Scraphappy at the Library: Winter Display


Fall and Winter, my favorite seasons! So double fun making a winter display. Not over the front desk this time, but in the rather big display case at the entrance.


Magical White Winter Wonderland is the theme. I re-used the boats I made for the summer display (pattern by the fabulous Ann Wood) Painted branches white and my colleague and I used up all discarded white felt we could find from previous displays and programs.

I made a trip to all my favorite thrift stores to find white Christmas ‘stuff’ , little white baby clothes and more white fabric. Selected all the white buttons out of my button jars and white leftover beads from too many projects. Taking glue, foil, thrift store, etc into consideration, the total costs are between $25.- and $30.-.


The glass doors are permanently stained with little children’s finger prints…which is an excellent sign in my opinion. But I glowed with joy with the compliment of one of our senior regulars, an 85+ Veteran who always takes a rest on the bench at the entrance before continuing his walk to the car park on his way out. He told me he loved the display and used the words “Adorable and Cute”. How cool is that!!!!


And it was a while since a made a Waldorf doll. It took a few retries and a lot of grumbling. But he turned out quite OK and he was great company in the car. Just as the little overexcited bears with their new knitted blankets (white leftover yarn indeed, I used the Margaret Tulip 9” Dishcloth Afghan Block Square by Margaret Mcinnis.  The teddy bear patterns is from The Knitted Teddy Bear” by Sandra Polley

For more Scraphappy post follow this link!


And may I wish you all Happy Holidays and a very healthy, wealthy, crafty New Year!!!!

Ha, winter in de Bieb dus ook een magisch winterwonderland. Dit keer niet bij de balie maar in de grote vitrine bij de ingang. Een behoorlijke klus waar ik zelfs mijn cursus van ‘het zelf maken van antroposofische poppen’ van lang geleden weer kon gebruiken. Wederom, alles is hergebruikt en ‘gevonden’ materiaal en de kosten waren dan ook niet meer dan $30.-. De kindertjes staan permanent met de neusjes tegen t raam, wat heerlijk is. Maar een zeer bejaarde gespioneerde militair (vaste gast hier in de bieb) noemde het “ Lieflijk en Schattig”. Nou daar we worden toch wel heel blij van!!!

IMG_0003 (1)

En laat ik gelijk iedereen Fantastische Feestdagen toewensen en een heel Gelukkig, Gezond en Creatief Nieuw Jaar!

Love and Liefs,



35 thoughts on “Scraphappy at the Library: Winter Display

  1. Absolutely darling, Johanna! This is Pix Under the Oaks now Pix Under the Palm Fronds. we moved from Missouri to Florida. My blog is parked and doing nothing productive. Hoping to get some motivation. You are so talented and I love that you gave the doll a seat by the window so he/she could look out. He/She needs a name… 🙂 The teddies are too cute for words. You brightened my morning! Happy Holidays to you, A Very Merry Christmas, too, and a Wonderful New Year!

  2. This entire display is wonderful. I can imagine the library bosses sitting around a desk saying oh my gosh I am so glad we hired that woman. What a find they have in you. 🙂 Now, I’m off to research a Waldorf doll because I’m not familiar. Merry Christmas to you and yours and a happy and healthy 2018. 🎄

  3. I think your veteran had it exactly right! What an absolutely amazing display, so lavishly creative and perfect to express the season and all the possible festivals of winter. That baby sure has some gorgeous knitwear, too – I’m feeling hat/scarf envy, even though I’d never be able to wear it in my climate. Perfect ScrapHappiness 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed my virtual ‘nose pressed up against the glass’ look at your gorgeous display! Those little flying boats, in particular, are indeed cute and adorable but I love your delightfully clothed waldorf doll and teddies too. If I ran the library I wouldn’t want to dismantle it at the end of the season.

    • Hahaha, but seasons come and go…and so must displays. The boats and bears have also been in the summer displays and will find their way again in future displays. I am happy you loved your virtual nose pressing!! Xoxo

  5. How adorable! Really like the little Waldorf doll looking on in amazement… Never heard of a W doll. Thank you, I like a good research. 🙂

  6. Maybe $25 – $30 worth of materials but can’t put a price on your creativity and the influence your display will have on minds… young and old!

  7. Cute, cool and lovely as always, Johanna ❤
    I have found that recycled bounce sheets can
    also make a fairly fluffy garland of "snow" 😉
    Wishing you all the best in 2019! 🙂 💜Jackie@KWH

  8. What a charming winter wonderland! I wish my local library did something this creative. Maybe I should chat with them about a quilt display…. You are an incredibly talented lady!

  9. I missed this post, Johanna, in the run-up to the holidays. Those little boats and their occupants are enchanting. I can see why children are mesmerized and everyone else likes it. I have bookmarked Anne Wood. Happy new year.

  10. Seasonal Greetings Johanna! All be it, two months behind. Your imagination and artistic talents are a gift in all seasons to your beloved library. It all looked sublime. Magical boats flying over a snow capped wonderland, dreamy! Or as your 85 year old patron declared, “adorable and cute”. 😀 The glistening tree’s are gorgeous. I hope your thrift shop got to see your creation. I love that you collect things from different corners of your life to whip up the magic! Clever girl ❤ I actually haven't taken down the Christmas tree yet. It stands in the dark of my library each night, like a pretty girl, all dressed up and doesn't want to leave the party. LOL. There's too many things I'd rather do than dismantle the tree and pack box's up and down the stairs, yet tick-tock, it's getting a bit silly. LOL xK ps. Kisses on your sweet nose Charley…and one between the ears too 😀

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