Scraphappy and Thank You!


It’s clear that there is not much activity going on at Mrs. Walker Get’s Cozy. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but its just taking up too much time and with my lovely job getting more and more busy, it’s time to make a decision.

This will be (for now) the last post here. However, in the last couple of weeks, I have discovered Instagram and how quick and easy that is. The community I am getting to know there is just as lovely and benign as what I have encountered here at WordPress. I think many of you might have an Instagram account too. So yes, by all means look me up at @floraposte and I would love to meet up with you all there!!

So a Big Thank You to everyone that have visited, followed and supported me here and left lovely comments. It is really special to me, it meant a lot and I am very grateful.

I am leaving you with this image of the Scraphappy Spring Library Display which my  colleagues and I created. I made the little fellow on the swing and the rabbit that is diving down the hole. And of course, all material used where already at the library , in my craft closet or found in the re-use…the whole display cost no more than $10.-

Love and Peace,


19 thoughts on “Scraphappy and Thank You!

  1. Sorry you will be leaving, but understandable. Only so many hours in the day. I haven’t done Instagram—that only so many hours in the day thing. If I ever do, I’ll be sure to look you up. Lucky, lucky library to have you!

  2. Like Laurie, I don’t do Instagram because … well, you have to draw the line somewhere.
    Your library display is wonderful and wonderfully scrap-happy… perhaps you will find time to post the occasional picture of your scrappy creations here in the future.

  3. Johanna, as soon as I finish this comment I am heading straight to your IG to follow you! You do say (for now) about posting here so who knows. I haven’t blogged for over a year. But Instagram is quick and easy. The Scraphappy Spring display is adorable!

  4. I do understand about the time thing, Johanna. I hardly have time to post these days. I have an Instagram account but haven’t yet discovered how it works! 😀 I will be over there to see if I can find you. Best wishes for the future xo

  5. Your postings on WordPress were always a delight! Enjoy the new endeavours in your life. As John Henry Newman said: To be perfect is to change often! Happy times!

  6. Sorry to see you going – but glad it’s for good reasons. Have just followed you oe Instagram I’m @dartmooryarns Don’t visit there much, but who knows what will happen in the future.

  7. Oh, Johanna–leaving again?! I will hold out hope that you’ll be back, here on WordPress. And, until then, I will very much miss you and your quirky, creative view of the world!

  8. And I just tried to find you, but there are many @floraposte accounts popping up but none with the initial J – say hi if you find my stuff interesting and I’ll know which is you 😉

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