and lots of cuddles. 

She sends love to you all.

Love and Liefs,


53 thoughts on “Scraphappy At The Library

  1. lovely!
    I actually thought you were making the mouse so he could sit with you during lbrary reading time and become a little mascot.

    • Ah no, that would not work. It’s tiny and the story times at my library are very busy with lots of little children and parents. It was just a bit of private fun.but thank you for your lovely compliment!

  2. It’s a beautiful and skilful creation, suitable for this special book 🙂
    Charley’s photo of her enjoying a nap snug in a duvet made me smile – good on her that she still enjoys life in a loving home.
    I hope you are well ❤
    All the best and virtual hugs

  3. Hi, Johanna! It’s been too long since I’ve been here! I just love your little sweatered mouse! I’m so glad to hear that Charley is doing well in spite of his blindness. I didn’t know he had lost his sight. Bless him. These little animals do adapt well so often and it sounds like he has. Take care! Hugs! 🤗

  4. Looking sleek, Charley Girl. We love seeing you. Your mom is very smart to make a mouse sweater and then MAKE A MOUSE to wear it. OMGoodness! That’s amazing. Once Mom brought her blouse to the tailor to sew on a button! #lessamazing

    Love and licks,

  5. I love seeing you back talking to us. And that little mouse body! It was so endearing and the little sweater looks so good. I’m glad you’re happy at work and that the mouse found a home!

  6. I can’t even imagine being able to knit well enough to just make a mouse and a mouse sweater without a pattern or any guidance. It’s really just perfect. Will you knit the bear??! The library job has made you SO happy–it’s really evident. And thanks for the hello from Charley-girl. I’ve been wondering about her but was scared to ask–she looks wonderful and is very lucky to have you as her mom!

    • Chalrey and I are very happy indeed and the old girl is still going strong indeed. And I often wonder when i see your weaving and quilting…”how do you do it?” I had quilting lessons but alas…..i will stick to knitting! Xo Johanna

  7. I am no knitter, crocheter … But I know fine knitting when I see it. This little mouse is just so stinking cute. Such detail!

  8. I adore children’s lit! As a teacher, I got to read to students every single day from poetry, chapter books, and picture books. I loved it, too. You are lucky! This is a great book, and I think your wonderful bear was a super idea.

  9. Oh, how nice to find out that Charley is still with us and still has the best mother. I love children’s books still because of the illustrations. I remember all my favorite books as a child and their illustrations. Yours are fantastic and I know they make every story come to life. As you know, reading allows us to see the story in our minds, playing like a movie, but illustrations that are charming and inventive draw a child’s mind into the story deeply. I was looking at your work of the child drawing at the kitchen table while her mother was making a cake or something. It is late and I’m pretty tired, but what I’m trying to say is that one can read fine details by the illustrations that might not have even been in the book, such as the comradery between the child and mom. The peaceful and happy feeling in the room. I love it. And that was some pretty tricky perspective in that drawing. Please tell your mom that her mouse is adorable. I wish I had those creatures in boats on my ceiling!

  10. I just read a great companion book for this one – A Bear in My Bed by Joyce Wan, PS-1 interest, I think. You do have the BEST job!

  11. I’ve gone ahead and spammed your post with messages to sweet Charley! LOL 😀 I will add, the little mouse is amazing. I can’t even imagine how you do it. I should think you have magic in your hands and just like the Fairy Godmothers in Cinderella, you wave a wand, glitter swirls all around and Bibbity-bobbity-boo !! Simple charming in every sense. xK

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