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Great, you are looking at my blog.

I am Johanna and I live close to Cincinnati,Ohio with Mr. Walker and the dog and i work at best library possible! Our oldest son lives in London, England with his marvelous girlfriend. Our youngest son lives in Toronto, Canada. However, we all originate from The Netherlands.

This is a simple blog about lovely, beautiful and often a bit kitschy everyday things. And about my passion for illustrative art and knitting and craft. In 2014, I went back to school, for art classes to improve my drawing skills.

Mrs. Walker is a character from one of my favorite cozy reads, ‘Miss Buncle’s Book’ by D.E. Stevenson. Mrs. Walker is a down to earth woman who looks at life with a sense of humor, who adores her family and is quite creative. I like to think, I look a bit like her…



Leuk dat je naar mijn blog kijkt.

Ik ben Johanna, woon dicht bij Cincinnati, Ohio met Mr. Walker en de hond en ik werk in de allerleukste bibliotheek die er bestaat. Onze oudste zoon woont in London, Engeland met zijn fantastische vriendin en onze jongste zoon woontin Toronto, Canada. Maar alle vijf zijn we Nederlanders.

Dit is een eenvoudige blog over gezellige, mooie en vaak wat kitcherige alledaagse dingen. En over mijn passie voor illustratieve kunst, breien en handenarbeid. In 2014, ben ik ook weer in de schoolbanken gekropen om mijn tekenvaardigheden te verbeteren.

Mrs. Walker is een karakter uit een van mijn favoriete knusse romans, ‘Miss Buncle’s Book” door D.E. Stevenson. Mrs. walker is een nuchtere vrouw die met gevoel voor humor naar t leven kijkt, die haar gezin adoreert en nogal creatief is. Ik vind t een leuke gedachte dat ik wel op haar lijk…

Love and Liefs, Johanna


ps: If you are interested: this is my previous blog.

pps: If you want to use my photos and images or contact me personally, please be so kind as to send me an email at colorpencil.2014@gmail.com

Als je mijn foto’s en afbeeldingen wilt gebruiken of mij persoonlijk wilt berichten, wees dan zo vriendelijk om een emailtje te sturen naar colorpencil.2014@gmail.com


105 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Welcome back Johanna ❤ I missed you!
    I am glad to learn about your new endeavours! It's great to go "back to school", isn't it?
    Love and hugs, J

  2. Welcome Dear Judith!! I am so happy to meet up with you again and that you are following my new blog. Back to school is great adventure…as you well know;0) Love, wealth, health and happiness to you!

  3. Thank you, Cathe! I do enjoy this blog very much both as a ‘journal’ but it is so lovely to meet all these wonderful people like yourself and exchange life experiences, thoughts and just beautiful ‘things’. Happy to have yuo here and your blog is a joy too!

  4. Hi Valerie, what a pleasure to welcome you and your furry friends as the 100th indeed. I am pleased and amazed to meet somemany new friends here. Your blog is lovely and I will enjoy following it. Johanna

  5. I just started following you today and I think I might be your 100th follower too! Yeah! I read all about you on Boomies Blog and had to stop on over to say hello! I can’t wait to catch up on a lot of posts! Hope you pop on over & subscribe to my blog too! We love lots of friends! Hugs, Val

  6. Dear Johanna,

    I’m nominating you for the Liebester Award because I find that you can make mundane things amazing and special with your images and words. There are only a few people out there who can feel that level of gratitude for life. Thank you for sharing your perspective with us all!

    What you need to do: Nominate a fellow blogger who you adore and answer the 11 questions you can find on my announcement from yesterday (you can alter them, if you like!).

    All the best,

    Nadja xxx

    • Dear lovely Nadja, such incredible kind words and compliments from a kind and very talented artist like yourself. I am honored by your nomination for the Liebster. I would happily accept but I cannot respond properly until January. If that is a problem, please carry this over to another fellow blogger. If you are OK with Januari, than I am all to happy to answer the 11 questions. Any decision you make, is perfectly fine with me. With lots of love from Cincinnati to London, Johanna

      • Hello again! Well-deserved 😉
        The questions are not in a hurry….answer whenever you like. Xx

  7. Hi Johanna – I too love Miss Buncle’s Book – did you buy the book in the States or did you have to order it through London? I have a small (but growing) collection of Persephone Print books. Miss Buncle Married is on my list of next books to order from them (it is no. 91 on their list of publications). Cheers KnitNell

    • Dear Nell, thank you for visiting here. I just started following your marvelous website yesterday after browsing from one beautiful page to the next. I look forward to see more of that!
      And thank you for the link to the Persephone website, I had not heard of that before but those books are mouthwatering beautiful and their booklist is an inspiration!
      So great to meet a fellow fan of Miss Buncle and of course, I had to look up #81 right away. The review is very good and I particularly like that D.E. Stevenson’s granddaughter describes the book as a “soothing balm’. How true, how very true!
      I found my copy, a nice yellowed one from 1936 printed in Canada, in a box amongst many other old and discarded books. When I lived in Canada, I worked at the local libraries and had the privilege to rummage through the boxes with donations and pick from the books that were not suitable to put on the shelves. So many treasurers I found over the years;0) Well, thanks again for your nice visit and I hope to welcome you again! Lots of Love to the other side of the pond, Johanna

  8. Hello , thank you for visiting my blog and deciding to follow it. I look forward to investigating your blog. Going back to school sounds like a great adventure…I have never left school.

  9. I’ve had a little trouble getting to your blog to thank-you for visiting mine and for the follow. WordPress keeps telling me your site doesn’t exist! I now know that it definitely does and it is wonderful. I will be following you in return. Clare.

      • Johanna I am in Florida now! I am so thrilled to see a post from you this morning… it brightened my heart! New name for the blog but same old blog and I need to get out and about and snap happy… it’s just so hot. And I have a husband recovering from Macular hole surgery so my time to click is limited for now. Really, so happy to see your post!

  10. Hi Johanna, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. More info here:

    Please, if you are too busy, do not feel you have to commit to this award straight away, or at all.
    Kindest Regards,
    Karen x.

  11. Hey Johanna! Very nice to meet you! Thank you for your follow. Wow, Netherlands? Which part of NL are you from? I lived close to Groningen for about 4 months, and returned to Bucharest about 2 weeks ago. Beautiful country and lovely people. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Have a lovely new week! x

    • Hi Lucy, how nice to meet you here..all the way from Bucharest! And how about that, living in Groningen? We lived in Assen, very close to Groningen en I know that city very well. Great for shopping, and cool pubs etc. How come you spend time there? And I love your blog! xo Johanna

      • Wow, Johanna! We were almost neighbors 🙂 So close to my previous home. I believe I passed though Asses, but didn’t stop to take a look around. Pity, but maybe I’ll get to it, one day. I moved to NL for work and personal reasons, but unfortunately I had to come back, at least for now. We can talk by email more, if you want to 🙂 I absolutely loved the community spirit there, and the people. Here, we’re lacking that completely, another reason why it’s difficult to be back to Ro. Thank you again for your kind words! I’m so happy to hear someone loves my posts. This always puts a smile on my face, and makes me keep going 🙂 Have a lovely day! xo ❤

  12. Hello Johanna, many thanks for following my blog and I am happy to connect via the blogopsphere! Your blog looks lovely and I’ve also signed up to follow your posts too – your sketches are so cute and endearing! I wish I could draw too but alas no so I content myself with taking photos instead. Lovely to “meet” you best wishes Rosemary (Le Chic En Rose) 🙂

    • HI Rosemary, thank you for your kind compliments. I started following your blog becuase I love your style of photography. It is very creative! I find beautiful visual input very inspiring. So thank you for creating a great blog and thank you for following me.
      xo Johanna

      • Thank you for your lovely words Johanna I am so happy you like my photos 🙂 Am looking forward to following your posts and wish you a lovely week Rosemary! 🙂

  13. Beautiful blog. I have really enjoyed my visit!

    I am following you now, I bet we’ll be good neighbors on the web.

    Have a great day and keep up the good blogging!

  14. Hi Johanna! I love this blog! I live in the city, and seeing your pictures on nature and just everything around you is very refreshing! Moreover, your drawings remind me of my story books when I was a kid – brings back happy memories! Looking forward to see more! 😉

  15. I am so glad to come across your blog, it is full of warmth and happiness! I love your illustrations, they remind me of my childhood, moments so well captured!

  16. Hi I am Carolina and I just came across your beautiful Blog through one of your comment left to my follower and friend at “Sand Salt Moon” I decided to follow you soon!!! I will surely dig more in details into your Blog! I am an Artist Designer and I love to interact with other artists or inspiring people! I see that you follow back thank you that’s great! I hope that you enjoy my Art in all the ways I express my creativity. I create unique Jewelry inspired by Nature, I paint with watercolors, I love Photography, Digital Art and sometimes I write Poems…and more to discover. I am looking forward to get to know you 🙂 ❤

  17. Dear Mrs. Walker, Thank you for following my site, It’s extra special to me because you are #200! Happy today. I do believe you look like your drawing. I have only shared a few of my creations. Blessings ! Trudi

  18. Hello Johanna, I did spent some time going around your beautiful Blog! You are very creative and I love your pastels and illustrations so all the other cute ideas you have transforming things..very enjoyable! Keep up with the nice work…<3 Carolina

  19. Thank you so much for liking my posts. Welcome to my blog! I was going through your hobbies and i found that we have so much in common! You’ll love what ill be posting in the coming days. Thank you once again…and i hope that means uve welcomed me too. 🙂 Btw, cute lookin dog.

  20. thanks for visiting my blog – particularly so I could find yours – such a sweet site – love your word art as well as your visual art 🙂

  21. What a lovely blog! I’m glad I found you, and thanks for the follow as well. I wish I could draw…but then again, I also wish I had Barbra’s voice, and that I was 30 pounds thinner….But, work like yours is something I’d be happy to see every day. This is inspiring. 🙂

  22. Just read ‘About Me’ and discovered you’re a fan of Miss Buncle’s Book, truly one of my favorite series. And Sarah Walker is a very good character to be! I do enjoy your blog.

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