Scraphappy at the Library: Fall Display!


IMG_4903Even in in the Cincinnati Area Fall is finally over! Not being a summer person…it makes me very happy. Cold windy walks, hearty stews and soups, winter clothes and candles everywhere:it’s invigorating!

Fall at the library means “ Back to School” and the Summer Adventure programs are over. So time for a new display.


I made fall dioramas. The Glass containers are bought in thrift stores etc. Collected Mother Nature’s gifts during my walks and made the lovely mushrooms with scrap fabric. I used an Ann Wood pattern. Her patterns are fabulous!!!

And Fall means falling leaves and migratory birds. I folded all these birds from wallpaper, this paper was left in our house by the previous owners. I used this free pattern.

The leaves are cut out of the leaves of discarded books and painted with leftover paints from the children’s programs. You can see the lettering coming through, which I thought was very appropriate ;o)


The only thing bought new is air conditioner coil that I used to make the swirls to attach the leaves to and hang the birds from. It’s playable, re-usable for other displays and costs only $10.-.


Ha, een nieuwe herfst en nieuwe decoraties. Ik ben altijd zo ongelooflijk blij als de lange hete zomer voorbij is in Cincinnati! Heerlijk met rode neus en wangen verwaaid  weer thuiskomen van t wandelen , stevige soepen en stoofschotels, warme truien en knusse kaarsen. Dus ik heb me natuurlijk laten inspireren door vallende bladeren (gemaakt van kapotte boeken) en trekvogels gevouwen uit overgebleven behang. De herfst diorama’s zijn gemaakt met vondsten uit de natuur en de paddestoelen met restjes stof en t patroon komt van Ann Wood. De glazen schalen waren voor een prikje uit de kringloop. Het enigste wat ik nieuw kocht, zijn de koperen buizen voor ‘verwaaide bladeren’. T is eigenlijk een onderdeel voor een airco, kost een tientje en ze zijn herbruikbaar.

And for more Scraphappy posts , follow this link please!

Happy Fall and Love and Liefs,


29 thoughts on “Scraphappy at the Library: Fall Display!

  1. What fun you’ve had, and what a fun place you’ve made your library. A fresh autumn wind blowing through the stacks, carrying birds and leaves and the scent of bonfires 🙂 Another fabulous ScrapHappy post!

  2. Our library is stark and austere. I would love to come visit yours. You’ve made it a happy place. Like you, I prefer cold to warm. Seven more days of summer temps then maybe fall again.

  3. Wow, Johanna, how creative this was! I love the leaves from discarded books and the birds from found materials at your house. Your work here was amazing and library visitors must be thrilled to see what you’ve done.

  4. You always amaze me, Johnna! I’m so glad this has brought you back to blogging–I really missed you when you were gone! Your displays show such creativity–I hope the people who come thru the library appreciate all this!

    • Thank you Kerry, I can say they really do. it’s photographed a lot , people talk to me about it and I even received a special award for it…it actually makes me a little shy to be honest.

  5. Your library is so very lucky to have you on staff. Ever feel inclined to head towards the coast? LOL. I know a small library that’d be happy to have you.

    • yes!!! The only sad thing about Cincinnati is that it is not by the sea!!! And I worked in tiny libraries in Canada, loved it! Working in one of the largest libraries in the US has it’s charms for sure and completely other dynamics!

  6. I can understand receiving a special award for this fall display. It’s magnificent and shows so much passion. Did you have help installing the ceiling display of birds and leaves?

    • Well I received the award for all my displays and it was a great honor, it meant a lot to me. And yes, I do get help getting everything in place! I have wonderful collegues;o) Thank yuo for your kind comment Annie!

  7. Hi Johanna ! I clicked on Charley from my own sidebar to see my favourite post again 😀 So happy to find your news here too. Just look at you making your library so inviting and imaginative ! A joy for all I’m certain. You must have been make birds for some time! Holy Toledo, how many are migrating? Or perhaps, too many to count, ha! Love the Urns so much. Nature has provided a bounty and your mushrooms are charming too. It’s easy to see you’re loving it there ! I’m so happy for you xo Blowing kisses and virtually doggie hugs too. xo K

    • Thank you so much, dear Kelly! The birds took indeed quite some time, but it was more a project fro’lost half hours” Just folding a few and the next day again and than two days later, etc…after a few weeks I had a box full ;o) xo Johanna

  8. I am glad to see you are doing well, Johanna. 🙂 And so many wonderful things you’ve done at the library. You are one very creative person, I must say. 🙂
    Greetings from cold and dark Estonia 😀

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